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Live Dialing Leads With Nick Moretti, May 25, 2022


Crystal:  0:00  
Any wins in the last couple of weeks? You can raise your hand. You can use the chat. You can use q&a. 

Nick:  0:12  
Yeah. Do you guys find something that you're, like, super stuck on that you need help on? No?

Crystal:  0:27  
No, just excited to see how you handle the first-touch conversation. 

Nick:  0:32

Crystal:  0:34  
That's always the biggest is getting over that hurdle for yourself. And really, all I can guide you guys on is do your best to just treat it as a conversation. Don't worry about the outcome. It's just a genuine conversation. So, if all your questions don't get asked or answered, that's okay, right? We're just having a nice conversation with someone, learning a little bit about them, making sure they're set up good. And then we're obviously following up with them anyway, right?

Nick:  1:00  
Exactly, exactly. I think, I don't know, Jadel, if you can just chat. But Jadel is our newer agent that just got a license maybe three weeks ago. He's doing a great job with scripting, and on his calling, you know? So, I think the most important thing is: a) Be yourself. And number two is - Know your script and know how the conversation flows. Jadel, can we hear you, or you can't. If you can't talk, just put it in the group. But I think it'd be nice because you're literally a fresh agent. And I know people know how I do it. But since you're already here on the panel, it'd be nice to just hear from you because there are people on here that are probably in your scenario or just newer to this type of lead gen. 

Crystal:  1:45
Putting him on the spot.

Jadel:  1:50  
No, it's okay. What's up, guys? Good morning.

Nick:  1:54
Hey, Jadel. So, from what? Sorry, Crystal asked: How are you doing?

Jadel:  2:02  
I'm doing very good, Crystal. How are you?

Crystal:  2:07  
Good, very well, thank you, doing well.

Nick:  2:08  
That's awesome. That's awesome. So, Jadel, let's talk about when you first started the lead gen. You know, when we started getting you on board on that, how were you feeling? And, you know, what were you thinking?

Jadel:  2:21  
I was nervous, you know, I felt like when I was making calls, I was going to get scream on the other end, going wassap or something, you know, like, just very tough, because you don't know how the conversation is going to go. And although I was scripting and, kind of, learning what to ask and like, what to be prepared for, it's tough because everyone's different and you don't know where what you're going to catch someone, you know, like, what position they're in, whether they're at work, or if they're going to rush you off the phone, or if they're even willing to have a conversation about purchasing or selling your home. But now it's just become a lot easier because I'm just more comfortable with myself, you know? I'm not calling with the purpose to have a transaction. I'm calling to get to know you, to see if you need guidance, if you need help, if you need aid. My baby's about to start crying in the background here. But it's just become a lot more relationship based. And I think that's the key to success because since I've stopped looking at it as a transaction, like, I'm here to give you a service, it's just much easier. It's more natural, you know? And now people are opening up to me a lot more, and my leads are turning into hot leads and, you know?

Nick:  3:38
What helped you the most?

Jadel:  3:43 
What helped me the most? Scripting, for sure. Understanding the purpose of my call, but just being myself, I would say. Yeah, being myself.

Nick:  3:56  
Perfect. So, now, like, from week one to week three into it, how are you feeling mindset-wise, from, you know, I know you already kind of answered it, but like, how are you feeling when you are making those calls now compared to, like, just three weeks ago or two weeks ago?

Jadel:  4:10  
A lot more at ease, you know? I go into my calls with a lot more confidence. Yeah, just feel more natural. Like I said, I'm not going into the calls looking at it as a transaction. I'm going into it looking to get to know someone to see if I can actually be of service to them, if I can help them, not just like this desperation of: Oh, I am a new agent, and I need to get my first deal, and I need a client. Like, not so crazy, you know, just relaxed and treating everyone like they're humans, you know, like, just having conversations.

Nick:  4:44  
Totally, totally. And I don't know if you guys ever will see Kayla on here, but Kayla is on my team as well, and she is phenomenal. And she's, like, six months into it. So, you know, the reason why I wanted Jadel to come on here is so you guys can see the progress because I think exactly were newer agents or agents that are having this as a newer experience for their lead gen, this is, kind of, where Jadel is and, like, you know, I mean, you guys get to see where I am, but like I've been doing this for so long that it's super easy. But if you ever get to see Kayla, you'll get to, really, you'll see her, like, you know, Jadel, how did you feel about Kayla? Like, when you got to listen to her calls because Jadel was lucky. He gets to listen to the master and then the protege, so he gets all of that sauce.

Jadel:  5:31  
Yeah, I would say Kayla is; she's amazing, you know? She's obviously learned from one of the best, and her calls are very, very; they're very Kayla, you know? And she makes it happen, and it's natural, and it just flows so easily. I was actually shocked the first time I sat next to her and listened to her make a call because I was coming into it, like, a little sour from the calls that I had made and just, kind of, getting, you know, the quick hang up. And the first call I've ever heard her make went, it turned into a very hot lead actually, that one house there in Bowmanville, the listing, so a really great call. Yeah, like I said, very natural and just, yeah, just perfect, spot on, I would say.

Nick:  6:23  
Totally. Well, I know you guys got to listen to us. So, Jadel, we thank you for coming on here and giving your experience and shining a little bit of light. But while we're waiting for Mario because I know a lot of people, you know, want to hear me call. I can just start firing off some calls just to kind of showcase what's happening and, you know, what you guys are probably going through.

Crystal:  6:42  

Nick:  6:43  
Okay, cool. So, I'm going to; I'm at my office now. So, I think that my WiFi won't be bad. I'm just going to use this as my desktop here just because it's hard for me. I think if I blur it, I'm a little scared. So, this is what I listen to when I'm making my calls, guys, so, puts you at ease. I'm going to just call. Let's see if you guys can hear. Hold on. I have to share my sound, right? Sorry, I just need to learn how to share… How do I share my sound again? Okay, I can't hear you. I don't know what happened here.

Crystal:  7:30  
Sorry, I muted myself. Yeah, and the more, there should be that more option where you can share sound.

Nick:  7:37  
Okay, share screen. Share computer sound. Perfect. Sorry about that. All right, let's try to get this going.

Crystal:  8:08  
Can't hear it, though.

Nick:  8:10  
Yeah, sorry. I'm just trying to… 

Crystal:  8:11
Oh, okay. I wasn't sure.

Nick: 8:12
It just says initializing when I try to go on the call here, and the green thing doesn't load. Like, why do I always have the most problems? I don't understand. 

Crystal:  8:30
I don't know. 

Nick:  8:31
Okay, let's try this. I'm just going to log out, log in. If not, I'll just call from my phone like I used to anyways, but I was just trying to hope that things would be a little easier right now. When it says initializing, what does that mean? Just, like, it's not loading?

Crystal:  9:09  
Like, it's supposed to load. Yeah, so I'm not sure if you might have to reboot your Chrome or whatever you're using.

Nick:  9:20  
Oh, really? 

Crystal:  9:31
Yeah, sometimes it just is like, it's hooked on there for whatever reason. It could be cast, so you could try opening your CRM in an Incognito window, as well.

Nick:  9:31  
So, just; I'll just do a new private. Okay, let's try this. Sorry, guys. Okay, perfect. It works. You guys can hear the call?

Crystal:  10:04

Nick:  10:05

Tony:  10:26  
Hello, you got Bev and Tony. We're not able to take your call right now. Leave the name and number. We'll come back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

Nick:  10:37  
Hey, Tony. Hope you're doing well. It's Nick Moretti giving you a shout. I just want to call and introduce myself and thank you for coming on to Just want to make sure that you were able to set up your user experience well, like, your criteria and what you're looking for. I see you set yourself up in Clarington. Give me a shout back at 416-559-5301. Feel free to call or text me. This is my direct number. I'd be happy to give you a little bit more information about the Clarington region and, you know, what you're looking for. But other than that, take care, and I look forward to hearing from you soon, bye.

I leave voicemails. I do get calls back, so that's why I leave it, but… Yeah, sorry, I was going down my list here. Let's call this person. You guys heard that one okay, right?

Crystal:  11:34  
Yes, I keep muting myself, just in case I have background noise.

Nick:  11:39  
Device disconnected. Okay, this number doesn't work. So, it's really important to, like, mark your numbers and stuff, guys, because if you put in valid anytime that they go on the website, they have to put a pin, so you get the right number. So, this is hard when their name is C because I have… See, I get the same problem you guys get, so don't worry.

Voicemail:  14:19  
Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice messaging system. This number is not available. At the tone, please record your message.

Nick:  14:32  
Hey, Anthony. I hope you're doing well. It's Nick Moretti giving you a shout. I just wanted to give you a shout regarding Thornbury. The house has sold. I've been trying to get a hold of you just to give you some more information, as you requested. But my number is 416-559-5301. I'd be happy to give you more information about that listing, as well, too. So, feel free to call me or text me, as this is my direct number, and I hope you have a great day. Bye. So, not really getting the best calls right now, but there will be one.

This person already had a conversation before so let's see if she sees anything. 

Terry:  15:34

Nick:  15:35
Hi, Terry, how are you? No problem. It's actually just Nick Moretti calling. We spoke about a week ago. Just regarding, you came onto our website and, you know, I was just introducing myself. How was your long weekend?

Terry:  15:52  
It was good, but I'm at work right now, so if I'm interested, I'll give you a callback. 

Nick:  15:55
Sounds good. 

Terry:  15:56
Thank you.

Nick:  15:57
Okay. Take care. Bye. So, clearly, she was not really friendly, but it happens.

Crystal:  16:14  
They all can't be butterflies and rainbows, that's for sure.

Nick:  16:19  
But watch, when I send her something that she likes, watch how fast she'll come, give me the time of day. It's just funny. I'm just texting my notes, so I just said: Spoke to Terry, was at work, follow-up, wanting to get off the phone. You know? Just so you, kind of, have a good idea of, just, what happened. So, now when you go into it, you already have an idea.

So, this is a good one. I'll try giving her a shout. So, she unsubscribed because she's not in the market for a house. So, maybe she's not ready to look at, or stuff like that. So, I'll give her a shout. This could be a really bad call or a really good call. So, we'll roll the wheel right now.

Hey, Kim, how are you doing?

Kim:  17:32
Sorry, who is this calling?

Nick:  17:33  
Hey, no worries, it's actually just Nick Moretti giving you a shout. I was just giving you a shout just because I know that you came onto our website on, and I realized that you unsubscribed just because you were saying that you're not in the market for a house, which I totally understand. But most people who do unsubscribe, you know, sometimes they are just getting information about…

Kim:  17:55  
Sorry, I can't really hear what you're saying. It's not coming through very clearly. Can you say that again?

Nick:  17:59  
Sorry, my apologies. I was just saying that I know that I saw that you came onto our website, and then you unsubscribed because you're not looking for a house right now. But I noticed that a lot of people are just looking for information. So, I was just calling just to connect with you and introduce myself, just to see how, you know, what you're kind of looking for, or maybe, you know, you're looking for a house and…

Kim:  18:21  
We've actually just moved already, so we're not looking for any new home there. 

Nick:  18:27  
Yeah, okay. Are you looking at, like, a certain area at all? Like, that you might want to go to?

Kim:  18:32  
No, we've just moved into a new home. We're not thinking of moving again.

Nick:  18:37  
Okay. Awesome. Well, congratulations, that's awesome. Well, I hope you have a great day. Bye.

Kim:  18:43
Bye, bye. 

Nick:  18:46
I guess that went really well, really bad, right, so…

Crystal:  18:55  
All right. You guys who have sold listings, if they're going to be willing to give you the time of day, is you could always offer them the sold listings for any of those who have fees that include that.

Nick:  19:08  
Yeah, she was definitely not getting that. She did not want any of that. But yeah, I know what you mean exactly.

Crystal:  19:17  
Some people have found or appear to be a little bit more willing to talk to you than others, that's for sure.

Nick:  19:22  
For sure. I'm just going down my list here. Yeah. This was a good lead that came in. So, let's see how this goes.

Voicemail:  20:30  
Hello, you've reached Robin. Please leave a message. Thanks. At the tone, please record your message. When you have finished recording, you may hang up or press one for more options.

Nick:  20:42  
Hey Robin, it's actually Nick Moretti giving you a shout. I hope you had a great long weekend. I was just calling just to see how that updated list of homes are. I know that you sent me a little bit of what you're looking for. So, I've been sending you a list that showcases homes that you do want to see. I just want to get your feedback on if you've seen anything that you like or if you had any questions about a listing. I'd be happy to help you out and give you some more information. My direct number is 416-559-5301, and I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to call or text me back, whichever is easier. Take care, and have a great day.

No, I'm okay, thank you. So, obviously, I'm not getting the greatest luck today, but it happens. Let's see. This is another person that just unsubscribed, so let's just see. I'd rather do the harder calls just to showcase what I go through with you guys, right? 

Cory:  21:58
Good morning, this is Cory. 

Nick:  22:00
Hey, Cory. This is Nick. Is Hannah available?

Cory:  22:04
I'm sorry, Hannah? I guess they got the wrong number, sorry.

Nick:  22:10
Okay. Sorry about that. Bye.

Cory:  22:12  

Voicemail:  23:11
You have reached the voicemail box of a number. Sorry, there's no more room to record.

A lead:  24:36  
Well, hello there. Goodbye. 

Nick:  24:41
That's hilarious.

Crystal:  24:47  
Freddy is asking what your conversion rate has been like this year so far with AgentLocator.

Nick:  24:53  
So, this year I haven't been doing so many calls because I have them, like, you know, Kayla. So, they've been converting, like, Hillary's been converting a lot. I converted some of them, like, some of our deals so far this year. I think we've had about seven so far that were from AgentLocator, maybe eight. So, yeah, so it's hard to know because I'm giving out my leads so much. And as Jadel is newer, he's learning on those phone calls. So, it's probably a little bit less but me myself, when I was doing it, I was between 1% to 3%, maybe a little bit higher. It's really hard. Because like I was telling, like, in my previous classes, we have a lot, like, we have a list of over 100 people on NosyNeighbour. So, like, we have so many leads that are getting information, and it's hard to know when they're going to pop, right? But I would say between, you know, I would even say two to three actually, like, we do a lot in AgentLocator because there's our scripts and just, you know, how we propose things are just, kind of, there right now. Like, I'm getting, I've given some of my good ones just to Jadel and all that stuff because his newer. So, I have, I just have been, you know, just dealing with newer people. So, let's call this person here. 

Pamela:  26:33

Nick:  26:34
Hello, Pamela, how are you doing?

Pamela:  26:36  
Good, you?

Nick:  26:37
I'm good. I'm good. It's actually just Nick Moretti giving you a shout. I think we spoke about last month.

Pamela:  26:41  
Oh, I've sold and bought.

Nick:  26:42  
Oh, did you already? Okay, no problem. Awesome. Yeah, no worries. Because I know last time, we spoke you were sick, and you weren't feeling well. So, I just wanted to see how you are doing. 

Pamela:  26:50  
Yeah, yeah. And then, since Mother's Day, we've sold, and we bought. 

Nick:  26:54
Congratulations. That's awesome.

Pamela:  26:56  
Okay, all right. Thanks. Bye.

Nick:  26:59  
See, I'm not on it. Lost the sale and the buy.

Crystal:  27:05  
Can't win them all.

Nick:  27:09  
That's not me, though. That stinks.

Crystal:  27:12

Nick:  27:14  
I said that stinks. Just because, you know, there's money here. And it's just…

Crystal:  27:20
You dropped the ball.

Nick:  27:21  
Yeah, exactly.

Crystal:  27:22  
That's what happens when you drop the ball. And if you look at your call attempts and activities, you can say: Well, I did everything I could, or nope, dropped the ball.

Nick:  27:31  
Right. And I dropped, I clearly dropped the ball on that one. So, it is what it is. But just to go and show you that, you know, look. That was ten calls. If I had caught her earlier, that would have been one great call. You know what I mean?

Crystal:  27:46  
Yeah. Kara is asking Nick if, do you block time for each day for your calls. And if you are, what time?

Nick:  27:55  
Yeah. Well, yeah, just because, like, I get a lot more referral base and I have other lead gens that pull through too, so, you know, this is really great, but it's just, it's really hard for me to be on top of everything. And we've been having, like, three to six listings every month, plus buyers, so it's just, I haven't been in full capacity, really.

Crystal:  28:18  
When you were blocking time, what did it look like? And then, do you have, like, a time of day that you found to be most successful for you as far as getting a lot of calls?

Nick:  28:30  
Yeah, like, I feel like Wednesday, Thursday, Friday are good to call, but really, like, this is what I've been telling you, you know? Like, and Kayla, like, at the end of the day, if you have time, just call. Don't worry about: Oh, it's this time to do it. I think you just need to call and if you don't have someone that is ready to talk right now, just, you know, schedule a task for you on your label stuff so you can know that: Okay, Thursday, I called in the afternoon. This is one of my calls that I need to do.

Crystal:  28:57  
You can also do the, so if you're calling somebody during the day and they're like: Sorry, I'm at work. You put a night call tag on them. So, it's one of your communication tags, the night call. That way, if you step at your desk in the evening, so, let's say after 4, 5, 6, 7. You can easily pull up all your leads that have the tag night call because you know that they've expressed they're at work during the day, so you have a better chance of getting hold of them in the evening.

Nick:  29:27  
Totally. I think that works really well. I'm going to do things a little differently. Okay, I'll call some other leads. Like, those are leads that were obviously coming in. So, I'll call.

Crystal:  30:52  
What's going on? I think we lost Nick on here. While we wait for Nick to pop on, anyone that does do calls on here, what is your approach when you guys are calling a lead? And let's say they already bought or sold. Do you quickly get off the phone? Do you continue talking to them? How do you approach that yourself? 

So, Tara has asked me: On average, with your clients now, do you find most of them have success with calls? I find that it's a mixed bag, for sure. There are a lot of individuals that are newer to this, right? I've even had; there are actually a lot of realtors in here that have been in real estate for a long time. But lead generation is something new to them. So, it's a different conversation as much as they may be comfortable on the phone, generally speaking, it's a little bit different. So, it's figuring out exactly what to say to these individuals. And ultimately, it's being relaxed. So yes, people definitely, they have success with calls when it comes to being able to convert for sure. But again, it comes back to being comfortable on the phone and just treating it like a conversation, right? So, when we're treating it like a conversation, that's when you're going to find that much more success with it. But most of the people I see that are calling when I'm jumping into any system and doing a refresh training or anything like that. They are calling. The magnitude of their calls isn't anywhere near where it should be in the majority of cases. But they are calling. They're calling. They're doing their best, or they're getting discouraged. So, sometimes they get discouraged. You can see the number of calls that they're making definitely pulled back.

Nick:  33:03  
For sure. And guys, sorry, I don't know what happened to my internet connection. But basically, yeah, like, honestly, if you're having, like, right now, those calls were tough. So right now I'm switching it up to calling people who are just online so they're a little bit more motivated to talk, right now.

Crystal:  33:24  
Sorry. Go ahead. I'm just saying. Tara's just saying: I personally have always found that if I let the lead direct the call, they feel more at ease. Yeah, absolutely, right? It's, and that's again, going back into open-ended questions as well and, kind of, hearing it so you can give them the lead. Some people are definitely more willing to talk to you. And they just, like, everything just comes out. They're Chatty Cathys. And then there's definitely those ones, as well, where you can tell, you can identify that there's that little bit of hostility, that they're very cautious. They've got the guards up. They're a little bit more hesitant, so we have to work a little bit harder to get them to drop those walls and open up to us so that they can get to that point where they can feel at ease to have those conversations. But that goes back to providing a service, not trying to sell these people. We're not trying to write a contract, just do the first call.

Nick:  34:20  
I would wait 24 hours or, like, if you have time, like, I don't like to call people right away, based on Stella's question. I like to just wait more so, like, about, you know, 18 to 24 hours just to chat with them. I feel like if you called them right away, it's a little; I feel like their guard is going to be super up. Because it's just, like, imagine if you're walking into a store and you start seeing something and picking up something, and then the rep comes right at you saying: Hey, do you need help? But you're going to be like: No, just looking, right? So, we want to try to avoid that. 

Crystal:  34:53  
Well, and I think it even goes back to that time where it's just like when I was a kid, many of the retail stores out there, their associates also had commission incentives, right? So, and you could tell as soon as you walked into the store that there was commission involved, and you didn't trust them, because they're like: Oh yeah, that shirt looks amazing, and you could look like a clown in the shirt, but they're going to make money off it, and they're going to say whatever they can to get you to buy it. So, I think even our, the way for maybe our older generations here that experienced that, how we perceive those salespeople is slightly different because we experienced that back in the day. We, you know, obviously most of us have an understanding now that I'm going to say probably almost all of them have no commission base anymore. But their people are just genuinely ready to help you when you're ready to help them, or they're ready when you need the help. And it's just treating the same, like, with your leads, right? Just being ready to help them when they're ready to have you help them, right? You can't force; we can't force our services on someone. Yeah. Priyanka is saying: I'm very frustrated with leads. I don't want to share any information. If I toss the listings, I have no clue about them. It takes so much to maintain space in my dashboard. Seriously, just push them off. Your thoughts, please? They're rental.

Nick:  36:17  
I wouldn't be doing rentals, like, personally, just because, and that's me, though, right? Just because it's hard. But the problem is, like, people who are renting are just trying to find the best deal. And if you're not that person, it's hard. And plus, also, too, on MLS, we don't have as many options as Facebook Messenger, or Facebook marketplace, Kijiji, and all those other things, which at the end of the day, they don't pay commission for. So, I can, what I would be trying to do is try to focus more so on buyers and sellers, so that, you know, it's relationship-based, and then you can get more wins. Because right now, rentals are hard. I was even telling Jadel. Jadel has this first rental that he's dealing with. And they're just, kind of, wishy-washy, and that's most people, unfortunately, unless they sold, and they're paying whatever, you know, a month just to get it done.

Crystal:  37:04  
Yeah, this is more conversation-based. So, she's talking to them. They're just not willing to share much information, right? So, again, just treat it like a conversation, right? It's like: Okay, that's awesome, you guys thinking about, you know, finding a new place to live, right? We don't have to dig and pry. Again, just have a conversation. Be relaxed. And when you could care less about the outcome, your nerves on the call are going to be that much more calm, which is going to relate back into the lead, right? If we're uptight and we're still developing our skills, the lead is going to basically reflect that same kind of energy back to you, right? So, for kind of short, and what have you, and just keep it going. The key is just keep that conversation going as long as you can. And again, it's again: Okay, I would just want to be a service to you. I want to make sure I'm sending you the right properties for lease, right? Here's what I have, right? So, sometimes when you say: This is what I want to do for you, then their walls start to drop because now it's: Okay, she's just helping me set this up. That's it, right? So, you got to, kind of, feed the energy and know you want to still get information out of them, but sometimes you can't, right? And they're not ready to talk to you. And that's it. It is what it is. 

Nick:  38:22
For sure. 

Crystal:  38:23
Roger's saying he starts with an intro email, then calls within one to two days, asks if they are getting value and what else we can provide to help them with their search, provide comps in an area, tailor their search, start new drip, add them to my monthly mailer.

Nick:  38:41  
That's it. Like, honestly, all you're doing is just reaching out. And remember, that's why I lead with personality because personality will get you a little bit further than just asking the questions because you're like: Oh, wow, I'm just talking to someone, right? Like, that's, kind of, how it works, you know? Like I was saying, rentals are tough just because they're tough, right? 

Crystal:  39:03
Yeah. Yeah. 

Nick:  39:04
But I remember when I first started, I focused on rentals. And then I didn't do a lot of purchases and sales just because I was so focused on the rentals and the immediate satisfaction it gives you, right? But once you start shifting your mindset, and you're saying that: Okay, I'm going to only work buyers and sellers, you're really shifting that mindset to the world and letting people know that this is what you do, right? And I'm not saying people who do rentals are a bad thing. It's just; they're just a lot more tougher because, in my experience, just like you were saying, like, they don't want to help themselves, or, like, you asked for documents upfront, and they don't want to do that. And, like, personally, I'm not showing five houses. Like, this just happened to Jadel. He was showcasing a few houses, didn't get the paperwork. When they got the paperwork, guess what? It was too late, and they lost the opportunity. And now you're going back to the drawing board where you're just wasting your time and energy, or not wasting, but you know, like, it's just a slow game, right? But you have to just, kind of, deal with, you know, your poison, right? Like, if this is your thing, then this is your thing. If you're doing the buys and sells, buys and sells are your thing. 

But, you know, but yeah, but the thing is, is, what money do you have to put into buyers? It is just time and effort, just like leases. And if anything, you're learning how to figure out what is a good value of a property when you're searching and sending handpicked listings. Listings, I understand. You got to put money into that. But if it's a purchase, like, it's the same thing. You just got to do a little bit more work on finding: Okay, when was the furnace done? What was the AC? When was the roof done last? Has there been any water leaks? Like, you know, so there are so many other questions you got to do, but I think it's the same thing personally. This is, personally.

Crystal:  40:54  
I'm sending that, Nick. I'm sending that to you. It's a private message. 

Nick:  40:59
Oh, okay. 

Crystal:  41:02
Yeah, but everyone here, you just really be relaxed in any conversation, whether it's a buyer, it's a seller, it's a rental, it's - just be relaxed in that conversation, right? And the more you do it, the more relaxed you are going to be all around. It's just sparking a conversation, getting comfortable in your skin with what you're doing. Don't overthink it. Like, a lot of us overthink it. We're anxious for the transaction on that call. And not everyone's willing to talk to us. Or, again, if we're developing our skill, and we're a little bit uneasy with how we're talking, the lead itself is going to reflect that similar energy right back at you, right? So, even just practice listening back to your phone calls. Listen to your calls that you've had. If you're using the dialer, that's a great starting point to see how you may be being perceived on the other end, right? You can even take those calls and have somebody listen and say: Hey, what would you suggest, or I know Beverly will do that. She'll listen to some calls. And if we want to dissect some calls and say what could have been, how could this have been handled a little bit differently? When the person responded like this, how could I have responded differently? Or what could I have said differently to get a different response? But again, everyone's different. It only comes down to comfort. Once you keep doing it, you're going to be more comfortable, and you're going to get better results with whoever you're calling. 

Nick:  43:30

Crystal:  43:31
Right? And, like, you know, I'm sure Nick, when he first picked up the phone, he was nervous, like most of us.

Nick:  42:40  
The only way you're going to get better is by consistently calling, and then once you start calling, you know, then you get to, you know, a better confidence level where it's a lot more easier. And you're just picking up the phone just to do your work, right? Like, when it's like: Oh, I don't want to call this person. But it's funny because I don't know if you guys get this, but sometimes when I don't want to call someone, I have this, like, fear in my mind. But when I call them, it ends up turning into being such a great leader. So, I use that, and I call that that's my spidey sense, where it's like: Okay, if I don't really want to call them, then there's probably something here that has maybe happened, and usually those calls are really good.

Crystal:  43:21  
Yeah, we like to get into our own headspace, that's for sure. And it's the mindset, right? That's all it is.

Nick:  43:27

Crystal:  43:28
Tell yourself: I got this. Let's do this. It works. Did you want to try a couple of more, Nick?

Nick:  43:36

Crystal:  43:37
We've got a couple of minutes, and then I think the questions have dropped. I was trying to pull. Do you log in your system, the when you mark somebody as sold, do you do it always in your system? 

Nick:  43:50
Yeah. Yeah. 

Crystal:  44:24
Why don't don't you filter based on your number 2 filter?

Nick:  44:27  
Yeah, I will. Sorry, I just have all; I'm seeing all three of us, right? So, I'm just making sure I'm not calling someone else. 

Crystal:  44:34  
All right. Yeah.

Nick:  44:35  
I've done that before.

Crystal:  44:37  
Okay, you just add yourself as a filter. So, you just click on the magnifying glass. And then you go Apply, and then it's going to show you everyone in that list. So, you've got 23 in that list.

Nick:  44:53  
This is going to probably be a little bit better. Hey Wendy, how are you doing? I'm good. I'm good. It's actually just Nick Moretti giving you a show. How have you been? I'm good, I'm good. I just wanted to connect with you because, you know, I know last time we chatted, you were still in the early stages, and you're probably still in the information stage right now. But I just want to make sure that I'm sending you things that you want to see. Just to give you a little bit more information about the market and what's, kind of, happening because there's a lot more value in the market right now because I know… Yeah. Yeah, no worries. But I know last time we chatted, you just wanted to be an hour or an hour and a half away from Whitby, you know? Is that still kind of the plan? Yeah, okay, cool. Have you seen anything that was, kind of, like, anything that caught your eye at all? Just so I can get a little bit of a better idea of, you know, kind of, what's your style of home that you want to get as your next property when the time comes.

Okay, okay, yeah, because I think I have… No, no, for sure. I definitely need two bathrooms, too, you know? You don't want everyone just to go into your own personal bathroom when you have company over, so I totally understand. Yeah, no worries, anytime. Yeah, no problem.
Oh, no worries, no worries. But yeah, so, you know, I know that, you know, you're on break and all that kind of stuff. But yeah, like, I know that you were kind of looking between three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and we put you on, like, between 5 to 1.2, is that, kind of, the range you still want to be at or did you want me to tighten that up in any way? As low as possible. No, I totally understand. Do you know what kind of, like, you know, are you only looking for detaches in your next house? Or are you looking for, like, semis and attached? No, that's okay. No worries. I was just saying that, do you think that you would like only detached houses or would you consider other ones as well? Oh, sorry. Detach. No, detach. Are you only looking for detaches? Yeah, for sure. Nice. Nice. Yeah. Yeah, I know what you're saying. For sure, for sure. If you don't want me asking, where are you now? Are you, are you still in Pawnee pool, or? Okay.

Okay, okay. I totally understand. Well, you know what, right now is probably the best time for buyers just because in the last two and a half years, it's been a heavy seller's market, which means that, you know, you list and it's been selling for, like, 500k, 600k over asking, right? Now, what's happening is as interest rates are rising, there are more opportunities right now in the market because it's cooled things off a little bit, and now prices have come down. In the last two months, the average price in the Durham region has come down about 150k to 180k, average price, which is really good for buyers, because buyers need it, you know? And especially as renting, it's a great opportunity to start building your own wealth again, you know? Have you, like, because generally if you're looking for detached houses, like, are they looking for something like, because if they're looking to be at, like, Clarington, or Oshawa, you can get like a three bedroom, three bathroom within like an $800,000 to $900,000 range. But if it's going to be less than that, like, let's say $600,000 to $800,000, those are more like attached or semis. You could get a detached, but it's just a little bit of an older house. But as first-time buyers, I would try to get something as move-in-ready as possible. But there are opportunities. Oh, yeah, no, I totally understand. But there are opportunities.

No, it's good. I live in Bentonville. So, I bought almost three years ago. Thank God I did. Because who would have known that this stuff would have happened? And especially the pandemic, and all that stuff. But there are some really good opportunities right now. And, you know, have they been pre-approved? No. Yeah, yeah. Kyle. Right? Kyle was our… Yeah, Kyle was our person that helped.

Wendy:  51:17  
So many information. 

Nick:  51:18

Wendy:  51:19
Just because it just seems not realistic right now.

Nick:  51:22  
Oh, well, I think that was back in December, in January, right? I think now is, like, we're back in May. So, things have changed. The banks have, yes, tightened up a little bit, but they're a little bit more lenient on certain things as well, too, you know? As long as your son and his wife are working, you know, I think that there's still opportunity, but I think it's a good idea to get pre-approved and, kind of, know where that number is. Like, what did Kyle say?

Wendy:  51:49  
Well, she's not working because she's just trying to get her Canadian status. 

Nick:  51:53
Okay. Okay. 

Wendy:  51:34
Right now, because she's from Texas, but he's full-time at GM.

Nick:  51:59  
Oh, nice. Nice. Just throwing it out, would you consider going on title for, with your son, just to help you both, kind of, qualify? 

Wendy:  52:06
Oh, yeah. 

Nick:  52:18
Yeah. Because I think that would be a great opportunity for you guys to do that. If you guys are open to it because I know every family is different, right? So, if you're open to it, that's always great. But what I can do is, you know, I can definitely send, update your search criteria. And now I have a better understanding of what you're, kind of, looking for, so more first-time buyer type of homes.

Wendy:  52:29  
You know what else? I was thinking to continue to rent. If there was, like, such a, not too far away, a cottage that's affordable for everybody to go to, that's kind of, like, at least three seasons?

Nick:  52:43  
For sure. I think that's a good idea.

Wendy:  52:46  
I want to have a place for everyone to go to.

Nick:  52:48  
Yeah, yeah. Can I be honest with you, Wendy? 

Wendy:  52:52

Nick:  52:53
Yeah, I think, personally, that's a great idea. But what we've been trying to do to help build, you know, client's wealth, like, even your wealth and stuff in the future, like, what I think just understanding a little bit more of your scenario, I think it's good if you choose to rent and then you just want to get three seasons, that's a great scenario if you want to do that. But also to build your wealth, I think it'd be really good for you guys to purchase, like, something that's move-in ready with you and your son until the wife gets, you know, her passport to be a full-time Canadian. Because then they can probably take you off title when that time comes. And then now you've got this built wealth. And now you guys can pull a little bit of money from your equity line of credit. And now you can, probably, get a four-season cottage. And now you have two properties that you own, you know? So, I think something like that will really help you, and I've helped a lot of first-time buyers start building wealth and build their lifestyle and, like, the dream home that they want to get. Obviously, it's not now, but it's stepping stones.

Wendy:  53:51  
Right. Okay, that's great. So, if you can figure, at least, you know, more of what we're looking for. That'd be great. 

Nick:  53:57  
Yeah. So, I'll update that list to attached, semis, and detach, and I'll put it up to 800 if that's okay for you right now, just to, kind of, give you a little bit more…

Wendy:  54:04
Sue. Yeah. That's fine. 

Nick:  54:07
But then, in the meantime, I can get Kyle to reach out to you again if that's okay. 

Wendy:  54:12

Nick:  54:13
Yeah, just to, kind of, go over numbers and such. And then also, I'm local in the area, if you want to, kind of, get to know me a little bit more, I can go in, like, if we can meet at a coffee shop, I can give you a little bit more of the stats and, kind of, showcase and plus, you know, you get to put a face to the name, which I think is great, you know?

Wendy:  54:30  
Exactly, yeah. And then you can teach me how to get totally in a position for it, too, you know, to buy a home. 

Nick:  54:36
Yeah, and that's really what it is. 

Wendy:  54:39
I hate not owning a home. I hate it.

Nick:  54:42  
Yeah, because it's not yours. And, like, you have to ask permission for certain things when you've been a homeowner for a very long time. So, it feels a little different on your end, you know?

Wendy:  54:51  
Oh, yeah, it's not fun, that's for sure.

Nick:  54:54  
No, but you know what, I've helped a lot of people in your scenario, and it's really just planning. Like, I know a lot of people just want instant stuff to happen, which I do too. But sometimes, especially with real estate, especially when we're dealing with bigger money, it just takes a little bit longer to do. But it doesn't mean that it's not impossible. If anything, it shows that it is possible. It's just maybe expectations have to switch a little bit. And the plan might have to switch a little bit. But as soon as you have that plan, sorry.

Wendy:  55:23  
Sorry, and I've been 35 years at the same job right now. So, and I don't have car payments. So, it would be nice while I might, before my car breaks down because I know a car payment isn't good for a mortgage, but it'd be nice to get approved before that happens.

Nick:  55:43  
Do you guys have a little bit of money down? Like, would you guys be putting 5, 10, or 20% down if you guys purchased a house?

Wendy:  55:51  
That's the hard part. We'd have to, I have a lot of, like, open credit, but like more on credit cards, in line of credit. And I have, like, just like 11,000 in savings in tax-free savings, you know?

Nick:  56:07
Congrats. Like, it's hard to say, especially in this world right now. So, like, that's a good pocket, you know? And I think at the end of the day, it's more planning on how we can get you in with the 5%, to be honest with you. I started with 5%. There's nothing wrong with that. And if anything, there are a little bit more things that could help when you're dealing with that on that end because some lenders do have first-time buyer packages, which can help, right? But maybe also, too, like, you know, getting a two or three-bedroom condo unit as well, if you don't have, you know, the bigger budget for those types of houses. I think that would still be good, too. Because remember, it's just a stepping stone, Wendy. 

Wendy:  56:48

Nick:  56:49
You know? But what I can do is I'll update the list because I know you're on your break. And I know you had your coffee and stuff. But if it's okay, maybe we can touch base later on this week or over the weekend. And then maybe if you're open to it, we can meet sometime next week and just, kind of, get an idea of, like, where you're at and how we can assess it and how we can build you a winning strategy.

Wendy:  57:11  
Sounds good. I'm going away for three weeks on Tuesday to B.C. 

Nick:  57:  15
Nice, B.C. That's awesome.

Wendy:  57:16
But I can meet with you when I come back.

Nick:  57:20  
Sure. Yeah, no problem. We'll be in touch.

Wendy:  57:21  
I'm coming back, like, June 20.

Nick:  57:24  
Okay, no problem. Are you going there for work, or do you have family down there?

Wendy:  57:30  
I have a long-distance relationship.

Nick:  57:33  
Oh, you're living the dream. Nice. Well, you deserve it. Hope you enjoy it. And, you know, when you come back, I look forward to meeting you. And if you do see anything that you do like, just let me know that you like it, just so I have a better understanding of what you're looking at so that when you do come back, I really know what you're looking for, and I can get it done.

Wendy:  57:51  
Okay, thank you so much.

Nick:  57:54  
Thanks so much, Wendy. And I hope you have a great day. Safe travels. And I will talk to you soon.

Wendy:  57:58  
Thank you. Bye.

Nick:  57:58
Okay, bye. So, that was a good call.

Crystal:  58:05  
Yeah, we just didn't hear the first half. I'll download that call, or even if you… Yeah, I'll find it in your system. If I have trouble, I'll reach out, but, and I can download the call itself today. And I'll include it in the email that goes out so people can hear the call from start to finish.

Nick:  58:24  
Sure. Yeah. So, that one was a good one. I've been talking to her for a little bit. She's been on and off. But few highlights from that call. It's more of, like, so when we first talked, she wanted up to 1.2. So, like, now I understand why some of the stuff didn't work and why she wasn't landing. And now, diving a little bit deeper, now I know where she's at, you know, financially and what she's looking for. But I was able to connect my mortgage broker with her, which is great. She's open to, like, this is thinking outside the box, right? She's open to meeting with me for coffee, so I can meet her. She gets a sense of who I am and what I do and how it can help, right? And that's what we've learned to do on some of the buyers because not everyone's the same. And some people, in order to break down those walls, you just need to, kind of, like, take them out for coffee and, kind of, break down the system, get them to understand who you are, what you do. And then, once they see that you're legit, they will start letting you know.

Crystal:  59:15  
It gets them motivated with the process as well, right? It's like things are actually progressing because we tend to stick into the same little pattern that we're in because it's a big thing to make a move, right? It's not a simple process by any means. So, sometimes we have to get the ball rolling. We have to, kind of, give them that little push to make the jump so that we can continue to move forward.

Nick:  59:40  
Totally. So, that's kind of it. I mean, and that's where it is. You keep calling. I get one call that's like gold, and that's all you need to do, right? As long as you get five of them a day, like, you're laughing. It just takes time. But don't lose faith in the process.

Crystal:  59:55  
No, no, exactly. Just, you had a couple that weren't necessarily willing to chat with you, and then you ended up with one that was, right? So, it's a numbers game. It's a numbers game. Depends on people's mood sometimes as well, right? We're not all in the mood all the time. It's like you can't expect that just because today they were a little bit, you know, short with you, doesn't mean that next time you reach out to them that they're not going to be willing to have a conversation with you, right?

Nick:  1:00:22  
Totally. And that's, kind of, where it's at, you know? 

Crystal:  1:00:24
Yeah. Awesome. Well, thank you, Nick, for today. It was awesome. Yeah, well, I guess we're two weeks out from now. So, we'll see you guys all again then.

Nick: 1:00:36  
Yeah, sounds good. Bye.

Crystal:  1:00:40
Thanks, everyone. Bye.
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