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A lot of people don't show up.



It was not recording.



It’s recording now. Okay. Thank God.



It had a little record-thing on the screen. And so I just... Anyway, okay…



Let's start over. It is being recorded. I will make sure… and thank you, Gabrielle,  for mentioning that. We could have gone through this without actually recording it and I would have to redo the webinar and record it again and then send it to you. But anyway. We're going to go through each of the features, we're going to talk about the functionalities of what the HomeLocator app does, then I'm going to talk about one very specific feature that's going to be really important because we built it right into the app. And it's our Nosy Neighbour feature. I'll talk more about it for those who don't know. We're going to talk about features that are going to be added towards the end of 2022 and 2023. We're going to go over how you, the agent, will be able to see everything that your leads or your clients do inside of this application. Then we're going to talk about the rollout, how the rollout of this application is going to work to make sure that you know everything is good and that there's not going to be too many issues. And then we're going to show you how you can request access to the application and what you're going to need to get started and be able to use it for you and your clients. And then, at the very end, we're going to answer any other unanswered questions that you have. That's the structure. I want to make sure that when we go through these features, that the questions that we ask in the middle are related only to that feature. And then, by the time we get to the end of the presentation, if there are any unanswered questions that you still have that we haven't answered, we'll make sure that we answer them for you there. What I've actually done here, in an effort to save time, because I know we always have technical difficulties sharing all these different screens. If I was to share my mobile screen on my phone here, it's very difficult. What I've done is I've pre-recorded a lot of these videos that explain the functionality of the application itself. Crystal, I know sometimes when we play videos; we want to make sure that you can hear them. I'm going to do a quick test here. I'm going to play this video, and tell me if you can hear the sound of the video when I play it. Alright, so…



No sound, no sound.

Okay, now let's figure out that part.


The top right-end corner with the three dots, the hamburger menu; there should be an option that says “Share Audio”.



Share sound. I just pressed it now. Okay, so let's try this again. Alright. Ready? “So this feature here will showcase all the Explorer…”

Okay, yes. 



Did everybody hear it? Everybody is good? In the chat? Just quickly say “Yes”. Yes, yes. Awesome. All right, Lauren. Thank you very much, Elena. Jay. Gail, Trisha. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Awesome. I'm going to increase the size of the video here so you guys can see a lot better. And what I'm going to be showing here is the Explore functionality of the application - how you and your clients will be able to explore all the listings that are on the board on your phone, how they can see it. Also, how the GPS system works. Wherever they're physically located, it will take them to that area where they're located and allow them to see listings. It's gonna play, and I will just be quiet for a bit.


(plays video)


This feature here will showcase all the Explore functionalities, and it'll show you how your clients can explore all the properties whether they're active, rented. I click here, we can see For Sale, Sold, For Rent and Rented. As an example: let's say you've got clients that are going out and driving around the neighbourhoods where they want to buy a property. We know this happens and happens probably more so now throughout COVID than it did before. As they’re driving around many times, they spot a property that's currently for sale. And they’d like to see what it looks like inside. This is the icon of where I'm actually physically located right now. There's nothing where I am right now. But there's this one here. You can just imagine they're driving down the street, this icon will appear right by that property. They can click on that and then view that property itself, view when it was put up for sale, what it was listed for, get all the information about the actual property and then all the images, of course. They can look at it right through the app. If they're curious to find out: “Hey, well, I want to see what properties are selling for here.”, they can click on that little filter up here, click on Sold and look at the last one year of sold properties right inside that area. There's been one sale here, for 1.1. I can see that it was sold 52 days ago. I can again open up that listing and view all the information about that property, as well as all images. Or I can also go to the List View here and it will list all the properties that are in that area with the most recent sale first.I can go through all those properties and it'll tell me which ones I've actually already looked at, which ones I haven't looked at. That's on the Explore side. They can also do the same thing with rented or rent properties. If they'd like to see what are rentals going for in that area. They can look at all the rentals. Here's one for 3k. Or they can actually see Rented. If I go to Rented, I can see all the rented properties in that area for the last while. I can see this one rented for 3000. It was listed for three, rented for 3.2. And they can again see all the information.


(stops video)


Rent listed for 3.3 and rented for 3.2. So 97%. If you notice back here, let’s just go back now. We said 3k. We round things off to make it easier for the user to view. But that sometimes doesn't make sense if the rounding is on the upper side. We'll do a quick fix on that. I noticed that, so I just wanted to just mention that.


(resumes video).


And they can again see all the information and everything else about that property right through the app. It's really at their fingertips. It's very easy to get this information. As they're driving around, wherever they are, they can click on this little icon here and it'll just navigate them right back to where they are and then show them all the properties that they wish to see.


(video stops)



Okay, I'm going to stop it there. This is the first feature. That's the Explore mode - allowing your clients to explore all the properties that are out there for sale, for rent, sold and rented properties. Does anybody have any questions specifically when it comes to this functionality here? Anybody that wants to ask a question either on the Questions and Answers chat, or if you can just leave it here in the chat. I can help answer right now. If not, we can continue.


Thank you, Gale. I really appreciate it. She said: “Amazing”. Lauren said, "Love it!". Thank you very much. I really appreciate that. We've been working on the application for a little while. Glad that you like it. We're gonna continue making it better. I think you are going to see some of the really cool features that are going to come down the road.


First question. “Are solds available in all areas?” Let me first answer that question. Depending on the board. Some boards have sold data, some boards don't have sold data. For example, Toronto Real Estate Board has sold data, which means we can show the sold listings. If the board doesn't have sold data, we're not going to be able to show the sold data. We're just going to show the active listing for sale and the rent active for rent listings. Hope that answers the question for Brian.


Are you getting data from TRREB solds. No seller or other confidential information shared in the public?” Absolutely not, Mario. The data is from the VOW feed, which means we're getting the feed completely legitimately. All the data that’s being shown, this is your data to show. We're giving you the ability to show that data because your board is giving you the ability to show that data. 


Next question from Wade. “Is the only way to search by maps?” Wade, you can search by an area. You can enter an area here. I don't have the app where I can just show it to you. You could put in an area; you could put a city; you could put an address; you could put a community. You can enter whatever you want into the bar at the top and it'll locate you and take you to that area. It'll show you the map. If you want to switch to List View, you can look at the properties in List View rather than in the Map View. But you can search by whatever you want: MLS number, address, you name it, it's searchable.


Next question. Matthew. “Logged in late, but I was just wondering what boards the listing information is pulled from?” Matthew, the information right now for the first release is going to be from the Toronto Real Estate Board. But the rest of the releases - I'll share this with you in the presentation  - how the rest of the releases are going to go. Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, all the boards that we have are going to go after that as well.


“Do you send listings from the CRM manually from…”  Wait ,did I skip Trisha? Trisha: “Is this different from some of the brokerage apps?” I don't know what some of the brokerage apps have, Trisha, but this is fully connected to your CRM system in your account. I'll show you how it's connected, where everything that your clients or your leads do on the actual app is logged, and then you can review that inside your CRM. This is a little bit more from what you may be used to.


Brian: “How about ITSO?” ITSO board is one of them. I don't know if we have sold data for it, I’m afraid. If we have sold data for it, we'll definitely show it.


Does Peterborough have sold data?” Again, I really truly don't know.


Crystal, maybe we can write some of these questions down for these people, so that we know how to get back to them. Awesome. Thank you so much.



I think Peterborough is part of it now. Isn't it, though?



I honestly don't know. And that's the problem. It's best if we log the questions, and then answer them for clients afterwards. So that we can get the right answers.


I just wanted to let all of you know. If I missed any of your questions, I will ask again if I missed anybody's question. So if I did, I apologize. I did not do it on purpose.


Does the Realtor give permission for clients to use this app? Or is it free for everyone?” Chrissy, you as the agent will give your clients permission to use this app. I'll show you how you will send a link to your clients. Once they get that link, they're going to download the app. And as soon as they download that app through that link, it'll automatically assign that lead or that client of yours to your account in your app. Hope that explains.


How soon in real-time are the actives and solds reported?” Trisha, depending on the board, so depending on some of the boards. I'll give you an example - for the Toronto Real Estate Board, from TRREB, we pull every two hours. Every two hours it’s up to date, in terms of all listings - whether it's sold or deactivated, inactive and so on and so forth.


Can all my leads download for free?” Elona, absolutely. This app was made so you can really give it to all of your clients, all your leads. They can download the app for free and then use the app on your behalf for free. They're using it through you.


How do we get the app?” Michael, I will explain at the end of the presentation how you, the agent, can get access to the app and how you send it to your clients so they can download it.


Peterborough is part of it. Geoff said Petersborough was part of it. So yes, Petersborough is part of it. Perfect.


Most use HouseSigma. How is this app different from my leads’ perspective?” Great question, Elona. I'll help answer that in a little bit, so that you can see the value of why your clients would want to start using this app instead of HouseSigma. Or why you actually need to have an app so that you have your own app and how it is in comparison to HouseSigma. They can start using yours instead of the HouseSigma app.


ITSO and TRREB should both have sold data. This would be massive if it can be allocated within one and the same search.” Matthew, to that question. We’ve been asked a lot if we can take two boards and put them into one. It is something we're working on. It is, I promise you, it is something that we absolutely want to do. We have the technology for it. But it is so difficult to do it. It's not difficult to do on one single website. Honestly, right now, we could have this app on one single website and have it accessible for one single person. But we're doing this for thousands of customers. And with the traffic numbers that we have it is really, really, really, really difficult from a technological perspective. But, it is something that we can do. I promise you that this is something we're working on and we're going to get there. We are going to put this data together into one. And ITSO and DDF and TRREB, and all of them will be combined as long as you as the agent have access to each of those boards. Hope that answers your question.


All right. So Brian: “There are 21 to 28 boards with it - so amazing.


Maschen: “Is there any way to add features in the unit size of the condo, each building house size from the MPAC?” Maschen, we will take feature suggestions. If you have feature suggestions, we can definitely put them in. You can shoot them to And we'll definitely take them into account.


Jack Patel: “How can we send listings from CRM manually?” Jack, I’ll answer the question on the Saved Searches and how they work, when you're sending your listings out. That's actually another cool functionality.


Is there beneficial content on the link sent to the client that would encourage clients to download the app?” That's a great question, Canel. We are creating some campaigns that are going to help with getting your clients to download the app. What that means is: when you get a lead and you assign that campaign to them, we’ll shoot out emails to them, let's say, once every few days, about the features and benefits of the application so that they can see the value of the application. It is something that we are working on to get these clients to download the application. Absolutely.


Crystal, I don't know if this sound is on your side?






Can you mute yourself for a quick second?



Yeah, sure.



Awesome. Thanks so much.


When you have a LeadGen site and a branded site, how does this app work when branding?” You will have your information inside of the app. And I'll show you what that looks like, Cameron as well. This is actually your app that your clients will use. When they go to the Contact button, it's your information that's there.


Are you getting active leads from Or the local board? There are some listings in Barrie, and some TRREB members don't inter-board their listings?” Mario, the complexity of the inter-boarding and stuff like that. If you have access to TRREB, you'll be able to use TRREB and all the Toronto Real Estate Board listings will show if you have it. Then all its listings will show on the app.


Right. “Will someone coming into the LeadGen system have a choice to download the mobile app?” 1,000,000% yes. Brian, the moment you enable the ability to have the app in your system and the lead logs into your website, they'll have a download app link. And in fact, we're going to make that even more prominent to them. For example, when we send listings out to these people on a daily basis, if they haven't downloaded the app, we're going to include links and images into the email, as well as when they get on to the website saying: “Hey, download the app”, “Download the app, it's going to be easy for you to look at listings”, “Download the app”. We're going to be pushing it, so that they download the app as much as possible.


“Is the app only for leads that we have in the CRM? Can we also send a link to other clients?” Ferman, you're going to have to put the lead or the client into the CRM system, in order to be able to send them the link to download the app. You will have to have the lead or the client inside the system to send them the app.


Geoff asks: “Do I have to be a member of a board for my clients to see listings from that board?” Yes, you have to be a member of that board in order for the listings to show, because your website has to have those listings.


(scrolling through questions)


So… “Do you have dual access to it? TRREB?” Yes. We're going to look at combining.


Can you share the app with friends?” Yes, the Share functionality, Rahman, is something I'm going to get to as well.


I wanted to download the app, but it says I cannot access the link to the app.” Alfredo, we're going to explain what the process is when it comes to the app itself and how you can download it and how you can use it.


Alright. “What about the fake info lead? Can we stop them from using the app?” Michael DiRoma, if you have a lead that is fake information, we're going to build in certain functionalities into the app that are going to prevent them from using the app. Similar to the solution we have for people that enter a fake phone number. You select that a phone number is invalid. From our side, we’ll create a pop-up in the app saying: “You have to enter a valid phone number to use the application”.


Alright, let's move on. “Can you put in a logo to customize the app?” Customizing the app… I'll answer the rest of the questions afterwards.  I'll move on to the next feature. And let's go to the next page. Okay.


The next feature has to do with favoriting listings, so liking a listing, making sure you have a very easy way to actually see all of your liked listings. We also have scenarios in which the client says: “Hey, I want to see what happens with this listing, I want to see does it sell, what does it sell for, is taken off the real estate market and not sold.” This functionality is going to show you how your clients are liking listings, how they can review those liked listings, and what happens with those listings as they progress through the market.


(plays video)


We know that many people that are looking for properties, when they see something that's on the market, and they want to be able to kind of track it, see what happens with it…


(stops video)


Let me make this quality 8000,... HD okay…


(resumes video)


… they put it on a sold watch. They want to know exactly what's going on with those properties. Inside of our app, under the Liked Homes section, we have that already fully built-in. What that means is whenever they like a property, if the property is still active and for sale, it's going to show up under this list.  It's going to be saved to their shortlist. If that property has been sold or rented, we can click on Sold and Rented here and we can see all those properties that I liked in the past, what they were sold for, what they were rented for. And again, I can view all the information, like all the photos, everything else, so it can remind me. Or if the property has been taken off the market and did not sell, it's going to show that as well. And everything really gets tracked that way. That is very important. We know that clients are looking for these features. We know that they want to know what happened with a property, they may have even put an offer in. They want to know what it sold for. They want to see it live. They may have lost the offer on that property, and they really want to keep an eye on it. That is very important, and we know it's important. We built it right into the app. And let's not forget that anything they do on this app, whenever they look at any property, you get to see exactly what happens with those listings. You get to see in your CRM that they're looking at it. It's fully connected to your system.


(video finishes)



It's really, really, really simple to favourite a property. If I like a property, I heart it, I put the heart on it. And as soon as I put my heart on it, it goes into my Favorites list. And when I go to my Favorites list, I can see all of those that are still active and are for sale. I can see all of those that are sold, what they sold for, and if they’ve been taken off the market. I've had clients that have asked: “Hey, what happened to this property? What did it sell for? What's going on with it?” Well, you can tell them: “If you download my app, you can actually track what happens with that property”. That's another reason, that's a huge reason why people will want to download the app and see the progression.


Any questions about this specific functionality? Thank you, Lauren. I appreciate that. Adrian, “I love this feature. I love this app already.” Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. “Huge time saver for us”. Absolutely. Thank you very much.


If we have a team structure, will all agents on the team have their own app?” Great question, Steven. Each agent will be able to send the app to their clients. Yes. When they generate their own link, if the agent who is assigned to that lead and CRM, when the lead opens the app, that agent’s information is going to show inside of the app. Hope that answers the question.


Another question that comes up quite often is: “Hey, I, as the agent, can I see what properties my clients have liked?” Absolutely, you can. There's a feature inside the CRM, where you can see all the properties your clients have looked at and all the properties that they've liked inside of that same view. That's definitely inside of the app.


Raluca: “Love it, can’t wait for it.” Thank you very much.


“Can admins have a login?”, Trisha asks. Can admins have a login? I don't know what that means. Maybe you can message Crystal on the side and we can maybe get that answer for you.


Alright, that's a fairly simple enough feature. Makes sense to everybody? Let's move on. 


There was one more (question): “How does it work when husband and wife want to have the same app?” Ferman, I love your question. Love your question. Love your question, because it is very important that we make that very, very, very, very easy. There's a feature for that that I'm going to share with you as well.


Can a client like a property in our CRM? Heart for property they like? Can you track your progress?” Yes, they can like a property. Your client can’t like a property in the CRM, but they can like a property either on the website or in the app. I hope that answers the question.


But let me go on to the next segment, onto the next feature. Push notifications and new listings from saved searches. This, along with the next feature, is going to talk about how husband and wife can actually work together. Generally, right now, when new listings come out, onto our system, what we do currently is we send them an email saying: “Hey, here are new listings that have come out.” What we're changing here is we're going to make it so that the push notification actually sends that to the client's phone. Whenever new listings come up for their search, it'll send them a message through their phone, saying: “Hey, here's new listings, here's what they are.”. As soon as they click on them, they're going to be able to see all the listings for that saved search in that one view. And then any saved searches that you've had in the past will always show up there somewhere. Let me play this. And then I'll help answer any questions you have afterwards and elaborate a bit more.


(plays video)


The next thing that we know is really important with clients is: when we set them up on listings, when they're receiving those listings, obviously they're going to be getting those listings by email. But we want to also tie that into our application, so that whenever new listings come out, the application will notify them: “Hey, there are new listings.”. And here's an example of that. I got new listings for this search. And I got a notification. As soon as I clicked on that notification, it took me into my Saved Searches, which will show all of the Saved Searches you would have set up for them in the CRM system or on the website. And whichever search actually has new listings is going to indicate here with “New”. And if I click on that “New,” I can view all the properties on the map that are for that search. If I click on the filter used here, I can see that these are properties in Oakville, 1.4 to 1.9, detached and semi-detached. And let's go back here. I can go to the List View now, and also see what are those new properties here. This one came out nine hours ago; this is the notification that it came out. And anything that is inside of that search will get sorted based on the most recently listed properties first. Anything that I look at If I view this property, it's going to turn to ”Viewed”, and I can see that it’s been viewed. Everything's kind of tracked for me to know what I've looked at and what I haven't looked at yet. That is really important that that gets tied into the actual system…


(pauses video)


I will pause this for a quick second. I want to point out the functionality here when it comes to “Viewed”. As your clients are looking at listings, generally, they're literally looking at everything that's been coming out, and they're always on top of what's coming out. When they open up, when they get the actual notification, your listings, the ones that they've looked at, even on the map, as well as on the List View, are going to indicate that they've been viewed. They'll know which listings are brand new. And typically, always, the ones at the very top are always brand new. That's really easy for them to understand. And something that's really, really simple. Let me continue.


(resumes video)


…and new listings come out, the system will send that push notification out to whether it's two, three people that have the app downloaded onto the same account, they'll all receive the notification. If it's spouses looking together, they're all going to receive notifications that there are new listings, and then it's going to give them a really easy way to look at those new listings very quickly. That is something that is built into the application. This will notify them of both active and sold listings. If you have them set up to receive sold listings. Here's an example: they’ve been set up to see sold listings in this area, and any time a new sold listing gets added here, it's sent and notified to that same phone.


(video ends)



Alright. The concept is really simple. The idea is that when we send listing notifications of new listings for now, for those that have downloaded the application, they're also going to receive a push notification onto their phone, letting them know that there are new listings.


And, yes, Kenneth, yes. You can set up both, for active and for sold. That means when a sold listing gets sold in the area, it will automatically send them a notification saying: “Hey, there's a sold listing.” And that is actually part of the core functionality we're building right into the app itself, which is our Nosy Neighbour functionality, which I'm going to share a little bit later. So, both active and sold. 100%.


Answering some more questions here: “Can the client adjust the filter and search, or only the realtor can do that?” Krissy, the answer is simply that they cannot adjust the search on the mobile phone, but they can adjust the search on the website. There's a link on the Saved Search, where they can click “How do I edit this search?” that shows them a video that explains to them how they can edit that search using the website and all the filters that we have set up. The quick, simple answer is: “Yes, the client can adjust it on their own”.


Can you set up clients on sold listings?” Yes.


How does this link to FollowUp Boss?” Kenneth, through our FollowUp Boss integration, the activity will show, meaning that when they're active, when they're looking at things, we will notify FollowUpBoss of their activity and what they're looking at. That's the connection that we have with FollowUpBoss. It will continue to work. We will expand the FollowUp Boss integration a little bit more to pass on some additional criteria as well.


Jodi: “Is there an explanation about the functions of the app that we can send to leads?” Jodi, helping your clients understand how to actually use the app is something that we're working on by an educational campaign. What do I mean by an educational campaign? That is, when you send the link to the client on the app, we'll actually have a set of emails that will be sent out to your lead saying: “Hey, we want to help you understand how to use the app”, “Here's how this works”, “Here's how that works”. We'll have videos for them to actually understand how to use the app. We’re not going to make it so that it sends out everything at once. We'll send them emails once every couple of days, so that they ingest that information a little bit better.


Will they get push notifications on their phone and still get the regular email?” Yes, Kelly, they will get both, emails and push notifications on their phone. Both will come through.


Does the client have only access to the listings they have set them up to see?” Betty, on the Saved Searches, when they go to the Saved Search section, they can only see the listings that you set them up on. However, they can always click on the Explore mode and explore all the listings that are available on the Real Estate Board. I hope that answers your question there.


Is the app connected to the client's CRM?” Mario, 1 million percent! Yes, the app is directly connected to the client CRM system. And I'll show you how that works. It's the same as our websites. Whenever they're active, looking at anything on the website, it will also show in the CRM system, as well as in the mobile app. Everything is connected 100%. Yes.


Is the app branded to us on the app platform?” Kenneth, no, the app is not branded to you on the app platform. The app is called the HomeLocator in the app platform. And we did not create an individual app for every single agent. To do that, it takes much, much, much more time. We have to recreate the infrastructure for everybody. That is the reason. The way that we set it up now is that you, each agent, will send a link to their client. When they get that link and when they download the app through that link, which will take them to the App Store, it'll automatically connect your client to your own app. That's the connection that we've made. Basically, you will provide the link to your client. When they download that after, your link, it will connect them to your own app.


Can we have a full video about the app features for clients that have already downloaded the app so they can see all the features?” Mohsen, absolutely. We’ll create one full video that explains all the features all at once. I believe we already have it. The only thing we've changed a few times is the layout. We had to recreate the videos each time because the layout changed a little bit. But we will have one video that you can send them that contains everything: how to do this, how to do that. It's also per board, because if the boards don't have sold data, we don't want to have the video having sold data when your board doesn't have sold data. We'll have two separate videos. One that has sold data and one that doesn't have sold data.


Can the public use the app with the agent sending an invite?” Darren, absolutely the public can use the app as long as they have an invite from you.


Is there a way to use the app to send periodic ads to users of the app that is sent to help provide access to this app?” Brian, we don't have any kind of messaging built into the app where you can show a message to each user yet. We will take feature suggestions, and we'd love to see what you guys can come up with. And if it makes sense, we can definitely look at putting it in.


Can they book a showing from the app?“ Great question, Husein. Yes, yes. And yes. In fact, the way we've connected it on the app is, in fact, you can see it as part of this listing here. There's a Share functionality, which I'm going to talk about next. And then there's a Contact functionality. When they fill out that contact form, it automatically pre-fills and then sends you that contact form as an email. And it also does get logged inside of the CRM system now. 


Clients getting duplicate listings from the CRM and the app on a daily basis?” Mario, it's not duplicate listings. It's the same listings, it's the same. The email and the app are really the same things. And they're both connected together. Meaning that if they look at the listing on your website, it will show it is viewed on the app as well. Whether they look at the listing on the website or the app, it's one account; it's really one account.


Can we use the app as a marketing tool to engage and sign new leads? Is there a way for users to sign up as a lead?” Rahman, that is something we were going to work on where you could actually advertise the app to get new users to download, so that they don't have to have a specific link, that they don’t have to be a member in your CRM system. It is only right now available for those leads that are actually members in your CRM system. It's not really yet as a LeadGen tool, but we will make it as a LeadGen tool. 100%.


What happens when a lead/client has downloaded the app from another agent before? Are they stuck with the agent from that perspective?”  Great question. Because this is one app for all the agents. Basically, when I download the app from my agent, one agent that I've gotten the link from, it gets me assigned to that agent. Now, if some other agent sends me a link and his or her own link, when I try to open that link, it's going to say: “Hey, wait a second, you are switching your account to a different agent? Are you sure you want to do that?”. It asks them. “Are you sure you want to switch to this agent?” And if they do switch to that agent, it will switch the app to that agent, but it does warn them and ask them: “Do you want to do that?”.


When we send the client a link, are they able to send the same link to their friends? How can we control that?” Michael, it's a great question. Within the Share functionality, I'll show you, we have two different options for sharing. Let's say a client opens that link, opens a listing, and they want to share the listing with, let's say, their spouse or somebody else. There are two different share links that they're given. I'll show that part right next.


“If they unsubscribe from email notifications so they can focus on using the app, does the app affect app listing pushes?” Mike, that is a great question. I truthfully actually don't know the answer to the question. I believe if they unsubscribe from emails right now, it'll unsubscribe from push notifications as well. But we will look at actually separating those, because those really are separate in the sense that if they are going to be subscribed to the app, but don't want to get emails from you, then the push notifications should still come through. That's something that we will look into.


Kelly: “Do we get notifications when the app switches?” It is something that we are putting in right now. The notification does not come through, but we are making it so that when your lead switches to some other agent, we will send you a notification saying: “This lead unsubscribed from your app and subscribed to somebody else”. So you can try to get them back on.


Alright. Darren: “How wide is the perimeter when you use the feature?”. I'm not sure which feature, but the perimeter, you can really see. If it's a Saved Search, Darren, you can really set up a Saved Search as big as you want. Setting up a Saved Search, you can create a big polygon, you can create a radius, you can even set a community or city, you can say: “Send me all the listings in one city”.


Zen. Hey Zen, how are you? “Is there anything coming on the desktop version that can duplicate the sold functionality on the app?” Zen, absolutely. We currently have on the web version, we have the ability, we can search through all the sold listings already. That's already part of the system online.


Anonymous attendee: “What happens when a lead downloads the app from another agent?” I've mentioned that on the other chat.


Michelle: “I sent it out to a few clients, and feedback has been awesome. They love it.” Thank you, Michelle. I really appreciate that. Michelle got on board a little bit in a beta before and has sent it to a few clients. And they've definitely enjoyed it. I really, really, really appreciate that. And as you progress through this, guys, we're gonna try to make this app the best we can. The idea with this app is truly… that it's your app. If you look at the value of us, AgentLocator has no contracts. What we need to do is keep innovating and making it easy for you guys, so that you guys can actually create value for your clients. That's how we create value. Everything that we do on our system is to create value for you. And we'll do everything we can to make sure that you guys have the value you need to really pay us the monthly services that you pay us and continue to pay us.


There was one more question that I’ll answer, and then I'd move on to the next thing.


Can we customize our branding on the contact screen of the app?” Dom, right now, the only thing you can customize is the name, email address, the phone number that shows up. We will create a better customization, so you guys can customize more of the stuff there. But right now, for the first version, just your contact information is on the app when they go to the contact page.


Alright. Let's go to the next. Sharing the listing with family and friends. This is another feature that we absolutely need to have, it's easy to use. One part that was brought up before: I've got my spouse that's looking at listings with me. In fact, we're looking together, it's the same search. We're not looking at different properties, unless you have completely different likes, but even then we're looking together. I want to make it easy so that my spouse can actually look at listings with me. And if she has her phone, she can look at it on her own. And really, it's all under the same account. Then I want to be able to share if I see a listing that I really like, you know, out of all these, I want to share that with her. She can actually open it up in her own app. And it's all going to work together. On top of that, I want to be able to share a listing where it's not my spouse, but it's somebody else that I don't want to have access to my account. And I'll show you what we've done there. I'm gonna play this video, and I'm going to be quiet, and then I'll answer questions, as usual.


(plays video)


The next very important thing for any mobile app is to have the ability to share listings that I find interesting. Whether I find those listings by exploring through all the properties that are out in the market. If I am, you know, going back and looking at all of them in Explore and looking at all the properties out there, if I find one that I like, I want to be able to share it. Or even if I find that listing through the Saved Search that is being sent to me, I want to be able to share that listing with my spouse by actually easily sending it to her. I’ll show you how to do that actually within the app. If you click on Share, I can then select whether I want to share the app with a family member or share the app with a friend. I'll explain what it means to share the app with a friend later. First off, family member. If I click on a family member, then it's going to give me the link and show me all the most recent shares. And then we'll be able to copy and send it to whoever I want. Or I can use an app, just like any other Share functionality. And when that person receives that link. Let's say my spouse receives the link. When she receives that link, if she doesn't have the app installed on her phone, it will take her to the App Store, have her download the app, and as soon as she downloads the app, it's going to log her into the same account as I have and it's going to open up that listing. We're actually looking at the same listings. We're looking at the same account. Any listing I favourite, she's going to see, any listing that she favourites, I'm going to see, because we're looking for a home together. That is one of the most crucial functionalities. When people look together, they want to be able to look from one account, they want to be able to see what everybody likes, and what they don't like, and so on and so forth. That is sharing with family. Sharing with friends is actually something really interesting as well. It's going to help you generate new leads. If I share with friends when they receive that link, they're gonna see that: “Hey, Otto wants you to actually see this property. But in order for you to see the property, you have to download the app and create your own new account.” When they create an account, it's going to be a lead added to your CRM system because your leads shared that app with somebody else. That's pretty cool as well, because it's going to help you generate new leads. But the sharing functionality, in a general sense, is very important. And it is fully built into the HomeLocator app.


(video stops)


Alright. Really quick, when I click on Share, just to re-explain the part, if it's a family member, we are going to make it even a little bit more prominent to understand that this person you share the link with will be able to access your account. We say that in there. If we see that there's a lot of people that are sharing with others that shouldn't have access to it, we're going to make it even harder. When they click on share with family members, we're going to have a little pop-up that says: “Hey, just so you know, whoever you share this link with is going to have access to your account. Are you sure you want to do that?” It's going to be a little bit more prominent, if we have issues. So far, we haven't really seen that. But then, Share with Friends is something that if I want my friend to see that, and when they get it, whoever is the agent that this lead is connected to, that's who the lead is going to be created under. It'll ask them to create their account, they put their information in and it'll create the lead for them and put them into your CRM system. Hope that answers your questions. Let me go through this again.


(scrolls through chat)


I love the Share with Friends feature.” Thank you, Mike. I really appreciate that.


Do agents have to pay for this app?” Elona, no. It's actually part of our service. It's part of our system. You do have to have the new platform available. But it is not extra for you guys to pay. It is completely included into our service.


Share with Family Member. For how many family members is that?” Unlimited, Ferman. You can share it with everybody in the family. And everybody will, whenever new listings come in, everybody will get the notifications on their phone, there are new listings that have come in. Everybody is.


Maybe if you change the wording to “shared private account”.” Lauren, I appreciate that. That's definitely maybe some wording changes that we can make to make it even more prominent to make sure they understand when they share that link, it's going to log them into the other account.


Share with friends. Will the new account be identified in the CRM as a new client from the app? Will there be a notification?” Chrissy, you will get a notification that you've got a new lead. It will be identified as a lead that's coming from the actual mobile app. You'll know that it's come from the mobile app. And I'll show you in the next feature what we're gonna get this lead to do when they actually download the app.


Michael DiRoma: “Great feature”. Thank you very much, sir!


“Which is the new platform?Are we on it already?” Anita, I'll explain, actually, in one of the videos, how you can find out whether you have that or not. Most of our clients actually have that right now.


I think I've answered all of them. Alright.


Can I text or email the lead from the app?” Tamer, right now, the ability to text and email from the app is not in. You can text and email the lead from the CRM system, you can do that for sure. And I'll explain the rest of the functionality a little bit more.



Let's go on to the next feature. The Nosy Neighbour built into the install process. Let me kind of explain this functionality. When we first created this functionality a while back, it was really important that we build this in. Not just for our leads, but more so for our clients and people that we know. Let me explain this functionality this way. When we do farming, when we're sending out all these flyers to these homes, when we are sending out mass emails to our database, when we are notifying anybody of anything when it comes to our clients, the reason we're doing it is we want to stay top of mind, right? We really want to stay top of mind. But you know, when I send a mass email many times, I'm sending crap. I'm sending spam because I can't send something that's so useful to that person that they want to open it. When we think about what we can send to a homeowner, that when he or she gets that email, gets a notification, they're going to be like “Oh, nice. I got this and I want to open it. And I know it's coming from Lauren.” What that is, is listings, right? For example, when that “For Sale” sign gets stuck in my neighbourhood, what am I curious about? What am I thinking about as a homeowner that lives in an area? What do I want to know about that property? I want to know what it's selling for, number one. And I want to know what it looks like inside. I want to see how much it relates to my property. The idea behind Nosy Neighbor is exactly that. The system will automatically send listings to these leads or clients in their area. We've actually set it up so that it's part of the install process. When you download the application for the first time, and you go through the process of setting up the application, we ask them for their address. And then we automatically set them up on this Nosy Neighbor that sends them listings on a daily basis. Well not a daily basis, but if there are daily listings that come out in the area. I think nobody has such listings. But if it does, we'll send them a notification of that listing. Let's say every month they get a new listing, it'll be sent to them. Both on active and on sold listings. If the board has sold data, we will send the listings when they're activated, when a new listing comes up or when it sells. So I'm going to shut up now. And I'm going to play this, and then I'll answer questions.


(plays video)


Alright. There is one really core functionality inside of the app that will really should make you excited. What it's going to do is it's going to keep bringing the people back to your application, so they're opening up your application all the time. But it's also going to create a lot of value for you and the person who’s getting it. So let me put it this way. When we send out farming flyers, when we send mass emails, when we send notifications to homeowners


(pauses video)


I forgot I mentioned this inside of the video as well. I'm going to skip that part and move to the point where we talk about how it really works. Because I said that already, and I apologize.


(resumes video)


If either a “For sale” or “Sold” sign goes up in the neighbourhood, they really want to know, number one, what that property is selling for when it's for sale. And then, number two, when it does sell, what is it actually sold for. They truly care about that. As part of the actual application process, when they install the application, we will automatically set up your lead or your client on this Nosy Neighbour, if they aren't already set up. So we'll ask them for the house address and we'll put it in and we’ll automatically…


(pauses video)


This is key: “If they aren't already set up”. If they are already set up on sold and active listings, it won't reset them again because it's already been set up. But if they haven't been set up, when they download the application, it will automatically set them up on both sold listings and active listings in their area.


(resumes video)


… automatically send them new listings as they come out. And then we'll automatically notify them when those listings sell. They’re going to be notified both by email as well as by the HomeLocator application where the notification comes in. It then shows them where there are new listings that have either been active or sold. And this is how the email looks like, when they open it up. It has a little map of their area. Right inside of the email is an image that shows the radius that they've been set up for any sold listings. And it also shows where they're physically located. It gets their attention. It sends them all of those most recent sales in that area. That happens fully automatically whenever they install the application for any of your leads or clients that haven't been set up yet. It will get them to set it up.


(video stops)




Let’s go back real quick here. If you look at the email they get. After they've set up their address on the phone, it will start emailing these automatic listings. And the map here is their actual physical location. It shows their physical location and the radius that's been applied, where these listings notifications will come up for their own area. And again, fully automated, fully built into the setup process. When they install the application, it's going to ask them to set this all up. 


Any questions about this specific feature? All right, no questions. Awesome. Let me continue and I'll answer some of those questions towards the end as I’ve already taken a lot of your time. 


Okay. Next thing, These will be the features that we're bringing in 2022 and 2023. That is, they're going to come on to the actual application. HouseSigma has been mentioned multiple times. We know that our clients use it, we know that we use it as real estate agents, you guys use it. And we know one of the core features, the reason why we use it is the ten-year history of the listing and what's happened with listings. I can look at what the listings looked like before. After numerous technological problems (figuring out what we need to do), and also legal problems (figuring out what we need to do), we are going to be bringing this feature most likely in 2023. For those of you that have the VOW feed, you are going to need to sign a different feed. It's really not that hard, it's just a piece of paper. Once you sign that feed, every listing that's on your website will automatically show the full history. This is not by MLS number, this is by address. If I pull up 111 whatever street .com, I will get to see all of the listing history of that property on my listing, both on my website, as well as on the mobile application. Fully available, built right in, and it'll be in the application 100%.


The second thing that we want to do is to connect the contact, connect the HomeLocator app to the communication hub of your CRM system. When you send SMS messages to your leads, when you communicate with your leads, we want your leads to be able to communicate with you by actually sending you messages through the app. When they go to Contact, they're going to see all of the previous SMS messages that you sent them. Any messages they want to send you, they'll be able to send you right through the app. You'll receive it as an SMS message. You'll be able to respond back. When we get our CRM mobile app finished, which we're working on already, you'll be able to communicate without SMS and really be able to respond directly to your leads by just the CRM application. Or, in this case, if you want to log into the CRM and respond to them, this message will show in the HomeLocator app as well. That is eliminating Twilio, 100%. For those leads that you communicate with, you won't have to use Twilio. You'll be able to use the actual application to communicate fully back and forth.


How to send invites?” Support will be able to help answer some of these questions like: “How to send invites?” and all this stuff. We'll send you exactly step-by-step instructions and how to do all the stuff by yourself.


That's amazing - to communicate directly with leads via SMS.” Thank you Elona, I really appreciate that. This functionality here, as I mentioned, will be available in 2022 or 2023. This is not done yet. The 10-year history and the communication inside the app are not done yet. We are working on it. That is something that's going to be available in 2022 and 2023.


Why does it take until 2023 to get the ten-year data? Just curious.” Darren, from a technological perspective, in order for us to really allocate one listing and figure out all the listings for that one listing, all the MLS numbers, there's a little bit of a jiggle we have to do from our technological perspective. What you have to remember is that we're not doing this for one website. We're doing this for thousands of websites. When we build something, we have to build it to be able to scale, which means the traffic on it has to be able to support millions upon millions of visitors. I hope that that makes sense. It's not just the Toronto Real Estate Board we're working with. We are Canada-wide and now in the US market as well. I hope that makes a little bit of sense.



Awesome. All right. Let me continue with tracking and what you can see in the app. This is something that you probably already know. I know the webinar has already taken almost an hour. I don't want to take too much longer. I've gone over the main functionality. I want to talk a little bit about how you, the agent, can see everything that your leads or your clients do inside of your app. It's the same thing that you have been able to see - for those that are on our new platform.


(plays video)


We all know it's very important that we understand which of our leads and which of our clients are actually active. What are they looking at? How many images are they looking at? Which properties they like, which they look at more often than not? With the mobile app, everything they do, just like on your website, is tracked. Go into your CRM system. There are 6707 leads here. I'm going to sort these leads by activity. I click on activity. I say “Sort by Last Activity” and show me the most recent first. This will show the most recent active leads. This is hidden here, because it is a live account. It's going to be unblurred. Because this is my test account, I don't mind showing it. We can see a few things here. The stats that we can see are anything that your leads do, anything they look at on the mobile app. If you click on “More Details”, you can see exactly which properties they looked at, how many times they looked at that property, and how many photos of the property they viewed. In this one here, they looked at it once, viewed 35 photos, and this property was sold September 28th. We know that's a sold property. We can see this property here, it's actually inside of their favourites. We can also click on “Last Viewed” and  look only at the ones they've liked, so the properties they've actually favourited. It’s going to show all of them here. Or if you go back to “All” again, you can see everything here. Everything is fully tracked, meaning that everything they look at is going to be visible. We'll also update this stat here to show how many properties have they viewed total, what's the average price, average bedrooms, average bathrooms,...


(pauses video)


There's another like one minute of that. Those of you that know the functionality, know it. I want to go through on the rollout because I know a lot of you have questions. Which boards will have access first and when? Toronto Real Estate Board gets access today. We're going to show you how to request access to the application. Then we'll send all of you the instructions on how to set yourself up, how to set up your clients, how to set everybody else on the app right away. theThe other boards will be rolled out by November 25th, depending on the rollout with TRREB. I say depending because this is the first time we're rolling the application out to many, many, many users. We want to make sure everything goes well. And if everything goes well, we're going to start rolling out the rest of the boards - DDF, Vancouver, ITSO, Edmonton and all the others after that. We could potentially roll out all the boards right away, meaning that after November 25th, if everything goes well, we can roll out all the boards at the same time. Or we may have to roll out one board at a time.


Lucy: “MREB? Mississauga Real Estate Board? ” I believe that's part of TRREB. So, that's right away as well. Yes, it’s definitely part of TRREB. That's the rollout that we're taking.


How to request access to the app and what you need in order to have it. I'm going to play that video here.


(plays video)



How to request access to the app? You can have this little banner up here. You can generate your links and then send them to your clients, so they can download the mobile app and then you can start using it. The first thing that you need to know is that this app is fully connected to the new platform. What that means is when the new platform sends out listings, that's what's connected to the app. That's what allows your leads to see the listings. That's what all the activities are connected to. The only way you can actually have the mobile app is if you have the new platform. Now you may be confused. “Do I have the new platform?”,  “Do I not have a new platform?”, “I really don't know”. The most simplistic way for you to tell whether you have the new platform or not is to look at your CRM system. If you're setting up your leads or clients on your Saved Listing searches through this, that means you have the new platform because the new platform is the only one that's connected this way. If you don't have the Saved Listing search, that may mean that you don't have the new platform. You will need to get the new platform in order to have access to the app if you wish to have access to the app. That's how you can verify.


Where to request access? If you go to and if you scroll down a little bit here, you're going to see this HomeLocator image. If you click on that image, you'll see some more benefits and some videos about the HomeLocator app. If you click on that “Request Access” button, it'll take you to this page. When you get to this page, all you need to do is click on that “Request Access” button, enter your name, your email address, your cell phone number, and which board you're on. I remember that the Toronto Real Estate Board is the first one we're releasing now on the 25th. However, even if you are a client with another board, go ahead and submit your information. The moment we have it available for your board, we will give you access to it. And secondly, whether you have the new platform. If you have it, just say I have the new platform. If you don't have it or you don't know whether you have it, you can click on “I don't have the new platform, but I want it”, and then we'll contact you to inform you and give you a demo of what that looks like and what it consists of. And if you're not an AgentLocator client and you're watching this webinar, and you wish to get a demo from us and our entire platform. You can click on that link, and then we'll reach out to you and give you a demo to have you understand the mobile app, as well as everything else that we have that we could offer you. Thank you so much.


(video stops)



That is really the end of the presentation. We've gone over pretty much everything. We’ll send all of you instructions on exactly how to download the app yourself. It’s two o'clock today; we'll try to get through as many of the requests as we can, so that we can really give access to everybody. And we may roll into tomorrow, most likely for some of you. We'll send everybody instructions on how to really get on board and start sending this out. It is being recorded, Anita, 100%. The recording will go out to everybody who's registered for it. Thank you, Lauren. I really appreciate this. We've been working very hard on the application for quite some time. I'm a geek at heart. I'm a software developer. I started my business as a software developer, but I can tell you this: building a mobile app has been very, very, very, very difficult, for me, for us. It's been struggle after struggle, figuring out to make sure that things are working correctly. We've been working for over a year and a half on the app. I really appreciate you being here. And I thank you very much. And I promise you: we'll continue innovating. We'll continue building new features. And thank you very much. Amazing. Thank you, Lucy. I really appreciate it. Connell, thank you very much. Kelly, Thank you. Rory, thank you. Jeffrey, everybody, I really appreciate it. And we'll make sure this is sent out to all of you. If for any reason we've missed anybody's questions, You know how our support is. We'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. And anybody who wants to speak to sales, Or really submit that form and we'll contact you as well. Thank you all so much. Thank you, Hussein, I really appreciate it. Axel, thank you. Thomas, appreciated. John, thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Sue. Thanks to all of you. If there are any unanswered questions, I will make sure I get to everybody right away. Thank you again. Thank you all very much. And we'll end the presentation there. It's been an hour and four minutes. Crystal? Thanks so much.



You pretty much got most of the questions based on going through the list. So, it's good.



Amazing. Awesome. Thanks again. All right. Bye, everybody. Bye.



How To Effectively Share Your Homelocator App With Your Leads



Starting officially, yeah.




Perfect, perfect, perfect. I know, we had like 200 people registered for the event, we have 35... Now, I'm sure some people are gonna drop in afterwards. So I do want to say for all of you that are here that the event is being recorded, and we will automatically be sent out the notification of the event afterwards. So you guys can really get you to know, make sure you have any you can have the recording if you want to forward it to your you know, friends, or maybe your…




What do you call them? You're like, God, I'm drawing a blank here, your assistants.








Yeah, also, we always throw it on our YouTube channel as well. So if you guys register to get alerts and subscribe to the YouTube channel, whenever we upload content, you guys will get a notification so you never miss a beat. 




Yeah, a good point of that, actually, in fact, I'm going to share my screen here for a second and actually get all of you to go to our YouTube channel and subscribe. So that way you get updates immediately, as soon as we get something and I'll show you where to go. And we'll send the link. For that. Let me find it here. AgentLcator. So if you go to, I'll send the link inside of the chat group thing. There's chat. Here it is; you can all subscribe to the channel. That way, anytime we have anything that comes up with value, we post it here. The other thing we do quite often for so that I'll have you know, is we host all of these different dial sessions with Nick or Beverly or other people that are being on. And what we do with these dial sessions is we actually help agents to understand what kind of objections we're getting from renting out leaves and how our agents getting around those objections. And many times, those things are like an hour long. So what we do is we cut things up into things like this, you know, three minutes to 38 seconds, and then post these so you can kind of easily ingest and you know how to ask the right questions five minutes, so it's really doesn't take you a very long time to listen. So definitely subscribe. There's 1000 people already subscribed on there. So I expect at least another 30 or 45 people here now.




And so that is that.




Before I get right into it, I actually want to do a quick technical check. So tech check-in, we have 40 something people… Please do me a favour and message where you're actually from, so what area are you in? So in the chat, just message your area and I just want to kind of get an idea where everybody's from Ottawa, Toronto, GTA, Toronto, Newcastle, Toronto, Oakville, Toronto, Peterborough, we three so would be so this is great because the so we've got some people from Calgary as well. Burlington, Bowmanville, Brampton, the HomeLocator app have primarily opened up for the Toronto real estate board. So far, we are planning to expand that out to two more boards by the 24th of November. And we'll make sure that you know, we truly, truly want to open it up to all the boards by December so that you guys can all actually enjoy the application. But this will still be great for any of you to help understand how can actually spread the app board. So let's get right into the content here so that I can actually give you guys the most information. So let's do this.




As we go as we do the presentation if you guys have questions on the application,




the best thing to do is either in a chat or the Q&A; you can ask the question in we'll try to answer all the questions right off the bat so that all of you can really get all the answers.




So that's it. So let's get right into the actual presentation that I put together here real quick. It's not a long one; it's got a few slides because a lot of the stuff that I'm going to do is I'm going to do in the CRM and in other documents, so getting your leads to download HomeLocator. That's the idea. What I'm going to do here is just go… My name is Ado, and this is Crystal with me; we are CEO and the training manager. For those of you that don't know, AgentLocator is a company based out of Canada, all of you should know. We have 90 plus staff members, we have a 4.9-star rating at Google, and we basically create software for the real estate industry in a way all of you know that.




So what we're going to go over in today's webinar is discuss different ways to pitch the application depending on somebody's situation. So it's really important to understand, like, you know, when somebody asks you to download an application, it's sometimes much easier to get somebody to do it when you give them a reason why they should. Right? And that that's not a blanket statement all across your entire




database saying, hey, because I have an app, I want you to download my app, right? People are not gonna want to download the app just because you have an app. So we want to have some reasons why people are downloading what we did here is kind of a put through different processes, people that are looking to buy a home, why they would want to download the app. So we created some really cool kind of nice pieces of information of how the features match to what they're doing and see if they were homeowners, why homeowners want to download the app. So that I'm going to share with you. Next thing, I'm going to remind you of some of those features. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to share my screen live on my phone, and kind of just go through the features real quick; I'm not going to go do an in-depth webinar like I did last time, for those of you that missed that webinar. It's on our YouTube channel as well uploaded. So you can see, say hi to AgentLocator; you can watch that complete webinar that kind of talks about a different functionality. But I'm going to kind of do a quick run through those functionalities here.




Next, I'm going to show you how you can mass email SMS the app to some leads. So I'm going to show you how you can actually use the built-in functionality in the CRM system. So you don't have to manually send the links to your leads; you're basically just mass SMS text them, I'm going to show you a command that you can actually use where you can put together your own custom email, custom SMS message where you can then shoot that mass email or mass SMS, and then the links will get generated for every single user separately. That way, again, you're not doing it manually. And I'm going to show you a filter that you can use; for one example for a lot of you that are doing lead generation; you have a lot of leads that are receiving listings on a daily basis from our system. So there's one thing you can actually just filter all those leads real quick right now and then send them a very unique mass email or mass SMS that'll get them to download the application.




And then, I'm going to talk about the upcoming filters that we are going to create inside of our system that will help you filter through those leads that have actually downloaded the app. So you know, I want to be able to go into my CRM system to say give me all the leads that have actually downloaded my application. Because you know, it would be really cool is if we can send them emails and how to use the application more. So how, what are some of the cool features, and we put together videos, you can actually share with them as well.




And then we'll answer any other questions that you guys have that we don't get to answering that are inside the chat. Alright, so let me go. First and foremost, go back to this list. So discuss different ways we can pitch the app. So I did put together this document here and ideas and sharing the app reasons why people would want to download the actual app. So when you think about, you know somebody who's going through the home buying process right now, you know, what are they really doing? What are some of the activities that they're doing that would actually where the app would help them much better. So, for example, in driving alone or looking at houses, we know that people on a consistent basis, want to check out the area they're buying it. So what they do is they get in the car, they jump in the car, and they're driving around different houses. And then what happens? They actually get let into like all these different streets where they're looking at all these different houses. And they want to be able to pull up the actual homes that are for sale on that street. Well, with the app, which I'll show you. And when I show you the features, they can actually do that with a click of a button. When they open the app, and they can click a button, they can see all the properties that are around them wherever they're physically located, what they're selling for, in what they sold for as well. They can also see if there are any rental properties, like how many rental properties are in an area, and they can even see how many have rented in the area in the last little while. So that's just by itself; that feature is really cool. But that's when you send so if you know that you have buyers inside of your system when you send them an email saying download my app, the email shouldn't say, hey, download my app, I have a HomeLocator app that does you know, whatever you can actually say, hey, when was the last time you were driving around the neighbourhood. And you wanted to see what a property is selling for? Well, here is a feature in this app, they'll actually let you pull up those properties in a split second. Right. That's kind of how you approach it. That's what you say. And that's how you get them to download it.




So another feature that is really interesting to people is, you know, many times the clients or leaves or whoever it is they like a property. So they like a property. But you know, they either maybe they put an offer in it, or they or they didn't put an offer in it. But they want to see what happens with that property afterwards. Right. So with this app as well, they can favourite a property. And then that property stays in the favourite list. And then when it sells, it'll actually show them what it's sold for. And if it's taken off the market, it'll show them that it was taken off the market. So there again, another reason for those that actually are favouriting properties, you can actually pitch them on the area like that on the app like that.




Get notified when new listings come out in the mobile app. So ever since we've




Put the mobile app out. We've been tracking to find out, like when somebody downloads the app, how often do they use the app to look at listings, as opposed to the website to look at listings. So we know so far like, we know that when people get new listings, when you'll see skimo, they receive an email. And then the only way for them to look at the listings is if they either open an email on their cell phone or open an email on the desktop and look at the listings, right. But the process there to open those listings, again, I get an email, I open my email app, I view my email app, I click inside my email app, which opens up a web browser, that opens up a website that lets me see that listing. So the process isn't really that easy. So we thought when we get them to download the app, what we currently do is anytime new listings come up, we actually send them a notification right to their phone. The HomeLocator notification comes up; hey, you've got new listings, click here. And as soon as they click on your listings, it opens up the actual notification of the bell icon showing, hey, this search has new listings. And when they open it, they can actually see all those listings, and I'll show you what that looks like. So so far, we've been tracking those that download the app in 90% of the listings they look at after that long the app hasn't looked at on their mobile phone.




So what that really means is that they obviously want to be looking at something; it's easier. So it's a lot easier for them to really look at the listings through their phone because they're already mobile anyway; they're on the road. And then what's interesting is those that listings, they actually have some interest in, they're also sharing with their spouse, they're sending a link right through the app to their spouse. And you can even kind of, you know, you can see that when they're reviewing the listing multiple times. So it's kind of also creates interest. So now, for those that are looking at listings like that, you know, the best way to pitch it is to say, hey, when you're on the road, you can let us really be able to look at listings, sharing listings with their significant other. So we know that people look for listings together; we know that husband and wife and kids are involved as well. So we made a really easy functionality inside of the app where they can actually share the listing with their spouses, and it's really seamless through the entire operation.




And then saying to them, Hey, you can access 100% Of all the listings that are on the Real Estate Board. So you know, they don't have to worry about missing a listing. You know, again, these are all pitches; these are all different pitches to get people to download. So don't send an email to people; hey, I got an app, download my app, give them reasons why they should be done. Yep. This is on the buyer



on the listing, it so homeowners, whether they're looking to sell or not. So if you know that somebody is a homeowner, you know, what are the reasons why they would want to have the why they want the app. So, get notifications when anybody in your neighbourhood list a property. So we know that the moment that that For Sale sign goes into the ground, the clients are thinking about what the property looks like inside and what it is selling for, like those are the two main things they want to know. And this app sends this to them. So as soon as they actually install the app, as soon as they install the app, we take the user through a process that gets them to give us their home address. And when they give us your home address, we automatically set them up to receive listings in their area for both active installed properties. So every person who downloads your app will actually go through that, and they'll get set up on that. And if you think just the value from that perspective, when people do farming, right, when all the agents that are doing farming, the reason why they're doing farming are and actually when we look at what farmers work best, what farming material actually works best. It's when people send just sold in just listed flyers when they sell neighbourhood updates. Those are the flyers that people look at. This app does that for you automatically for free. Alright, so notifications of your neighbours listing or selling. Those are the reasons why they would want to download the app. They can pull up active sold listings while on the go. So just like a home buyer, you know, there's somewhere around they want to see what a property is selling for in that area. I've actually caught myself many times wondering, Hey, what the heck is their property selling for here. I pull up the app and look at it. They could do that. And then also, they're always wondering, Hey, what did my coworker my friend sell their property for it? Well, they can do the same thing and use the same functionality to track it that way. So




those are some of those reasons, remind you of some of the features of the app. So let me actually go into the app now. I'm gonna share my screen here on the mobile app for one second.




Opened up this there's a question by Teresa. Is the app interactive? Can you comment and list so there is no way to comment on listings yet, Teresa. However, there is a contact button which I'll show you right now that




people are able to comment and send you a request or send you an email on that listing




or send you contact which actually you get to respond to. However, there's no like




Attractive where I can actually interactively comment on this listing and ask questions about the specific listing, and we respond back, although that is a feature that we are actually looking to build into the application.




Alright, so the app is here.




And let me actually just answer a couple of questions. So do you still have to wait until the closing date for sold prices?




Penny? Yes, any board will have to wait until the closing date for the sold price to come through, I believe because we don't get the update from the boards until we actually get the sold price.




When So Roger asked when you have the other board added, if you're only part of one board, will people be able to see listings and other areas of the physical area? Is it possible to minification since there's a price just




Okay, so the first question is, do we have the ability to combine feeds into one we do not have the ability if you're a member of the Toronto real estate board and other real estate boards, we did not have the ability to combine feeds into one it is something that we want to do it is a long term plan for us 100%.




And the second question is it possible to have notifications also when there's a price adjustment, so notifications currently do not get sent out when their price adjustments. But if we do see that's a functionality that that's being asked for significantly, we can look into building that that's not too hard. Sold prices are listed once the deal is firm in Ontario. Michael has told us you're so sold prices are listed once deals for. So when we get the sold prices, when the Toronto real estate board, in this case, or other boards that provide us sold prices, that's when we get the updated sold prices.




Alright, so the actual app itself, let me kind of take you through it. I'm in Explorer mode right now. And explorer mode basically allows me to search through all the properties that are currently for sale. If you look here, this is where I'm physically located. And if I press on this button, it just basically zooms into that physical location. If I'm not sure, let me actually do this when I'm only looking at myself, but it would actually zoom me right into the actual physical locations, show me any properties around, but there's zero listed. So pressing that button zooms you right into that physical location,




I can go into the filters here. And under filters, let's say if I want to show sold listings, and hit apply, I can actually see the sold listings. I can zoom in and actually see the actual sold prices here as well. So these are actually sold listings that have happened in the area if I actually view any of them. You'll notice when I'm viewing it a turn screen. And let's actually view another one here. Here's another one; after I viewed it, it goes into a different colour.




Let's look at another one. So every time I viewed it, they know which properties they viewed by just actually looking at, you know, the distinct distinction here. The other thing they can do is if they click ListView here, it will actually list all of the sold properties based on the most recently sold first. So this makes more sense if I have a safe search. So, for example, if I go to my safe search section here, I can pull up all the sold listings here, let's say 1500 because that is the area. If there were any sold listings there, it would actually pull up because this is a commercial area. Nothing sold in that area. So it wouldn't show I need to have a different that actually shows solds.




All right, let's look at listings that are active. So this is me pulling up a search. If I look at the filters here, if I click on Filters…




These are starters, basically, all listings that are active in Oakland, Burlington, and that have a pool above ground with 250 to 4 million; it's a pretty big search. But any new listings that come out in that search, I will actually get to see them here. All the listings that I've already looked at will be shown this way. If I haven't looked at them, they'll be blue. And if I go to List View here, I can actually see the full list with the most recent properties come out on the top




when viewing the actual listings themselves, so let's say I'm going to go for sale




and show for sale properties.




So this is when you're viewing the actual full listing view, I can view all the photos by tapping into a photo, I can actually search through all the photos.




I can see exactly where the map is if I wish to share this, so if I actually know this is an interesting property that I find I want to share it with my spouse, I can click the share button here in the neck and share with a family member or share with friends. Now, this is important because if they share with family members as the person you share this with will be able to access your account. So when I share it with my spouse, she actually has the same exact access.




I do share the same exact save searches that I do. So when I get a notification when your listing come out, she also gets a notification when your listing comes up, whoever downloads that app basically will be connected to the same account, share with friends will actually get that person when I send this link to my friend, they'll be able to access they'll see a link on there says, Hey, auto wants to show you this property, create an account to see it. When they create an account, the lead Lashley be added to your CRM system, and then they will have access to their own kind of account that they're looking at. So that's also kind of lead generation for anybody that shares it with their friends will get their friends to download the app and that lead will come become part of your serum, the contact button, which is something that we basically have for communication. Right now, when they contact you through this, you get this through an email. However, what we're doing with this is we want to actually build in a full communication layer with you in the lead itself so that you're actually communicating with the lead right through the actual HomeLocator app.




Oh, let's look at favourites. So if I favourite this property, I clicked on this little heart and favourited it. If I go to my favourite list or liked homes, I can actually track all of the properties that I've put into my favourite list. So I Active properties, and then sold and rented. And if I go to sold and rented any properties that have sold or rented, they're going to remain where they're going to get tracked so I can actually see what they sold for in this case. And then if they're off the market like I said, they're actually taken off the market must show me those that have been taken off the market and in when they were taken off the market. So that is kind of the core functionality of the app itself. And, again, it really combines everything together. Meaning, that whenever your clients download the actual app, everything they do on the app is tracked in your CRM system. So you're actually seeing everything that they're doing. Whatever they look at, it's tracked. Whatever they see tracked, you get to see that in your CRM system. In fact, I'll show you a quick example. For those of you that don't know, let me just pull up one of my leads here, test lead.




Let's pull up this one.




So if you look here, it shows I was active seven days ago. And if I look at more details, I can see these are all the properties that I've looked at. And so again, anything they look at on their actual mobile phone will show for you here. It'll show you how many photos they view, they'll show you how many or how many times they viewed the property, how many photos they viewed. So everything gets tracked in your back end for those of you that don't know.




Alright, so the first thing that I want to do now is I've kind of show you the different ways to pitch the app. I've shown you the app features again. It will show you now what is the quickest way. So let's say you have a number of leads. And I suggest that you use this for your leads that you already know. So friends and family and people that you know that you should be sending an email like this to, you could use our action, we actually created a mass action called send mass lead mobile download, Link email, and then send mass lead mobile app download link SMS, weirdly named but it's quite useful. So




if you've got a list, so let's say you've got a list of clients that you want to send this to, you can actually select, let's say you filter those clients by tag, say tag, a, let's say client, a client care contact, whatever, let's say client your contact. So I have 216 people if I want to actually send a mass email or mass SMS to these people. I click here; I select all, I got to apply actions. And then I say send mass lead email app download link in once you say yes, this email will get sent out to all of those Twitter 16 People now what does that email look like actually want to see what that email looks like? So I want to show you what the email looks like. I'm gonna show you what the actual SMS message looks like. So you can kind of see it; I'm gonna just send it to myself. So you guys can see.




Alright, let's shoot it off to this account. In fact, I think I've already sent it to this account. Let's go to Emails.




Alright, so let's go back.




And I'm going to just select that one lead and send mass


Ado:   24:23  

lead mobile download email link. Say yes, said the one lead. And let's see what that email looks like. When we open it. Give me a second.


Ado:  24:36  

Here while I'm doing that, I'm actually going to send myself an SMS message actually, here's the email already came through. So here's what that email looks like. And again, it's not very convincing, right? This email is not very convincing. These emails just download HomeLocator mobile app like if I've talked to some people, and they've said they want the mobile app, this is what I would send to them. This is going to be convincing enough for them to send to them


Ado:   25:00  

So once they clicked on this download HomeLocator app, it will automatically connect them to their own account. Right. So it'll automatically know who they are using. It'll know which account they're downloading from. It'll connect them automatically to their own account. And as soon as they download the app and install the app, it's going to ask them to put their home address in so it'll get them set up on a listing search for sold listings. Alright, I'm going to show that link as well. Crystal, I know you're getting you. Yeah, the clients are asking for it. But I'll, I'll show what that cost. I know you're gonna get to it. Yeah. Perfect. They're like five steps ahead. Yeah, I see that's really good. People are definitely a little bit ahead. So that's what the email looks like. When you send it out. Again, I don't suggest that your mass email this to your entire database. Again, talking about why people want to download the app is very important. You know, just because you have an app, people are not going to want to download the app. It really is that simple. Even though it's a real estate app, you know, you want to give them a reason why they should download the app. So this is where the custom command comes into play, where you can really compose an email to make it look whatever way you want it to look, in really send that same message out.


Ado:   26:13  

In there now, let me just show you what that SMS message looks like so that I can just show you really quickly. One second fact, I might have sent it to myself here. Yes, here it is. Hayato. If you'd like an easy way to browse properties, you can use our new HomeLocator app. It's available on iOS and Android devices. Download here. So when they click on that download link, automatically send them to the mobile app. So again, what you're doing there is when you are selecting your leads,


Ado:   26:40  

you are doing apply action, send the lead mobile download link, and you're saying yes. When you send Yes, it'll send that SMS message to each lead individually, with a unique link that they're going to be downloading. So that's


Ado:   26:56  

the one in the easiest way for you to do it.


Ado:   27:00  

So show you the command. So now the next thing that you can do is let's say you want to put together that custom email, right, the custom email that you want to send out to your leads.


Ado:  27:12  

There's a question here, will it include it subscribes a relation? Just answer that question so that everybody knows. So if your lead has unsubscribed from your email when you try to mass email those leads it will not include them in the actual email it's sending out because the system doesn't, it won't allow that person to be sent an email and even though you selected them, it will not send them an email.


Ado:   27:34  

Make sense?


Ado:  27:37  

So Rory says I don't have the center mobile app. So if you don't have the center mobile app, that means that you are HomeLocators not enabled, so you're actually also not seeing this. So this is only for those clients who are HomeLocators enabled. And if those of you have not had their HomeLocator enabled, like if you're on the Toronto Real Estate Board, and you want to have HomeLocator enabled, it is part of our new platform. It is part of the platform. So all you need to do to get it enabled, is if you go to and scroll down to this HomeLocator section here and then click on request access. If you fill out this form, we will include you in the actual process and send you in to make sure that it's enabled for you. And then you'll see all the other actions as well.


Ado:   28:26  

Alright, so email now, creating your own custom email.


Ado:   28:31  

The command that you will use to get people to download the actual app, so the link that's needed to be generated in order for them to download it. The command is download lead app link. So crystal message that I'm going to message you here again,


Ado:   28:50  

download lead app link. That is the actual command that you will use both in SMS in an email to compose your email in any way, shape or form.


Ado:   28:59  

We actually have put together we have put clay use it into welcome SMS Gabriel Absolutely, you can use them to welcome SMS. Just remember, you know, giving people other reasons why they would want to download the app, not just hey because I have an app download my app. So it's definitely.


Ado:   29:20  

are the rest of us still waiting until November 25 to be able to request access? So, Trisha, you can submit the form on there even if you're on another board. At the moment that your board becomes available, we will give you access to it. And Hector, This is the same for you, Florida, in the Miami board. Just submit your information the moment your board becomes available. Now we are on November 20/24 to 25th. I can't remember the exact date, either 24-25th. We're adding two more boards DDF Vancouver being added on those days. And then right after that. So right after maybe two weeks after, we're planning to add all the other boards so


Ado:   30:00  

The reason why we're kind of staggered like this is just to make sure all the bugs are ironed out from a board perspective. Once we have one board working, all the other boards should work. So we're just taking a little bit of a smaller precaution because we want to control who downloads the app like we don't have control and getting really bad ratings when your clients download the app, and they have a bad experience. So we can't control that, which kind of sucks a little bit. So we just want to make sure that it's all working properly. And that it's working the way it needs to. So again, on November 24, DDF in Vancouver, after that, we are basically waiting a couple of weeks and then adding all the boards so they can go in there. So all of you should request access that wishes to get access right through that link.


Ado:  30:47  

Quick question nano in that area where you work to create the email templates or even SMS templates, I went to me expect a little shortcut there for that download link. Just like we have that all shortcodes for first name, last name, just so people can drag and drop. Do you know when we plan on pushing out with one of our updates? Yeah, that's gonna come with the next update that we're pushing out. So it's gonna be in December. So we're releasing one update tomorrow, which does not include it. Even though this does work, this actual link will work even though it's not inside of this list. It will work. However, we're including it. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Cool. All right.


Ado:   31:30  

And so


Ado:   31:32  

when we do have, I did want to mention, like, you know what, some clients don't even know how to set up email templates. Like, let me show you an example here. What we've done for this one account campaign template editor, we created a download mobile app. Actually, let's go look at this for mobile app download. There are eight actions for this campaign. So basically, it's as easy as me adding a lead to this campaign. And then, as soon as I add a lead to the campaign, they're going to receive an SMS message in the first minute, they're going to receive an SMS message. And the link, the message says, Hey, ATO. I like if you'd like an easy way to browse properties and go. Here's the link to download the HomeLocator app. It automatically sends the link. And then it'll also follow up with an email in another SMS the next day and another email today after that, another SMS message after that, and every day after that, another SMS message, right. So if you want to create this, and you don't know how to actually do it, we've created a video that will actually help you exactly understand step by step how to actually create this yourself. And I'm going to share that with you right now and share your link or where you can access that file.


Ado:   32:41  

Let me find it here for one sec.


Ado:   32:49  

Here it is.


Ado:  32:51  

HomeLocator guide.


Ado:   32:55  

So PDF frequently asked questions. These are a bunch of frequently asked questions about the app itself. We've created videos and how the app works. And then, if you scroll down here, we've created how to set up email SMS campaigns to get your list download HomeLocator app. This video here describes step by step process on how you can actually create this campaign yourself, create these SMS messages and everything else that's in there.


Ado:   33:24  

So in an effort to let's see, commands, show you a filter you can use, okay.


Ado:   33:34  

I'm going to get to the questions at the end, actually, just real quick; I'm going to show you a really cool filter. So let's say you've got a bunch of leads like this account here


Ado:  33:42  

has 6258 leads inside of it. It's actually a live account, guys, so please don't call these leads.


Ado:  33:51  

And but they're, you know, my brother's being nice enough that we actually he allows us to use this account, Bob, because I told him if you become a real estate agent, you're gonna be publicly shown. But


Ado:   34:03  

so how to actually filter? Let's say photo filter a bunch of these leads that have been active in the last 60 days, right? So those that have been active in the last 60 days are going to be very likely to download the app. And they're probably buyers, right? So I can go into Add Filter item. And say, I want to look for people that have been last active. So last activity is in, let's say all leads with a number of days. So I'm pulling up on leads that have actually been active in the last 90 days, I hit a pie. There are 665 People that have actually been active in the last 90 days. So if I send a message to these people with something like


Ado:   34:48  

hey there, John, are, let's say the title of the email open, get new listing updates by a mobile app instead of email. That's the title in an inside of the actual body.


Ado:   35:00  

via email, say to them, Hey, I know that it's sometimes a lot easier to open these listings through a mobile app. We now have a mobile app. You can download it. Right. So putting together a quick filter like this is sending a mass email to these people is something that you guys can absolutely do.


Ado:   35:19  

The next thing that I want to talk about is the actual upcoming filters that we're creating. So we want to create filters, where we can actually filter to say, give me all the leads that have not downloaded my app yet, right? I want to actually have a filter that I can look for leads that have done a lot of maps. So give me all the leads that I have. And then give me all the leads that haven't. Right. So if I want to send a message every now and then to these people that haven't downloaded the app, I can actually do that. So that filter is coming in the December release as well. And on top of that, you're going to be able to do a filter like this; you're gonna be able to a filter, give me all the leads that have downloaded my app, but have not been active in the last, let's say 3040 days. So you know, those people have downloaded the app, but haven't actually used it yet, in the last 60 days or whatever, to them, you can send an email about some features. Hey, did you know that the app can do this? Right? Did you know The app can do that? So kind of reminding your leads on how to do that.


Ado:   36:24  

Alright, so


Ado:   36:28  

any other so last? We're going to go through and answer any other questions to help people understand?


Ado:  36:34  

Kind of any questions they have? So let's go back up here too. Is there a benefit to going with it? So as my feed versus DDF, or DDF? The better way to use the feed should solely be available for the DfE. So, we currently do not have sold for DDF. I don't have an idea whether they're planning to; I don't believe they are. Because the CREA the way they received these actual listings they have not been receiving sold out in any way shape before now, is that going to change? I think you can actually contact The Canadian Real Estate Association and find out from them saying, Hey, are you guys planning to ever add in sold data because it's great to know, to help you understand in deciding whether you stay in DDF, or whether you go to it. So I think the best thing that you can do for yourself in whatever area you're at compares, we can give you a website that has it so feed currently. So you can compare how many listings are currently available. And it's so as compared to DDF. Like when I pull up my area, how many active listings are there? Because my only concern there would be, you know, does it so have all the listings, which I understand that it so does not have all the listings either nor the CDF, but maybe your your your area has more listings in its Sophie than the DDF feed? So that's kind of a way that I would make that decision.


Ado:  37:58  

We have a question from


Ado:  38:00  



Ado: 38:03  

In terms of listings pulled into clients' location, when the using app the app access listings based on weatherboard it has access to correct so friendly name.


Ado:  38:13  

Sorry if I'm butchering your name, Ferdinand. Yes, Ferdinand.


Ado:  38:17  

So the client will get to see listings wherever you're at. So let's say you created an account with us on the Toronto real estate board, and you're with the Toronto real estate board. When your client opens up for that account, they will see the listings that you have access to which is the Toronto real estate board. And then, if a client opens up Wade's account, for example, he will or she'll have access to the DDF feed, which is what feed Wade has access to. I hope that makes sense.


Ado:  38:46  

Where are the PDF instructions on how to create a course? Of course, I forgot to send that.


Ado: 38:51  

Alright, so I am gonna shoot the link to this. Can you guys actually open it make sure you have the ability to open I believe that permissions have been set properly? So that you guys can open it. 


Crystal: You just sent it to the panellist here.


Ado:  39:09  

There we go. All right. Thank you, Crystal.


Ado:  39:14  

So can you guys open that? Try to open it. Let me know if it opens?


Ado:  39:24  



Ado:  39:26  

Yes, yes.


Ado: 39:29  

Yeah, for you. You're in our company. I'd like to probably know. I wasn't saying, Yeah, we got a


Ado:  39:37  

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Okay, so sounds good. So that there are links inside of that, there's information inside of that, that'll help you understand the process a bit more and help you understand how you can use the app and everything else. Let me get back to some of the questions. Also, have a PDF okay. I also have a client coming in from the board. Can they use the app while


Ado:  40:00  

in another country? inquire and Toronto listings available 1,000,000% funded. So the client can be located anywhere in the world and be able to download the application from anywhere in the world.


Ado:    40:13  

The next question is how does your app work in comparison with HouseSigma and its features? I love this question because it's very important that we ask the really tough questions because you know, our clients are going to compare the app to the actual house sigma app. So the only thing that's missing inside of our app, I'm going to actually open up a different one sec.


Ado:    40:36  



Ado:    40:38  

where are the slides? Like, we all know why we go to how sigma, there's no, there's no hiding why people go to us why agents go to have HouseSigma? Fast 50 agents 49 would say this is the reason a 10-year history of the property, right?


Ado:  40:56  

When you have gotta have HouseSigma, open up a listing, I can see the ten years history of that listing, in a click of a button, not even just looking at the listing, right? That's very important. So there are two things that are actually our app is going to have this feature 1,000,000%. I don't know how many of you're actually aware of the Toronto real estate board restricting the VO/W feeds only two years of data in that represented quite a big problem. Like why does sigma have the authority to send a show with ten years of history, but all the other agents don't. And we've figured out a way around this as well. And I'm telling you right now that we are going to create this functionality inside of our app 100%. And it's going to be here in 2022. So that is going to be coming into the app, every listing that we are going to be able to see the 10-year history of it, you are going to need to sign a little bit of a different agreement with TRREB in order to do that, but it doesn't cost you anything extra, just an agreement that your broker needs to sign saying that's allowed.


Ado: 41:58  

That's number one. Number two, communication. So what we're looking to do is there was the question asked at the beginning of the presentation, whether there's a communication hub built into the app, we're actually planning to build a full communication hub between the agent and the leader client. So they can ask any questions right inside of the app, you're going to be able to go to your CRM and look at your SMS your communication view, you're gonna see all the past messages, you've had the client, and then a new message that you're asking, fully built into the HomeLocator app, along with our CRM system.


Ado:  42:31  

And then, as far as other functionalities go, who was the person asking that question, Ed. So the other reasons why people will actually like her app more than they will the house sigma app are going to go on, for example, sharing functionality, I can share my account with my spouse, and my spouse gets notifications anytime you listen, skim out, just like I do. So that notification system is built into our app. And then it's the filters like you can actually filter specifically what they're what we want to send them were on how sigma, you cannot do that, right? And how sigma, you're looking through everything. And when they send notifications. They're sending notifications to an entire community. It's not really meant for that kind of functionality where our app actually does that. And I can share the same app with all my kids as well. And we all get notifications at the same time. So that's


Ado:  43:23  

another reason why your clients are actually going to want to use that app as well.


Ado: 43:29  

How do texts? How does the text message look like? Elena asked, how does the text message look like? So, Elena, the text message looks like this, Hayato. If you'd like an easy way to browse properties, you can use our new HomeLocator app. It's available on iOS and Android devices. So that's what that message is when you send a mass SMS; that's what it looks like. Again, remember, you can customize you can create a custom SMS message with that download. Command. So that command again is, I believe we have it here.


Ado:  44:02  

We haven't listed it here. We messaged it. Crystal will message again. I can't find it here. But the command you can use is inside of your emails as well. Yeah. What is the DDF versus it's so? Is that a Canadian thing? And remember, I'm in Miami. So Hector? Yeah. So DDF is a different type of feed. It's a Canadian feed. It's so is also another feed. So it's a QR in the Miami feed, and you are specific to Miami.


Ado:  44:30  

And so actually, we're expanding throughout Miami; if you've got clients referred to us, please do if you got some co-workers and friends. We are looking for more clients in the States.


Ado:  44:41  

And we're heavily expanding it to the US, and this goes to all our clients if you guys have anybody. We're giving away like two free months of service for every client who refers us. So please send us clients and states. We're in Miami in Seattle in California in Atlanta, and some other fields


Ado:  44:59  



Ado: 45:00  

Roger asks, sorry if I was already answered. Can we have more than one board in the app? So, Roger, we cannot have more than one board in the app currently. Unfortunately, the app only works with one single board at the moment. So you cannot have more than one board. We are working on making it so that if you have 15 boards, I mean, you're not a member of 15 to three boards, that all the listings show up under one feed for you. So that is something that we are working on.


Ado:  45:28  

Gary has access to boards TRREB and MREB. Can the system pull listings from both boards? Another question in that definitely a popular question.


Ado:  45:38  

So Gary, again, answered there, but I could swear that M rib is trip.

Ado:  45:45  

Doesn't M review? The Toronto Real Estate Board is MLS. So, Gary, I think I think the listings all the listings would show up there.

Ado: 45:56  

Never mind, I opened it did not get the link. So Bishan, the link is above in the chat, and we'll send it again.

Ado:  46:07  

You got my name spot-on auto. Love it. Thanks. Oh, thank you for tuning in. Appreciate it.

Ado:  46:16  

When you when are we going to have a geolocator app, like Zillow. So I'd love to understand this all. I've downloaded all the apps in the functionalities that are available on Zillow are available on our app. But I'll look into it a little more Elena if you have something specific like if you guys have suggestions for the actual app, I'd love to hear them, I'll send the email to everybody auto at Please send me the features, I'd love to take a peek at them. Our plan is to make the app as usable as possible. Like we want people to really actually want to use the app, we can't force anybody to use something they don't want to they want to use like they need to use it because they want to use it.

Ado:  47:02  

And we're tracking every single feature inside of that app to make sure that it's being used. So when I say tracking of your feature, we're actually tracking right now from those downloaded. How many of them are actually continue using the app on a daily basis? Like how many when they start looking for properties? How many are using it every time to get a notification? And then are they using the emails rather than the actual HomeLocator. And right now, so far, 90% of those that have the app go to the app to look at new listings; they're actually using the app to pull up those new listings, which is huge. It's amazing.

Ado:  47:38  

Elena, I want to call leads from the app within track through the app. Okay, so you're talking about the CRM side, you're saying you'd like to see us create a CRM app, not a HomeLocator app, in essence, so I haven't actually shown this yet.


Ado:  47:56  

It is in development.

Ado:  47:59  

But we do have a CRM app that is actually usable and functional. And you can actually call through the CRM app right now. You can send SMS messages through the CRM app already. And we are planning to add people on beta for that in every one of our clients can be in beta for that in December. We've been promised that for one year, Elena. So yeah, we've honestly, I've made some promises where we've said we're working on it. And we definitely are. I'm not hiding behind it working or not working. In fact, I'm gonna show a quick demo here. I haven't actually shown this to clients yet, but I might as well, since Elena is definitely putting me on the spot. And I like that you're putting me in a spot; I'm not hiding behind it in any way, shape, or form. So here is the mobile app; it's actually connected to the same account that I was just showing you a little bit ago. And everything is showing here. So the number of calls, number of SMS messages, if people have viewed listing, somebody listens, if viewed what the pipeline is of your leads. And if I want to actually let's say, inside of the sleepy phone, SMS phone or send an SMS message, I can click on Send SMS from CRM, and it'll pull up all the SMS messages that I have communicated with that lead. I can also if I want to dial it's actually called Richard, this is one of our employees is actually called him all CRM system, let's do a live connect, there was an error connecting to the end-user, of course, beta version. So hang on a second, let me in and let's do it again.

Ado:  49:37  

Call from CRM, let's see if

Ado:  49:41  

there's an error connecting to the user is a beta version. What will happen is, it'll actually dial Richard right through the app and record the full conversation you're having with Richard.

Ado:  49:52  

And it'll record just like the CRM app does on the website. So if the full thing is done, you absolutely


Ado:  50:00  

also have the ability as you're calling them. So I'm going to call one more time as the test. As you're calling Richard, you are going to be able to also click on this little button here that minimizes the call. So then the call would stay here. And then, as I'm actually looking at their Choose Profile, looking at what I'm sending him, I can also go back to that call and then finish that call. So

Ado:  50:22  

I hope I hope you like that, Elena. It is something that we've been working on very hard, and we promise you we're working on it. It is being worked on; we do want to deliver it to you guys. And I want to make sure that we are in all the bugs out so that you guys are not, you know, having to deal with bugs inside of the application.

Ado:  50:42  

I think Gary had no mmm saga bro is not the same as a tribe. It covers all of the areas. The tribe doesn't cover Kitchener Waterloo, Niagara Peterborough, interesting.

Ado:  50:54  


Ado: 50:57  

what happens if you get a call on your cell phone via a normal cell phone channel? While yes, great question. Hector. In fact, actually beta tested that functionality the other day. So what currently happens when a call comes in? Are you can if you answer that call, so if you answer that call, it will mute the other call. And it stays on hold until you finish this call. And you can go back to it. If you answered, If you don't answer that call, it'll just basically keep you in the same call that you're communicating with.

Ado:  51:31  

So it's fully set up that really does exactly what it's supposed to do at that level.

Ado:  51:38  

Francisco. Are the calls to Twilio or the app interface? So you can, Francisco, you can actually call through the app interface. So let's say if I click on call, if I call from CRM, the call is from Twilio, they can actually call through Twilio. And they'll record that call. It'll show the recording so you can playback it. But you can call from a mobile. And if you call from a mobile, you can still log that call and send your app, but you actually call them from your mobile from your actual cell phone, you're making the call. So that way, the call isn't recorded in the sense that you can play it back. You cannot playback. But it is logged in the CRM system that you made that call.


Ado:   52:18  

I hope that helps answer your question there.


Ado:   52:22  

I didn't plan on showing you the mobile app, the CRM, but Lina, thank you for calling me out on that. It is in the works. I promise you it's in the works. It is something we want to get to your guys' hands as soon as possible. And it is, it's important that we do because it's important that we have, you know, both a CRM app and a homeowner app, and we want to connect it all together. So you guys can really make use of it all as much as possible. So we're I promise you we're working hard. In in, I'm going to continue working hard. I mean, as much as we create this functionality, we're going to work on the next thing. And the next thing, next thing to make your life's easier because at the end of the day, we have no contracts, you can guys can cancel anytime you want and go anywhere you want. And in order for us to retain you as clients, we need to actually keep improving your services and keep getting better at what we're doing. So


Ado:  53:08  

I thank all of you for being our clients. I thank all of you for sticking through with us and, you know, giving us the opportunity to do what we do. And we love to do what we do. So I hope that you guys can enjoy what it is that we do. I think I've answered all the questions that everybody's had. And if you haven't already, again, subscribe to our YouTube channel. I'm going to pull it up one more really quick. And then we'll show you the video that you guys should watch.


Ado:   53:35  

That is about the actual HomeLocator app. Like there's a lot more, I went over some of those features. But there are a lot more features like this video right here three weeks ago; I had this webinar, say hi to AgentLocator There's 40 to 35 views of that video; watch that video. It's an hour long. But he can, you know, I don't know if any of you know, I've actually found this feature useful, crazy useful recently. But you could click on speed playback speed and increase it to like 1.75 or twice the speed, and it's still like, you can still actually hear properly, but you get through a video twice as fast. Right? So it definitely was for these long videos. I love doing that for the long videos.


Ado:   54:23  

There was another question here from a quick question, can we have the app for seller leads, such as digital marketing, a digital version of door knocking? So we are working on it so that you can actually you'll be able to send a link, or you'll be able to advertise the app through marketing, let's say Facebook ads. And when people download the app, it's going to ask them to register read them connected to an account. And that'll be a lead generation for you. We're working on that. That's going to be. I'm hoping we can release that as well in December as functionality, but it is something that we are working on so you can actually use the app for marketing.


Ado:   55:01  

Jason, how about estimating value in comparables like HouseSigma. So that is, it is valuable in a sense. What we want to do is we want to make it so that you have we don't have it yet, like the actual comparables. What we do have right now is anytime a listing is sold in that area, it'll update them, it'll actually notify them, hey, there's a new listing in your area, and it's very around their home. So that's already available. But the comparables aren't there in the sense if I pull up my property to show me, you know, all the properties actually know if I pull up my area. Let me show you an example.


Ado:   55:38  

Five, pull up my area right now. Where's the home? Look here up right here.


Ado:   55:45  

Alright, do you guys still see my screen? Right? Crystal?

Ado:   55:49  

Yes. Okay, good.


Ado: Unknown Speaker  55:51  

So, if I pull up HomeLocator, right? And


Ado:   55:59  

let's go to explore the map. Right.


Ado:   56:04  

So let's say this is where I'm physically located. Right? Let's say whatever you want on your phone now. We can't see your phone, though. We can't hear. No, it's just giving us the


Ado:   56:17  

There we go. Now. Oh, we're gonna just move that for a bit. Yeah, so if I live, let's say, I live right in the street. When the client signs up when they automatically sign up for the safe search. If I look here,


Ado:   56:33  

a safe search saves around that street like this is automatic. So the clients can always go to view all the sold listings in and around their actual street.


Ado:   56:44  

So that is fully like in the sense that it's not comparables, but I can see what's for sale in what's sold. Here's my example is commercial like this area, this is the CRA building. Like there's no for active sale listings in that area. I mean, I should have pulled up one of my other accounts that have my home in there. But they'll be able to see all the sold listings right in there, right in their area. However, comparables are not there yet. It is something that we do want to do. I don't have access to the apps from my account. How do I get it? So Gail, if you go to, I'll show you again.


Ado:   57:24  

So when you go to, scroll down to the bottom, click on HomeLocator and then request access. You can fill out this form to request access to the applications we can get you on there


Ado:   57:38  

will the comm promo materials your release in December be generic so we can attach our own personal brand branding?


Ado:   57:48  

So any I sent that link they that we've provided inside of the


Ado:  57:56  

inside of the chat, that PDF already contains some marketing materials that you can use that are unbranded. So we created this YouTube channel called HomeLocator search. And we uploaded the videos to that rather than AgentLocator. So that link already contains some of those.


Ado:  58:14  

What happens if someone does a search for a condo? Would you have comps so you can eventually be able to focus on just one area? So Hector, absolutely you can actually be inside of the app. So if I, if I let's go to my social sharing it.


Ado:   58:31  

If I want to pull up only condos, I can actually pull up only condos right through the filter. So let's say condo,


Ado:   58:39  

for sale show, and now it'll show only condos rather than showing homes as well. And then in your safe search as well. Like when your client gets set up on a safe search, that could be one of the filters that it's only showing condos.


Ado:   58:57  

Who may me we have a building with units whose price range 5 million to 40 million and right next door there's a building whose listings range repeater kits, 2 million totally different listings and totally different buyers 100%? You can really any search set up like let's say you set up a search that for sold listings. For example, let's say I want to show sold. And I don't want to show 45 4.5 million-plus. I can actually say I want whatever 2 million to four and 4.5 million-plus to only be sent out so you can send out those now. The 40 million-plus is a little bit of a tricky thing that you can't do on the app. However, you could do it on the actual websites. We can set up that they only receive updates when a ten-plus million-dollar condo is being sold. So they're not being bothered by, you know, lower-end properties. They're only receiving that when a ten plus million or 20 or 30 plus million condos are sold. That's definitely something you can set up


Ado:  1:00:00  

through the website, not through the app, because the app has a maximum of 4.5 million.


Ado:   1:00:07  



Ado:  1:00:09  

So I think now we've answered all the questions.


Ado: 1:00:14  

Thanks, so, so amazing. Thank you all so much for really appreciating your time, and have yourself an amazing day. And I've, if you guys have other questions, the best thing to do is support where's my slide? There's support. Where's my slide?


Ado:   1:00:33  

Here? No.


Ado:   1:00:37  

Pop up.


Ado: 1:00:40  

This one? No, one sec. I'll show you the slide that shows the


Ado:   1:00:47  

here we go. So support at a geo-located at ca and sales engine looking at ca if you guys have any more questions.


Ado:   1:00:55  

And finally in the YouTube video is inside of this guide. So the YouTube videos that we've put together to help you advertise the application are actually all inside of this guide here that we put together.


Ado:   1:01:11  

So in the link here, again, I'm going to post the link here, everyone. So you guys get this guide one more time.


Ado:   1:01:20  

All right.


Ado:   1:01:22  

You guys are most welcome. Thank you all so much for your time. All right. We'll chat later. Bye for now.


Ado:  1:01:29  

Sounds good. Thanks, everyone.

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