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Live Dialing Leads with Nick Moretti, February 9, 2022

On this week’s Live Dial Session with Nick, you can listen to two great calls he had with his newly registered leads. They are available on:

Call #1 - from 15:04 to 22:33
Call #2 - from 31:21 to 43:31

Listen carefully to how Nick opens up the conversations and questions he asks to create deeper connections with the leads.

Additionally, here are some great tips from Nick and Crystal:
→ from 24:30 - How making a connection and providing value pay off
→ from 29:20 - What to do with leads that unsubscribe from your listing emails
→ from 45:47 - How Nick creates his call list


Nick:  0:03  
And I kind of broke it down like a mortgage agent. But you know, I think I went a little too much, just because I don't know, I feel like I made them not really comfortable because of the numbers, but I explained to them that these are very rough numbers. I'm not a mortgage broker, but this is something that you can expect. So, I'm just trying to make sure that I'm not going too deep when it comes to certain mortgages. I mean, I leave it to the mortgage broker, but I feel value as an agent. If I say: I don't know, to me, if I was someone, it shows that: Okay, well, how do you not know? Like, can you give me some rough estimates? You know what I'm saying? How would you feel, Crystal? If you were asking about some of that, and your agent couldn't really give you information on that? Would you? Like how would you feel?

Crystal:  0:52  
Well, it's frustrating for anyone in this market right now, really, right? So, how I looked at it, you know, personally, and fortunately, I didn't have to go to a condo because I'm a family of five, I wouldn't fit into a car, you know? If I had to, I would. If that was my only option to get myself into the market and start somewhere, well, then it is what it is. Right? But fortunately, I was you know where at the time. Now I would be totally probably having to move into a condo if I was, you know, where I was when I bought this place. But how I looked at it when I bought this one was, it's my for-now-home, this isn't forever. This isn't God everything I'm looking for. And it's not my dream home. I don't see myself living here for 20 years or anything like that. It's my stepping stool to get to where I want to be. So, I call it my now home. And so you know, you can do that, this isn't your forever home, this is your now home. Sometimes it could take a year or two, only depending on the market, to get to that next level, you know, just a few years of equity or whatever it may be to get to that next step. But it would definitely be frustrating. And a lot of us are in that boat right now, where even if I wanted to sell right now, even though you know, okay, I've only been here three or four years now. Basically, I've got the equity, and the value has increased immensely. But even then, I would have nowhere to go to, because the market has shifted so much and increased so much that I would sell in a heartbeat and the house, I probably would have to do very little to prepare my house for sale, just based on where it would actually be priced in the market. But it's all a matter of fact of where do I go. There are no options for me to go to that I would actually gain a pre-approval based on, you know, where I'm at and the values of the homes now, so I'm stuck in a limbo, right? So it's an end-to-end for me because I'm already in the market. If someone says: Well, you have to do a condo, I'll be like: Well, I'm staying where I am. Because at least I have something, but for those who aren't in the market yet, I would put it like: What's more important? Is the price, the location, or the type of home most important? And then kind of eliminate, you know, those factors. If it's the location, well, then yes, we do have to wait. Or you have to, you know, decide on can we find a for-now home, right, just get you into the market, because the longer you wait, the further that's going to get from you. Because the prices aren't going to come down to a point where all of a sudden you can afford a semi-detached or townhouse or whatever, they're not going to do that, right? So the longer you wait, the harder it's always going to be to get in. So if you're able to just get in, find something and then go from there. And it doesn't even have to be so, even if you could find something, you know, it's hard because we're all such materialistic people now. But if you find something that is below what you can afford, but would suffice as accommodation, then at least you have extra money that you could be putting aside or throwing on to that mortgage. So, it's like forced savings, forcing those savings so that you're elevating and getting to what-you-want kind of home faster. It's just you have to sometimes make short-term sacrifices to get there. And a lot of people have a hard time.

Nick:  4:30  
No one wants to make sacrifices, right?

Crystal:  4:35  
A lot are saying that it's going to stabilize starting March and April?

Nick:  4:40  
I don't think so. Just because if you guys look at the recent market stats like I'm here in Durham Region, the average price last month, from December to January, went up $150,000. A year prior to that, so 2020 to 2021, it only went up $100,000. So remember, how's it going to stabilize with more inventory? I don't know about you guys, but the inventory that I'm seeing coming out is still selling right away. And we still only have less than two-three weeks of inventory in most areas. So remember, a balanced market is three months of inventory; I don't think we're there. Right? I think in March-April it's a good time to start selling, if you can, before that, and then get a 90-day close. And then you know, as inventory increases, then your buyers will have a competitive edge. But I also think that, you know, I've been telling my clients that if you get a 5 or 6 in this market out of 10, so a 5 or 6 home out of 10, that's a win, and you need to go ahead and start, you know, going at it. There is no perfect home. If you get something that's 10 out of 10, get ready to open your wallet to like a $4 - $6 million property. And even then, they're still not everything, because the thing is when we start getting to those levels, it's just, it starts people getting super picky, and it's based on their lifestyle. You know what I'm saying? So, you know, remember, in the last few years, we've been even in the summer markets, in spring markets, we've still been in a seller's market. So remember, a balanced market is three to five months of inventory. And then a buyers market is anywhere between five plus. We're not even there yet. 

Crystal:  6:09  
It's hard to really base it, because I know everyone, like my thought is that it, yeah, I think there's a lot of chatter, just because of the fact that everyone's values went up. We've all got our assessments, right? And we're like: Holy crap, I went from being a millionaire to a millionaire, just in property equity in value, right? So, that might cause a bit of commotion, for sure. But how much is uncertain. Are people just going to move for the money? And then if they realize they're not getting what they thought they were getting, they're just going to pull their property because they don't really have to move. Or you know, what's going to happen? So there's a lot of uncertainty, for sure, as to what's actually going to happen.

Nick:  6:55  
…because I'm going through the same thing as you guys, obviously. But the thing is, is we've got to remember, this is like 80 or 90% of the government's revenue, okay? They triple dip: land transfer tax, capital gains, and also property taxes. So, you have to understand they're not going to mess it up. They were thinking about increasing the banks', were thinking about increasing the rates, but they're staying it at right now and then maybe do it in the third or fourth quarter. So, right now is a good time for your buyers to get in before they raise that because let's say if someone is pre-approved for a mill, and that, you know, quarter percent comes in, maybe they'll only pre-approve for 950 or 975. Like, you have got to stretch that budget. And, you know, I understand people are picky, but it comes down to why are they moving? And is it worth it? If it's not worth it, maybe stay there, or maybe you start pitching? Maybe you get an investment property? Why don't you pull some equity out of your house and get like a condo because there are some areas, especially in Toronto, that you can get some really good prices on. Because remember, everything is like a wave. Right now, you know, freehold is where it's at, where it always is. But right now, the condos are going down, but soon it's going to go back up, and it's going to switch again. So, you have to play that game. But I'm going to get right into it because I don't have too much time here. I'm going to get into it here. Do I have to share my screen, or can I leave it like this, just because when I share my screen, and I blur out those things, it might get super slow? Is that okay? You guys can still hear me fine and all that, right?

Crystal:  8:30  
Yeah, absolutely. Okay, perfect.

Voicemail:  9:13  
I'm sorry I missed your call, but please do leave a message, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you, and have a great day.

Nick:  9:24  
Hey, Ashley, it's Nick Moretti calling. I hope you're doing well. I wanted to reach out to you just to thank you for coming on to our website, on And I just wanted to make sure you were able to find what you're looking for. My goal is not to fill up your inbox and send you homes that you are looking for. There is more inventory coming out. So, please hit me up back, and I will send you home that you do want to see. My direct number is 416-559-5301. Feel free to call or text me. And I look forward to chatting with you soon. 

I leave voicemails. It's up to you. I know Chris was not a huge fan of it. But that's what I do.

Crystal:  10:03  
Ultimately, it takes him a lot longer to get through his call list.

Nick:  10:05  
Yes, exactly. But you know what? I do get called back, so maybe not crazy amounts, but I do, and you know?

Voicemail:  10:45  
You have reached mailbox number 6472130609. Please leave your message after the tone. After leaving a message, you can hang up or press pound for more options.

Nick:  10:59  
Hey Sophia, it's Nick Moretti calling. I hope you're doing well. I just wanted to reach out to thank you so much for coming on to our website on And I just wanted to make sure that you were able to find what you're looking for. My goal is not to fill up your inbox with listings. My goal is to be more specific and target the homes that you do want to see. Inventory is rising, so there is more opportunity. My direct number is 416-559-5301. Feel free to call or text as this is my direct number. Take care, and I look forward to chatting with you soon. 

So to answer your question, Robin, basically at the end of the day, I remember who I'm calling, meaning vaguely, right? What I do is I look at the number, and I look at what they're looking at. So, this person is looking in Clarington. So, now I have an idea that okay, well, you were looking in the Clarington market and then kind of figuring it all out. But remember, I also have the app on my phone, so if I can just stall the conversation and just do, you know, fluffy conversations until I have my phone up, then it's easy, right? So, I would try to get that on your phone if possible. 

This person is not a good lead.

Crystal:  12:22  
Ah, there's no CRM app just yet. It is in the works. It's almost ready for beta. So yeah, that'll be exciting. Otherwise, if someone calls you back, you just say: You know what, I just stepped away from my desk. I was likely calling you about some real estate area or your home search, and then you just kind of go like, because they can sometimes catch you off guard, right? So sadly enough, it doesn't always display their name. So it's like: Oh, who is this? We only see the phone number.

Voicemail:  13:52  
Hi, you've reached Arden de Luca. I'm unavailable at the moment. If you can leave your name and number, I can get back to you. Thank you very much. Have a good day.

Nick:  14:01  
Hey, Arden, I hope you are doing well. It's actually Nick Moretti calling. I just wanted to thank you so much for coming on to our website on I just wanted to connect with you to make sure you were able to find the home that you're looking for. My goal is not to fill your inbox with homes you don't want to see. There is more inventory coming out in the market right now. So, if you can let me know what you're looking for specifically, I can target those homes, so you can see the homes that you are interested in. My direct number is 416-559-5301. I look forward to chatting with you. Feel free to text or call me when you are available. Take care and have a great day. 

Misha:  15:06

Nick:  15:07
Hey, Misha, how are you doing? 

Misha:  15:08
I am good. How are you? 

Nick:  15:10
I'm good. I'm good. It's actually Nick Moretti calling. I actually wanted to reach out to you just to say thanks so much for coming onto our website on 

Misha:  15:17
You're welcome. 

Nick:  15:18
Yeah. And I just wanted to make sure you had a great user experience. You know, were you able to find the homes that you're looking for on our website?

Misha:  15:26  
Well, actually, I'll be honest with you, we just started with the search. We are not sure about that location. But then, you know, that might just happen six or eight months down the line. So we were just checking things up. And that's why I registered. Today, we might decide something, and we can probably get in touch?

Nick:  15:42  
Yeah, no worries. Hey, I understand that. I'm not here to sell you anything. I understand. It takes 3 to 18 months, and you're in the information stage. So you know, my goal is just to make sure that I'm sending you the properties you do want to see and to see if the move is worth it for you guys. You know, I know that you were looking in Clarington. But what are some of the other areas that you're thinking of? Just so I can send you the list and make it easier, so you're not manually searching for it.

Misha:  16:04  
You know, I'll be honest with you, we have townhouses in Brampton. But looking at how the rates have skyrocketed...

Nick:  16:16  
Like the house prices, you mean, right?

Misha:  16:19  
Yeah, it's crazy, right? So, I'm not even sure whether we'll be able to finance a detach or whether it's going to be in our budget, but I was just checking areas. St. Catherine and Burlington happen to be one area where I do see the cash houses, which is, you know, about 1.2 or something. So that's how I started searching about Clarington.

Nick:  16:40  
Yeah, nice. Nice. I actually live in Clarington. It's a really nice community. It's come up such a long, long way. It's good that you're in Brampton because the Brampton market is pretty busy, too. We sold one in Mississauga. We have another one coming out, like a condo stacked townhouse. And it was the lower unit. We listed at the beginning of January, we had over 110 showings, and we actually sold it for the record price.

Misha:  17:06  
I know, it was crazy. I saw.

Nick:  17:09  
Yeah. Yeah, I actually have an Oakville listing coming out on Friday. And it's a semi-detached back split. We're listing it at 849. But we're probably going to sell between 1.1 and 1.2, or maybe higher, who knows? It's hard to know. You know what I mean?

Misha:  17:24  
Yeah, well, at least you know, it is being actually marketed for something else, and then it's going to be sold at a price, of course. 

Nick:  17:28  
Yeah. Well, that's the problem right now, right? And you know what, if buyers didn't flock to this strategy, you know, things would change. But the problem is that, you know, a lot of buyers are not really educated, they think it's going to go for that price. But you know, because they're in their early stages, and they're just looking, right? So, I totally understand. 

Misha:  17:45  
That's what I've seen. When I saw the houses, I was like: Okay, it was really 1.2. Surely it's going to be for 1.4. It is crazy right now. Yeah. But the idea for us is not to sell the one that we have.

Nick:  17:56  
Nice. You're going to keep it as leverage. Good job.

Misha:  18:01  
Thanks. And that is what scared me. 

Nick:  18:06  
I totally understand, you know? Because if you're looking for a four-bedroom, three-bathroom, or four-bedroom, four-bathroom in Clarington, it'll list at 899. But you know, they've been selling for like 1.5 or 1.4. So, it's kind of crazy. But would you consider a single car garage? Because those are double car garages?

Misha:  18:25  
Well, I think we would want the double, but single would also do. It all depends, you know? I'm going to save this number if it's your direct number?

Nick:  15:31
Yeah, it is. 

Misha:  15:33
Okay. Once we give it a thought and we want to go ahead with this, then I would want to see some properties because I really want some results coming out of the service that you and I put in, right?

Nick:  18:43  
Yeah. And you know what, it's good because, also, the Canadian government was going to raise rates, a quarter percent, but they're holding off for the third or fourth quarter. So, that's when we might see some increases. So, you know, keep thinking about it. I'm going to send you homes in Oshawa, if that's okay, because Oshawa has some really good values, north side as well. So, don't worry about that. I'm not going to be putting you in bad areas. You know what I mean? 

Misha:  19:09  
Yeah, we don't want to go to an area where we, you know, because we have a child.

Nick:  19:15  
Yes, my wife's a teacher. So trust me, I totally understand. And I know the schools around here. So, what I'll do is I'll send you to Oshawa and Clarington. I'll put you on, you know, listing between 701.5. It doesn't mean you have to go up that high, but I just want to showcase what's happening. Just so that gives you a little bit more information. And then I'll put you with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, if that's okay, for now, is that okay?

Misha:  19:38  
Yeah, that is sort of okay. Just give me a few options, and I'll also get connected with my husband because he's the one who was like… I was just looking around when I got to Clarington, and I was like: Okay, it seems like a good area.

Nick:  19:51  
Yeah. Clarington's on the come-up. Like two years ago, Oshawa used to be $100,000 more. Now Clarington has accelerated; now they're over $100,000 more. So the reason why is because Clarington, you know, everything is starting going from the city out, to the east or west, right? And on the east end here, this is where it's kind of really booming, and a lot of new builds are getting built here. So, that's what's really increasing the prices as well. What's super cool about it, it's that there's like a small-town community feel. You can go downtown Bowmanville; it's super nice. There's a lot of local stores if you're into that, Misha, I think you would really enjoy Clarington. But I'll send you…

Misha:  20:27  
Yeah, but not like Brampton, something which is, I don't know, for lack of a better word, a little secluded and private. Because Brampton is…

Nick:  20:35  
is busy. It's busy down there, you know, so I totally understand. But hey, you know what, I think it's a great idea that you're leveraging your property. That's how you build wealth. Most agents would say: Sell, sell, sell, but I'm not like that. I actually looked through the whole, you know, your whole kind of criteria, what you're looking for, and the real wealth is holding these properties and making some cash flow. So great job.

Misha:  21:00  
Thank you, Nick. I look forward to your email. Do you have my email address?

Nick:  21:03  
Yeah, yeah, can I just confirm it?

Misha:  21:06
Yeah, that's it.

Nick:  21:08
Perfect. So, please let me know if you see anything you have questions for. If you want to know something that's selling, just let me know. Like I said, I know you're in the information stage. My job is to help you out and educate you correctly. I'm actually in the top 1% in this area. So I do a lot of transactions. I have my own team and all that stuff. So, we'll take care of you. 

Misha:  21:27
Oh, thank you. Thank you, Nick. 

Nick:  21:28
My pleasure. Well, have a great day, Misha, and thank you so much for not hanging up on me. Bye. 

Great call, you know what I mean? So, she's just in the information stage.

Crystal:  21:44  
The only thing I would have offered differently in that situation is the sold listings for in and around your neighborhood.

Nick:  21:50  
Yes, I was thinking about that. But if they're looking…

Crystal:  21:52  

Nick:  21:55  
It doesn't really matter, right? Because I mean, I feel that… 

Crystal:  21:59  
They're probably pulling equity out of it too, though, to buy this next one, they're going to hold that one, right? So, that would have been good for her to see what's happening with what's to sell, but that could be in your follow-up call. Like: Hey, this is something we could do, to get her so that she can see what those values actually look like and how much she could potentially gain or pull out from that house in order for a down payment on a new place.

Nick:  22:24  
Exactly. I chose not to go down that route just because, yeah, totally, it's a follow-up call, so when I can talk to her next, you know what I mean?

Crystal:  22:33  

Nick:  22:36  
Sorry, I'm just writing notes quickly. And I think the difference on these calls that most people don't do is I'm actually literally educating them. I'm letting them know: Okay, this is the reason why you should come here. This is what's happening. This is what's driving down the prices. That is value, and if you don't know these things, connect with your mortgage broker or connect with other agents in your brokerage that do more business so that you can get a better feel. Because if you're doing less than ten deals a year, you don't know your stuff. You need education. Does anyone have any questions based on the call? Or was that pretty simple?

Crystal:  23:47  
Yeah, no questions that I can see as of yet.

Nick:  24:09  
The thing is, if I don't do these things now, I forget to do them. So bear with me, sorry. 

And the best part about doing these kinds of things is that they're not ready yet. Sometimes I forget to follow up with certain people because I have so many leads coming in, not just including AgentLocator, but other things. And it's funny because as long as you connect to them, they'll call you or they'll message you. And that's the whole point of doing these leads. It's not saying: Are you ready to go? Are you ready? All this stuff, right? It's about like: Okay, how can I help you? Because if you provide value, they're going to remember you.

Crystal:  25:06  
Yeah, you have to add that value. Give them a reason to want to talk to you again.

Nick:  25:09  
Exactly. Okay, one second. 

I'm not going to leave a voicemail on that one, means it's not there. And that's the thing. I don't need to call like, as long as I talk to 10 people, chances are I will get at least eight people interested, you know, obviously, depending on where they are, but I know that my scripts are good. I know that I know how the conversation is going to go. But it's practice, right? You guys can hear okay, though?

Crystal:  25:47  

Nick:  25:54  
This call failed, or she just said no, at least the lead is not there. And honestly, sometimes I miss calling because it's like when you don't do it for a couple of days, you're just like: Oh. 

Hey, Julie. Ah, Julia. How are you doing? 

Julia:  26:22
How are you? 

Nick:  26:23
I'm good, I'm good. It's actually Nick Moretti calling. I just wanted to reach out to say thank you so much for coming on to our website on 

Julia:  26:30
Oh, this isn't a good time because I am in a meeting. 

Nick:  26:31
Oh, okay, so sorry about that. Bye.

Julia:  26:33
No worries, bye.

Nick:  26:38
But, okay. I think I fucked up her name. That's why she didn't want to talk to me.

Crystal:  26:40  
Or she was actually legitimately in a meeting.

Nick:  26:44  
Eh, I don't know. Because look, I feel like if you're in a meeting, why are you picking up your phone?

Crystal:  26:47  
Most people say that, but it's like, they don't recognize the number. Or she could be just about to start a meeting. Who knows? I take calls sometimes when I shouldn't. And I'm like: I gotta let you go. Because sometimes you're like: Oh, who is this? Are you expecting a call from someone that you might not know their number, right? And then it's not that person, and you're like: Yeah, I gotta go, can't be on this call. Every lead is different.

Nick:  27:16  
Yeah. So what I do when these things happen is I actually put a task saying Follow up with Julia or more information. So I just put that, and I put it in a couple of days, so I can start already, like by Friday, or whatever it is. I can call back and, you know? I think the day shows good - if I caught her at a bad time, I caught her in a bad time. But at least this shows: Wow, this person is not, you know, or I'm bothering her. 

Chris:  28:05

Nick:  28:06  
Hey, Chris. How are you doing?

Chris:  28:07  

Nick:  28:08
Yeah, it's actually Nick Moretti calling. I just wanted to connect with you to say thank you so much for coming on to our website on

Chris:  28:18  
Okay, actually, it isn't for me. It is for my daughter. 

Nick:  28:24
Oh, okay. No problem.

Chris:  28:22  
But she did find a realtor.

Nick:  28:25
Okay, no problem. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for letting me know. If she needs a second opinion, please let me know. I'd be happy to help her out. 

Chris:  28:32
All right. Thank you so much. 

Nick:  28:34
All right, my pleasure. Bye.

Working with a realtor. So what I could have done there is, I could have been like: Okay, no problem. Are you thinking of looking? I should have dove in with that. But realistically, I don't think she would have, so she would have just shot me down anyways. But hey, it's still good to try. So, that's where I missed the opportunity.

Crystal:  29:13  
Oh, and her activity will keep showcasing in the system.

Nick:  29:20  
And also, when people unsubscribe, I actually call them a couple of days later to be like: Hey, you know, I saw that you unsubscribed. Is it because of what you were looking for, or was it because I was sending you too many emails, yada, yada, yada, you know? And sometimes, I revive them.

Crystal:  29:37  
Yeah, well, it's always possible, right? So always understanding why your leads unsubscribe is going to help you understand the situation as well. So, there are different reasons your leads could potentially unsubscribe from your dashboard. They could have bought something. Their plans could change. They're no longer moving this year, but maybe in a year or two. So, they don't feel like they need every listing every single day, their listings weren't what they actually looked for, or looking for, so they just unsubscribe. Or they signed up all over the place, and they just unsubscribe from everything, not knowing who's who and what's what. It was just easier to unsubscribe. So a lot of your competition isn't calling these people when that happens. And like Nick said, you can revive them, sometimes you can put them back on the search, but less frequent of listings.

Nick:  30:28  
Right. And also it shows that you're not there for the sale. It shows customer service, right? So, I'm going to do one call. So actually, I do it on my own number right now, just because my internet, I don't know, for some reason lags. And you know, sometimes when I'm having a good call, it lags, it ruins the momentum. So, I just pulled off my phone right now. But I usually call through Twilio. And my team members call through Twilio. 

Crystal:  30:53  
Yeah, there's something with you running your Zoom and making calls at the same time that it's not...

Nick:  31:00  
Yeah. I'm going to call this last one. And then we'll just go to any questions. Just call this person once, and then I'll start answering some questions.

Jessica:  31:25

Nick:  31:26 
Hey, Jessica, how are you doing? 

Jessica:  31:32
I'm good. How are you?

Nick:  31:34  
I'm doing well. It's actually Nick Moretti calling. I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you for coming on to our website on 

Jessica:  31:41
Okay, yeah. How are you?

Nick:  31:43  
I'm good. I'm good. Thanks for asking. I was calling just to make sure that you had a great user experience. And I just wanted to make sure, usually, when people come on to the website, they're just clicking on things. But I wanted to make sure I was sending you homes that you may be interested in. I saw that you were looking in Clarington. Is that the only area you're looking into?

Jessica:  32:03  
So far, yeah, like around that area. We don't want to go, right now, I live in Trenton. So we want to get closer to the city, but not close enough that I can smell the steak. You feel me?

Nick:  32:13  
Yeah, I hear you. I hear you. I actually, myself, I live in Clarington. So, I feel like the stink is more so, you know, closer to Toronto, so that Pickering - Ajax whippy area is getting super developed. Even Oshawa is kind of getting developed too, but not too much. But since you're in Trenton, it's a totally different ballgame because Trenton is getting developed, which is awesome to see as a city. But I know what you mean, you like your space, you like the local stores and all that kind of stuff. Am I right? 

Jessica:  32:41  
Yeah. And I still have to be close enough to the city because my son isn't well. So, there are no doctors out here for him. So, a lot of his appointments and stuff like that are going to be in the city. And it's like, you know, the two-hour drive.

Nick:  32:59  
Oh, it's too much. Do you have to go to Toronto? 

Jessica:  33:01
Yeah, we have to go to Toronto. 

Nick:  33:02
Yeah, I know what you're saying. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope everything works out with your son, and he does get better, you know? 

Jessica:  33:08
Yes, me too. So for now, we want to be out of the city but close enough that, you know, we can still drive there. I like Coburg, because of the beach. So, we're looking anywhere in Clarington. Clarington is like five intersections, right? It's Bowmanville…

Nick:  33:31  
It's just Bowmanville and, like Liberty, and then you start going… Yeah, so Clarington actually, my apologies, Clarington is made out of four cities, right? So, it's Courtice, Bowmanville, Newcastle, and Orono. So, you're right. There are five intersections in Clarington. But two in Bowmanville, I think one in New Castle, and then you start going to Port Hope and Coburg.

Jessica:  33:58  
Yeah, I'll look in those areas too. I'm okay with those. 

Nick:  34:00  
Okay, cool. So, what I'll do is I'll put you in Clarington, Coburg, Port Hope. To be honest with you, the most value that you'll probably see is starting to be in Port Hope, Coburg. Just because you'll see homes listed, especially in Clarington, at 699, 799, or 899. And they're usually selling between that 1 range to 1.7, depending on the property. You know what I'm saying? But, what we're seeing too is, because a lot of people are catching on in Clarington and going to Northumberland County, is Port Hope and Coburg, which is increasing our price. So, for example, one of our clients just sold at a record price in Oshawa for 1,000,020. And they bought a one and a half car garage, newer build, detached home in Coburg for 925. So, there are some opportunities there, you know what I mean? Are you looking for just like two or three bedrooms minimum? 

Jessica:  34:46
No, I need at least four. 

Nick:  34:47
Okay, okay. No problem, and then, do you need at least three bathrooms?

Jessica:  34:53  
Three would be nice. Yeah, I definitely need something downstairs. So, I'm looking for places that have an in-law suite or something for downstairs because I'll be accommodating my mom. She comes and helps me with my son in the city. So, she'll come back and forth. And we have, my husband's sister is coming from out of state to come and stay with us for some times of the year. It's not permanent or anything like that, but we just want somewhere for her to be comfortable where she doesn't have to be in our space. 

Nick:  35:25  
Yeah, yeah, I'm Italian. So trust me, our family does the same thing. So, I totally understand. Now, if you don't mind me asking, have you guys gotten pre-approved? Do you guys know a number that you want to shop with?

Jessica:  35:36  
Yeah, so we're just waiting. So, what we're looking at, for us is like, anywhere, the maximum would probably be a million, right? And that's like really pushing it. And the minimum, you know, I guess would be probably 600,000, because anything smaller than that we're not going to get what we want. I've seen a few houses that were like 899, 799 and stuff, that were suitable, a pool as a bonus, if we can have an inground pool, not above.

Nick:  36:18  
Okay. If there was an above ground, would that still be okay, or would that turn you off?

Jessica:  36:25  
It's okay. I personally don't like them. 

Nick:  36:27
Okay. I understand.

Jessica:  36:28
Yeah. So, I would want an inground pool. I have two small kids. I have a four-year-old and a two-year-old. Yeah, so swimming is essential. We swim all the time. That's why we want to be next to the beach as well. So, I saw a house, you know, out in, by Waterloo. It was like 900,000. But the backyard was amazing. It had a waterfall pool and everything, but no grass. I need to have a little bit of both. I have a dog as well, a pup.

Nick:  37:13  
Nice. What kind of puppy?

Jessica:  37:16  
I have a Pocket Bully.

Nick:  37:18  
Okay. I haven't heard of those.

Jessica:  37:20
It's like a miniature American Bulldog. 

Nick:  37:22
Oh, that's so cool.

Jessica:  37:23  
Yeah. So, he's like a small-looking guy. But he looks like, you know, like the Terrier.

Nick:  37:28  
Nice. That's awesome.

Jessica:  37:30  
He's a show dog. He's expensive. He's an expensive dog. He's worth money, right? Our objective with him is just studying. I can get like 2500 a stud for him.

Nick:  37:40  
Nice. Okay, cool. So, you guys know what it is? 

Jessica:  37:44  
Yeah, there's got to be somewhere for the dog. It doesn't have to be too big and stuff like that. And we would like a pool and stuff. So like, there's a lot of things. I mean, I'm flexible. I'm not stuck by that's all I want. If I mean, if the house is well worth it and there isn't a pool, you know, I'm all for it. I'm easy. They're just some things that I would like if it is a possibility.

Nick:  38:07  
For sure. And I honestly just really appreciate you giving me all that info because that's where I can help you out with that. Understanding what you're looking for, I really think that Port Hope, Cobourg, I'll still include Clarington. But I think Port Hope, Cobourg, and those areas there are going to give you more value and give you the most of what you can get in that budget. You know what I mean?

Jessica:  38:27  
That's exactly what I was thinking now then I started looking, because I've been looking and you know, there's not much. The travel between Clarington and Cobourg is like, what, a 10, 15-minute travel?

Nick:  38:39  
Depending on where you are. But let's say if you're going to Coburg, maybe 35 minutes. If you're a fast driver, then maybe 25, you know? 

Jessica:  38:48
I can get from Trenton into the city in an hour and a half. 

Nick:  38:51
Wow. So yeah, you're Formula One?

Jessica:  38:56  
Yeah. Well, that's the 2021 vehicle.

Nick:  38:58  
Exactly. You don't even realize like: Oh, shoot, I am going 170, I gotta take my foot off the gas. I hear you. Okay, so what I'll do is I'll update those criteria for you. But hey, just before I go, do you guys need to sell before you buy? Or do you guys just need to purchase?

Jessica:  39:11 
We just need to purchase. 

Nick:  39:12
Okay, cool. So I'm going to send you these things. If you see anything, I'd be happy to kind of showcase the home for you. There is more inventory coming out right now. The spring market is here. What that means is that there's more inventory. So, for buyers, you know, especially with our listings that happened in January, there was really nothing for buyers to choose from. So, you know, there were still crazy offers. They're still crazy offers now if the product is good. But right now, we're seeing a lot more inventory, which is dividing the competition and getting you a competitive price. You know what I mean? So, which is good to know. But what I'll do is I'll update your criteria. I know that you wanted the four bedrooms, but can I add three, three plus, if that's okay?

Jessica:  39:51
Yeah, that's okay.

Nick:  39:52
Okay, cool. And then I'm going to just show you everything that's kind of available. I'll have a finished basement. But it's okay if they're not one plus one kitchens, right? 

Jessica:  40:00

Nick:  40:01
Okay. Okay, cool. All right, well, I'll definitely do that. If you have any questions or you see anything you'd like, please reach out to me. I'd be happy to help you out. And, you know, also get to meet you if that opportunity comes through.

Jessica:  40:13  
Okay, sounds good. Thank you so much.

Nick:  40:15  
My pleasure. And this is my direct number. If you need anything, please feel free to text me, okay? 

Jessica:  40:18
Thank you so much. Bye.

Nick:  40:29
My pleasure. Bye.

Great call, you know what I'm saying?

Crystal:  40:26  
I feel like she sounds almost like she's got a little bit more flexibility and deeper pockets. 

Nick:  40:32

Crystal:  40:33
Right? So, you know, she doesn't have to sell in order to buy.

Nick:  40:41  
And the best part is exactly that. But unfortunately, due to what's going on in her life, there is a lot more motivation, you know what I mean? So, hopefully, her son's okay. And then that's all that matters at the end of the day.

Crystal:  40:52  
Yeah, no, absolutely. And for anyone kind of paying attention, you see how he jumped off topic there for a second, talked about her dog? That's where it's like, it really depends. Like, if you start going back, start learning a little bit more; people love talking about this. But she was already willing to talk to him anyway, like her guards were down. But for some people, if their guards are up, just keep on that topic for a second and ask questions about that with them. Because now they're giving you knowledge at the same time, right? So then they feel a lot more comfortable and confident. And now you're just having a random, sporadic conversation about something totally off-topic of why you're calling in the first place. And those Pocky Bullies are really, they're expensive. I had one guy here selling them, like if he's a show dog, there was one guy here selling one of them for, I think it was 20 grand. It was like: Oh my God. Yeah, so like, I'm not saying her dog is 20 grand, but they are expensive. 

Nick:  42:11  
But also too, I don't know if you guys saw, I understand where Trenton is, so like, you know, also building the story of like: Okay, I understand that you're probably not looking for a huge community, you want local businesses, all these things, because that's kind of like, you know, understanding who she is and getting them to feel more comfortable, you know? She seemed super cool. This is what I'm saying: Look, give me the opportunity to talk to people. I talked to what, four people, two of them weren't really ready or like they were busy, bad timing, whatever. But the two of them I got good, solid information for, and as long as I follow up, I think they might use me.

Crystal:  42:48  
Yeah. No, she seemed more than willing to, and if you just show your confidence and that you can get them to where they want to be, right? So, the only thing we didn't ask, she has the motivation, but we didn't really know when she's, you know, is she moving right now, or?

Nick:  43:04  
I'm going to say ASAP because she's traveling. So, that was my understanding is that she wants to move ASAP, just because she's traveling from Trenton to Toronto. And she's spending money on gas, time, right? So, my understanding is that if she sees something now, she'll jump on it. But yeah, I could ask that, you know?

Crystal:  43:23  
And then she probably will, if it's right, right? It's kind of getting in there and getting her emotions in place. But yeah.

Nick:  43:43  
Yeah. She was super cool, though.

Crystal:  43:44  
Yeah, I figured that she was willing to just simply chat with you.

Nick:  43:49  
But that's the best part. You're building relationships here. So, it's fun to actually learn, like to me, that's why I'm in sales. I want to learn about people. You know what I'm saying? If I didn't, if I was doing it for the money, trust me, I would have been out of this a long time ago. If you're not enjoying something, and you're working, like, all day, every day, it's not worth it. 

Crystal:  44:18

Nick:  44:21  
But like, it's also market stats, letting them know from our experience. I was telling her that we sold the house. So it shows that I'm competent, you know, in my job. It talks about where my clients are buying and what she can expect. And she's like: Yeah, that's exactly what I'm seeing. So it just gives them more confidence when they're talking because remember, they don't know who they're talking to, you know what I'm saying?

Crystal:  44:43  
Mm-hmm. No, absolutely.

Nick:  45:02  
Yeah. So that's basically it. Does anyone have any other questions or anything like that?

Crystal:  45:12  
Ah, no, I don't see any questions.

Nick:  45:16  
Were there any aha moments that anyone had? With any of the calls or even something that I said or anything on that line? Just remember, guys, I'm doing this for you. I'm not doing this for me.

Crystal:  45:40  
There's a hand up. Eric, what is your question, if you want to use the chat?

Nick:  45:47  
These leads are just new that just came in, probably, less than five days ago. But I have a big budget. So like, I have a lot of those coming in. But right now, once you go through your new leads, you go through people that you have warm leads with. And then what I do, too, is I look at who's been active on the site and try calling them as well. And then after that, I call my nosy neighbor leads and let them know what the market is because maybe they're thinking of selling. Well, that's it.

Crystal:  46:20  
And it takes time, you guys, right? So, some leads are new leads, and they're ready to transact in the next few months. Some of them are going to take, you know, 24 months or beyond to get to the negotiations.

Nick:  46:37  
18 months, it takes 3 to 18 months. So all these leads, know that your business is going to happen in 3 months from now. Because if you try to call and get them now, if they're not ready, they're not going to answer you. They're going to decline your numbers and all that stuff. You have to come from value. It's about their timing, not your timing, not just because you need a paycheck. It's because you need to help them out. 

Crystal:  46:59  
Yeah. And so, it's recommended that you use the system, so using Twilio to call. Nick is using his cell phone here simply because his system lags. His internet kind of cuts out a bit if he's using his Twilio and Zoom and all this. So, that's why he's using his cell phone, so that doesn't happen. But to be successful here, and you can't see what Nick is doing, but he's logging every single call, right? So, we have to be logging all those calls. So most of us, if we're using a cell phone, we're not as likely to do that. Or you'll forget to do it; you just move on to the next person or whatever it may be. So Twilio will help you do that. But it'll also speed up your call rate, right, because you just go and click, call, hang up, save your call, click, call, hang up, save your call, click, call. It just speeds up that process. Then rather than using your cell phone there. If you're able to use your cell phone and log everything, then by all means, just know that it's going to take you at least 30 seconds to a minute longer per lead to do it with your cell phone.

Nick:  48:06  
But it's up to you. For me, I find success, how I view my numbers, if I do a voicemail, to me, that's connecting with a lead. And why I put it like that is because they're going to go through their voicemails. They choose to delete it. They're not answering me; if they choose to call me back, then that's great. You know, so that's what I mean, everyone's different, you know?

Crystal:  48:27  
Mm-hmm. No, for sure. Everyone's different, but it's all log, log, log. That's the only thing I stress is if you're going to use your phone, make sure you're logging it all.

Nick:  48:39  
If you're not, you're throwing your money out. And remember, if you're not following up with these leads, you're throwing your money away. Because sometimes I take 10, 15 calls, and yeah, it feels like you're annoying, but like it's not, you're doing your job. Until they tell you to fuck off or say: Stop calling me, then stop calling them and move on to the next. But you got to remember: these are all new leads coming into your door. If you're a storefront, these are all new people just coming into your door rather than dealing with repeat and referral. Remember that it takes time to build. And if you do it that way, you're not going to make 500k unless you're really connected with people, or you have a lot of other stuff happening in the background where you're very social. But I got to run, guys. Thank you, guys. Do you guys have any questions? Follow me on morettirealestate, I'll answer them. But in the meantime, Crystal knows where it's at. So if you need help, Crystal is the person you need to talk to. She's helped me out.

Crystal:  49:37  
All right. Thanks, Nick. Good luck with your stuff. Thanks everyone for jumping on today, and we will see you all again in a couple of weeks. Okay, bye.

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