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AgentLocator Live Dials and Expert Talk with Crystal DeVries, April 6, 2022


I'm going to resume recording. No, I do call on and off. Okay, perfect. So, one of the great features, and you know what, we all get busy? Absolutely, right? So, again, with listings, I'm going to tell you guys, you know, just some of my behaviors as a human. When it comes to real estate, and especially in today's market, when we're watching prices going here, there, and everywhere, a lot of us are definitely curious or watching. We're thinking we need to move, but do we really have to? I'm always looking at real estate. I would like to move. I probably, I have no definite timeline. And I'm one of those people that when it happens, it's like: Boom, it's going to happen. And it happens. I don't plan so much ahead and strategize around that. I imagine that there are a lot of people out there that are just like me, where they're on there. They're curious. They're looking at listings. They would like to move. Maybe it's not feasible right now, just with the, you know, the way the market is going. We can definitely sell our house, but, you know, where are we going to move to, that sort of thing. We are seeing a shift in some areas, which is great. I know, in my area, there's a little bit of a shift. But it's just engaging with them and understanding that a lot of your leads that you guys generate, they're in that research phase. So, they're just in those preliminary stages, where they're just learning the market, seeing what's out there. And really just curiosity for the most part. So, just be okay with that process. And it's really a matter of what you're doing now to ultimately earn that business. And you can let the lead know that that's all you're here for, is, you know, I want to be given a chance to earn your business, what can I be doing for you? Is there anything I can be doing for you right now? 

So, one great feature that you do have in here that we released not that long ago is the ability to select listings to send to a lead based on their activity with respect to those specific listings. So, for example, if we looked in here, you're going to be able to see all the activity or leads, right? So, you can see all the listings that they looked at, how many times they looked at them, they've liked or favorited that listing. So, this is a great way to bring back attention, or draw attention to your lead or yourself with respect to their activities on here, whether you've spoken to them or not, right? So, if somebody likes or favorites a listing, you should be getting a notification about that. The system is set up that way. If it's not, we can definitely set that up for you if you're not getting those alerts. And then the same goes is if they look at a listing three or more times, you should also be getting an alert on that. So, it's a great way to jump, and you can spot what they're interested in. And you have that ability here to be able to select the listing to send to somebody. So, once you do that, you can select one. You can select multiple. It's entirely up to you. But you are able to write a note to them. So, maybe it's somebody you're trying to get a hold of, and you say: Hey, Crystal, you know, I haven't had the pleasure of speaking to you just yet. I just noticed that you liked this thing. Is there any information I can grab for you on your behalf? Alright? Something simple, nothing, you know, nothing too large or very significant. That note will go right here. And then if we go down, they're able to see, the whole listing is essentially that, or the email rather is essentially showcasing that specific listing. So, it's a different way that you can use to interact or engage with your leads, or, you know, maybe they seem to be looking at a certain listing multiple times, you know? I noticed that you checked out this listing several times. Would you like to see more listings like this? I can definitely modify your search, right? So, adding that extra value in the back end of things. Again, it goes into your customer service, right? So, the byproduct of being great and amazing at that customer service, in many cases, is going to be the sale, right?

So, that is that. So, that's something that you can do. And again, consistency is key, right? So, many of you guys do have your filters in here. This second filter right here; if you don't have these filters, again, reach out to our support team. We can install them all for you. It's very easy for us to do. If we click on this second filter, basically, it pulls up everyone you've already tried calling at least one time, that you've yet to make contact with, that you, yeah, that you potentially have a good phone number for them. This filter will have you call those leads every two days. You can change this number if you want to, whether it's a two, three or four, or five, whatever you wish. But if you're following the calling structure of consistency and just keep calling, not leaving a message, most of your leads, if you are consistent, will recognize your phone number popping up on their call display over and over again. So, most of them are going to answer out of curiosity, right? So, most of those Robo dialers or spam calls or, you know, random solicitation calls, they're always from a different phone number, right, every time they call. So, if you're consistent, and it's the same number, you're increasing the chances that they're eventually going to answer. 

So, this one here is quite simple. When you open up the first lead, you have lead navigation here. If you don't see the lead navigation, there's a button that says load lead navigation. This allows you to quickly go through one lead. You dial them. We suggest 23 to 25 seconds. That's going to be four to five rings. If they don't answer, you just simply, you know, you call, you hang up, you save the call, and then you would move on to the next lead. And then you perform the same thing. So, 23 to 25 seconds is four to five rings on the receiving end. So, most people that have an inclination of answering their call are definitely going to do it within, you know, four to five rings, in most cases. It's also going to allow you to speed through this coll list. So, if you call these 13 people and none of them answer, you're going to finish that within five minutes, right? So, it just allows you to power dial through your list and have more conversations in less amount of time in here. So, always try to find those times as well where you can potentially block on your calendar and focus on it. And I'm not saying, in your case, Cynthia, that you're not, that this is you, but a lot of us think we're busier than we are. It's just a matter of making the time for it, right? Sometimes we just don't feel like it. And I can relate to that, you know, we have things we should be doing when we just don't feel like it anymore. So, it's just having that little bit of discipline with yourself. Create a game out of it, make it entertaining for yourself. And in one way, shape, or form, the only end result you're going to find is going to be beneficial, right? 

So, some of your leads in here, they'll transact in 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, you know, and onwards, right? So, how we like to look at is all your leads are going to transact. It's just a matter of when and with who. So, regardless of when, we want that who to be you. And so all you can do is through your follow-up and nurturing those leads and being ready to act when they're ready to act, right. So, always, you can ask them: What can I do for you? Is there anything I can be doing for you? So, Priyanka is asking: Is there a way to take more serious leads? I'm working rentals, started in less than a month, and I have joined AL, trying to get used to CRM. So, with serious leads, you can tag those leads. So, whether you want to take them, you know, create a tag that's like hot, something like that, whether you want to create a category for rating. So, like here, it just says hot, but for example, if we wanted to edit and create an actual category, we can go, you know, edit and make it red. So, then it goes to the rating hot instead, right? So, then if we added another one, if we've been, down here, sorry, and added another one, we can do another rating, and that one is called warm, then all your rating tags or whatever you want to start with, but then all your rating tags are going to be, where did the red one go? Where did the other hot one go? It just disappeared on me. Anyway, all of your rating tags will be grouped together. So, apparently, the other one disappeared. So, that's fun. It's weird.
Hot. Confirm. So, now we've got hot and warm, right? So, you have those razors. So, that's one way you can do it, is if you wanted to take them that way. The other is down here. So, there is the lead rating, right? So, whether it is hot, warm, or cold, you can filter your leads by both of these. Okay, so for example, if I chose this one, it's hot. Okay, so if we go back to the home screen here and we add a filter, and so if we go rating; so rating status is hot, for example. This is where you'll be able to find all your leads in the system that you've classified the rating as being hot. Okay, if you wanted to do tags, then you're using the tagging feature. So, you can; you have different options here below. And then this one here, if you just started typing, unless, for example, hot, I guess I didn't tag anyone with that warm, but this is going to pull up anyone with any of these tags. And so now we have the tags that have the warm tag on them, on there like that. Okay, so that's one way that you're able to do that. 

Cynthia does not want to call her leads. Hey, it, you know, not all of us like talking to people. Let's put it that way. So, we are doing the Tara Baylis webinars on Tuesday. And she might be if you haven't watched any of those yet; so, those are every second Tuesday, essentially. So, next Tuesday is going to be the next one. And Tara's approach to your leads is much different than what we would standardly see when it comes to online leads or the coaching and calling with Beverly or with Nick Moretti. She has a more, you know, step-back approach where she sends them listings. She obviously gets them the listings. She reaches out to them or applies a campaign manually because she has it in her head mentally that she needs to do this. So, it forces her to use her system every day. But she lets, and she puts them on a little drip that's just a very soft, non-invasive-type campaign that she's created for herself. And she calls it she introduces her voice. So, she introduces her voice; sometimes, it's like a month later. Sometimes it's two weeks or a week later. But they're getting the email. So, she says: Now they've been seeing my name, they've been seeing my emails, they've been looking at the listings with my name and what have you. So, now I'm introducing my voice and just really having a conversation with them to learn about it. She says: Whatever comes up in that conversation, comes up. She's not forceful. She's kind of a little bit more step-back. She does ask them, you know, how she's going to be able to help them and how right now. But if they're just looking, she says: That's fine, that's absolutely fine. And it's just more of a different approach than we would normally see. But it really works for her. So, that's one way to look at it. She does have her strategies that she uses in the system. So, that would be something as well, where, you know, it's changing our habits. So, those habits are really relying on alerts. So, those alerts when a lead is looking at a listing, right, so every time they come back into the website, or every time they like a listing, or look at a listing three or more times, then she's watching those emails. So, she's getting familiar with the names, right? She's got a lot of leads. So, her brain must be amazing. But she does this every single day. And then she jumps into a system. So, she notices that somebody's activity is starting to change; that's when she might reach out a little bit different, right? So, that can be a little bit, you know, tricky for some to make sure, but she does that every day, or she'll send out personal emails. And she's always, every single day, she's in her system working her leads, but she's not aggressive about it. She's more of a laid back softer approach. 

Yeah, so, Cynthia, if you don't have the option to select listings in the CRM, just reach out to Support. It could be your website that you currently have. Yeah, so it's, they'll be able to kind of direct you on that. So, Michelle was asking where do we write the note. Sorry, Michelle, I missed that. So, when you have the listing, this one has one, I think. I think it does. No, it was not active. So, that one was not active. So, when you're in here, and you're writing the note, so, any listing you write the note, you're writing it right here. Okay, so you write it right here. And then the note shows up down here.

Yes. And I'm just trying to find my screen, where we are at. That's it for that. So, you know, Fanny is new to AgentLocator. Fanny, are you, there's so much to learn in here. I imagine. I'm just going to pull up quickly, but I imagine you've probably had training of some sort. But let me just see here. You're brand new, like brand spanking new. You haven't even had your training yet, from the looks of it. You have your training today, it looks like, with me later on tonight. Yeah, so, we'll go over a lot of; so basically, Fanny, for you, we go over your introduction to leads and what to expect with these online leads. We then take a, you know, quick tour into your system to show you the basics. But you do get to have more sessions. We don't limit you guys to just one session on here. There is a lot to learn. You guys are in real estate. You're not all going to be tech-savvy. We understand that. So, we, you know, have as much training as you need to. The key to all of it is just being consistent with your habits and really following that customer service approach when it comes to these online needs. 

What you're going to notice, and what we've definitely noticed, is that the customer service is definitely lacking when it comes to these leads because while for some, it is definitely frustrating, and for some, they're just looking for the unicorns, right? The ones that are transacting right now, the ones that are serious about moving in the near future, right? So, they, if you're not moving in the near future, what some individuals are out there doing is they're basically kind of tossing these people to the side being like: Well, they're garbage. They're not worth my time. So, the lead itself is left with, well, consider yourself, if you're, like, looking into something but weren't quite ready yet, and the person gave you kind of like this - you weren't important because you're not buying right now, you probably wouldn't use that person in the long run things anyway, right? So, it's maintaining that customer service level with your leads. Focus on them. And it's all about them. As much as we want this transaction to happen, it will happen. It's just a matter of their timeline, not ours, right? So, it's just: Be patient. Be consistent and really focus on customer service. When you guys are talking to them, if you guys are talking to leads, by all means, treat it as a conversation, right? So, it's not a survey. 

I like to put it as like: Pretend you're at a cocktail party, and you have a whole bunch of strangers in the room with you. And you have to spark up a conversation since the topic happens to be real estate surrounding what they were looking at. Alright, so it's learning a little bit more about them. You know, you can talk a little bit about yourself, but we want to try to focus more on them. If an opportunity at any time presents itself in any conversation to talk about something outside of the real estate, I always use dogs because that's an easy one. So, many people have dogs, and they often also start barking in the background. Start talking about their dogs, you know, show genuine interest: What kind of dogs do you have, you know? Ask questions about those types of dogs, like: Are they a good breed to have? Like, I have kids, and you know, and things like that, when you take, and you switch that conversation, and you're now giving them the power. You'll notice a transition in how they're responding to you. And it also turns into a more relaxed experience for both of you, and you're establishing a great foundation for the beginning of the relationship moving forward, right? They're going to be a lot more responsive to you when you're following up. You can use, you know, whatever that, you know, those little tidbits of conversation in your follow-up, you know? How are the kids doing? Or: How's hockey? I noticed; you guys last time were running out the door to hockey practice. How's that going? Just simple things like that make a huge difference, okay? 

Also, leaving notes in your system. Okay, so thorough notes. Some of you guys are really great in it. Some are not so great. Some don't even leave notes at all. So, the problem with that is when you connect with somebody, and you don't have, if you don't leave thorough notes for yourself, they're going to call, you're going to be calling them back at some point. And it's going to sound as if you've never had a conversation with them before because you don't have anything to go by. You're not going to remember the person, and I can promise you that. You're not going to remember the conversation. I can promise you that. So, leave those notes. It really makes you sound that much more knowledgeable and capable and professional at the same time, right? If somebody's calling you back and: Yeah, well, last time we spoke, I know that you guys were just working on those renovations, and, you know, you had to have family holidays in mind, you know, were you able to do any of those things right? People will be impressed that you actually remember that information. The reality is that you just left the notes for yourself. So, the more detailed your notes are, the more powerful your follow-ups are going to be. 

So, how I, you know, try to put it into terms is: Leave your notes as if you're expecting someone else to do your follow-up for you, right? Pretend you're out of the equation. You have the initial call. Someone else is going to follow up with them. Leave the notes as if somebody else is going to do it. That way you know all the details are there. You're not missing because I've done it before too, trust me. I used to work in here and used to be on the sales side, and I'd leave, like, short-form notes for myself, and then it's been six months later, and I'm sitting there, like, when I open wondering, like: What was this? What did I mean by this? Like: Who is this guy? And then you're talking to them, and your brain's going a mile a minute trying to remember who this person is, and it's not good. So, leave those details. Your future self will definitely thank your current self. So, Michelle is saying: You did an add-on to Kijiji? I can't find it. So, the Kijiji, are you talking about the webinar? Kijiji, is that the one? Because I think you're maybe; you've been messaging me about that. If I got two people, yeah, yeah. So, that one, the Kijiji. Yeah, I've yet to get to that one. I've yet to get to that one. So, that one I actually have, and I have to go into Kijiji because I haven't been in Kijiji a long time. It's just a matter of, I guess, our area. Like in where I am, I go on. Sometimes we have another site that we use for all the Kijiji-type stuff on here. The one thing you can do in Kijiji is looking for, you know, real estate. So, and I don't know if you can search, you used to be able to search for the people that are looking, right? So the ones that are wanting are looking for. Can you do that? So, I have to go through; for rent, for sale. So, you used to have, like, wanted ads, right? Not just…

But anyway, so what you can do, and I'll figure it out, I'll have to get that webinar for you, Michelle, after I've gone into Kijiji again and learned it again because it's definitely changed some things around in here. But basically, what you could do is you take these ads, right? And sometimes it, you know, because you'd have, and maybe it's different areas are a little bit different. But basically, whether it is, you know, somebody that's looking for a certain property, right, and it's responding to their ad, and then send them. What you can do is take your lead gen site. So, let's just, I'm just going to open up this one or even if it's your branded site. See, I used to do this back in the day when I didn't even know AgentLocator existed, when I first got my license, and Gosh, it would have made my life so much better if I knew. So, I was doing it through a crummy; I don't even know what type of brokerage site it was, the free one the brokers gave me, and it really wasn't that great. Let's put it that way. So here, you could even go in and modify. So, you can set the parameters, right? So, let's just pretend it's Toronto on here. And now you could go on your website as registered. But you could say, you know, if they're looking for a certain price point, right, so let's say the max, you know, whatever it is, they need three bedrooms, they need, you know, they're open to a townhouse or a house of any type, and then maybe they need something else, right? See, what you can do, you can see this long extension here; it is the actual URL to this filter. So, if somebody clicks on it, if you were to post it somewhere, whether it's a hyperlink or what have you when they click on it, they're going to be brought to a page that already includes all those filters. So, that's what I used to do, or just have it as the city, whatever it is, and just letting them know you're going to get an update every time now that a listing comes on the market and matches that criteria. And we do, and you can mention anything about any, you know, pocket listings, so to speak. So, those exclusive listings. Some brokerages that, you know, the agents will share with each other those exclusives, or maybe you're part of a team, or you actually have exclusives, so that's one way to draw attention as well. 

So, reaching out to those people that are looking for real estate as well, right? You can go after some of those potential FSBOs on there as well. So, looking at the FSBOs, the people that, because they used to tell you if it was listed and I don't know if they do anymore, but listed, if it was by, listed by a realtor. I know that one is a paid ad. So, yeah, because it used to tell you, based on, maybe I have to sign in, if it was an ad that was for a professional or if it was, like, an individual ad, that sort of thing. So, that's one way, like, you could reach out. I used to reach out to people that had houses that they were listing, or they were looking advertised places for rent, you know, kind of giving them a little bit of insight on that, and why they would benefit from using a realtor to find a tenant for their, you know, their apartments or whatever it may be. So, it's just kind of targeted. It's very time-consuming, I promise you that much. You can post ads on here. I'm pretty sure they charge you the minute you add a link to your website in there. You used to be able to get tricky about it, but Kijiji is all over that now. So, you can definitely post that in there. If you're having an ad, just reach out to these people that are looking for real estate because there are a lot of people that are looking for real estate, right? They're trying to find whatever it is they're looking for and just show your value to them, right? You can pull up some of the deactivated listings. 

We're noticing that, in my area anyway. I'm not sure about all of your areas, that some of the listings are getting pulled off the market, right? That the gravy train in my area is slowing down, so the gravy's falling off. So, it's, we're seeing listings sitting longer in some areas. We're seeing listings getting pulled down off the market because people aren't willing to pay that price anymore, right? It's kind of shifting a little. Not too much, but it's shifting. You can see it's shifting a bit. So, that's one thing, is to, you know, sell your services and go after those deactivated listings and just like: Hey, I have a bunch of buyers. You can also use and leverage your system, right? So, you know, if you're targeting somebody that is an FSBO, or looking for property for, you know, to, you know, to lease out, or looking for a tenant, I should say, this here, this listing exposure tool is a really great tool to be able to pull. So, let's say there's the apartment or whatever it is, and let's say in Toronto. So, this is going to be connected to your board. Okay, so it's connected to your board, whatever board you're set up with. And it's also connected with the agents in the area that are, so, all the other agents on AgentLocator that are also using this system, okay? So, when I apply the filter of Toronto, okay, and all of our system, right, there are 267,000+ individuals that are looking for properties in Toronto. So meaning their searches are set to Toronto. They could have other areas included. But that's, you know, what this is. When you go in, and you say: Okay, now we're going to narrow down to a townhouse. We can see then that there are now 20,000 potential buyers looking for that townhouse, right? So, anytime you list a property, this is the reach, okay? This is the amount of potential buyers it's reaching just in our platform alone, just on your board alone. Okay, so you can go in and out. I'm going to be 100% honest. I don't know if this actually pulled rental. Yeah, it's going to only do sales. So, it only does sale prices in here, but… Okay, okay. Why is it doing this? Maybe I have to do a maximum. Maybe it'll allow me. Okay, never mind, it does do rentals as well. 

So, if you have, if you're going after landlords, you can do that. But also, if you're trying to capture individuals, so we've got you know, well, there are only 17 active listings right now that fall within Toronto between 1,500 and 2,000 a month. But it kind of gives you a little bit of leverage, a little bit of a power tool, right? So, use this database, not just your database, as leverage for yourself, okay? Because you can say: Well, when I get that listing, your listing is going to be advertised to X amount of people, like 30,000 buyers in my database are going to receive information about that listing, right? So, it gives you just that little bit extra weight when you are reaching out to them. Sunny is saying it's supposed to be under sale, and it'll be under that filter for the, yeah… 

So, for sale by owner, so there you go. And do they have one where there's wanted, show wanted, there you go. So, this is where it would show the wanted ads, of course. And then if you wanted it only by the owners meaning they're not a real estate professional, right? Nothing like going after one of your own to get their listing. So, I will have that video hopefully soon for you, Michelle. Again, I'm just going to have to run through this new design of Kijiji to make sure that I run it correctly nonetheless. So, that's, yeah, that's just using Kijiji, but you know, leverage what you have. This information here, and whether you're leveraging Kijiji or any other thing, you're going on a listing appointment, right? You're going on a listing appointment, and there's, you know, you pull up even just the type of home and a generalized, you can do the price range of where this house actually sits, and then you just say: Well, there's X amount of buyers currently in my database that are, you know, receiving and set up, or wanting to receive listings like them, that are looking for a home like this, right? So, it gives you that extra power and that weight. Especially, it works really well if you aren't part of a large team or something like that. 

So, how do you actually advertise your listings? Good question. So, there are lots of different ways that you can do that. Social media is definitely a great place to start when you are doing that. And let me go on here and go and pull up a listing, so I automatically get logged in like this. So, just so you guys are aware, when you click on a lead, and you open up their listing, it will log you into their account. So, I'm, like, logged into their account. So, if you're ever wanting to do something in there, you can. So, if you, there are different ways that you can do it. So, if you're on the automated site, and you want to advertise your listing, you're just opening up that listing, and you're grabbing the URL. Okay, that's all you're doing. If you have a branded website, it is going to be the same idea. So, let me just find somebody that's on the branded site. Actually, you know what? Go to It’s either trainingappbrended or trainingbranded. 

There we go. So, on your website, saying this is your brand website, you just click on the listing, again, you open it up. And then again, you're just grabbing this URL, right? So, you do have on the bottom, maybe it's not on these ones, it's on your, what you want to call it, your blog, that's what I'm looking for. I'm doing two different things at once. So, in here, you do have the ability, you just paste that URL. That's all you have to do. The preview is going to pull on there. Okay, so that's one way you can advertise your listings. You're driving them to your website. Once you have this showing, you can remove the URL if you want to because this is now acting as the link. 

The other thing that you can definitely do, as well, which we often see realtors do, is they'll post the ad, right, but not post the ad, but add pictures, right? So, they're just going in and adding photos to the listing or to the post, right? So, there's a bunch of photos, and then they're, you know, writing that description about the property and then always including the link from your website to that listing. That way, no one wants to fish for information, okay? I don't know about any of you, but it drives me nuts when there is no price on a property. I'm not going to dig for it. Maybe if I was really interested, I would dig for it, but I'm not going to dig for it. I just carry on. But I know there are a lot of individuals out there with that same kind of mentality. They don't want to fish for the information. If you're going to advertise it, give it to them, the information that they're going to want about it to be able to see, right? If it's well out of their price range, and, you know, but agents, you know, a lot of times you are just trying to get somebody to talk to regardless if they can afford it or not. I get that. But I know a lot, there are a lot of individuals that hate digging for information, or you just constantly see the comments on your posts being like price, price, location, whatever, right? We're not giving them enough information with the post. 

But sometimes, we are doing that for a reason. So, everyone's different. But I like, personally, when there's actually somewhere where I can go to reference and find that listing for myself. So, even some of the top realtors will post it; they won't put the price on the listing or on the post itself, which then encourages you to click on the link to go to the website, right? If it's, you're giving them a bunch of information, but maybe you're not posting the price, which is fine, but give them the link to go to your website to find that price, right? So, then you're also driving that traffic to your website, whether it's your branded website or your lead gen site, which could then, you know, all in all, mind you a lead, right? So, that's how you could advertise your listings. You can definitely run social campaigns with your listings or boost the posts. So, once you have posted that property on your Facebook, if you have a business page, for example, and you posted on your business page, boost that post. You can spend as much money as you want per day, boosting it to get it in front of a larger audience to drive that traffic. Where you're going to see the most leads from that in a boosted post is if you are using the automated site because they will have to sign up to see it right away. The other way you can do it is if you're running an actual ad based on that listing and you're running a leads ad to generate the lead in the business, if that makes sense. 

But yeah, so that's how you would share your listing. So, I hope, or advertise your actual listing, essentially. So, I would share it on your business page, and then you share it from your business page to your personal page. You can Pro, you can advertise your listings, again, like, on Kijiji. You can post an ad on Kijiji when it is your listing because you are a professional. There is a cost. I don't know what that cost is. I have to sign in, apparently. You can definitely do it on Kijiji. The one thing with Kijiji is it is very, like, as I said, it's very hands-on because there are so many people that use it and so many people that post, alright? So, sometimes the agents will post, but they won't give all the information they'll be like, you know, they'll give you your information in there. But ultimately, you're waiting for somebody to fill out that form, you know, requesting details about your listing, but you have to keep going in and renewing your post or however you're doing it. Again, I have to go back in and check this out for myself again. But because you'll notice within hours, you will be on, like, the 10th page. So, it's just constantly, like, you know, boosting and going in there, you know, a few times a day or at least twice a day in the morning and in the evening, and kind of renewing the ad or renewing the post or taking it down and reposting it, so it's showing at the top. Or you're paying for like a paid, sponsored ad on there. So, that's how you do it. Basically, when you're posting, it's pretty straightforward. You're just; you're uploading the photos, you're writing your description, you're putting your information in there. It's pretty straightforward to post it on Kijiji. Instagram and Facebook are connected. So, depending on your, you know, you can link the two together if you want to. If not, you know, always just post a picture, post a couple of pictures on Instagram of that listing, that sort of thing. People like looking at pictures, right? And you can include the link to the property and the description. Things like that.

Ah, yes. So, yeah, so Jillian, I will send you the video, the Kijiji webinar. That's not a problem. I'm just taking your email and putting it somewhere where I am not going to forget it.

And it's not about finding it. So, what happened is, I've had an account with log-ins. I've been with AgentLocator for seven years now, and I had an account with, obviously, with YouTube. And I posted a lot of videos, which were training or webinar-type videos, and I posted them to my channel. Well, I don't know what; it's about 30 days ago-ish, YouTube decided to shut down my channel for God knows what reason. I don't know. And there are no humans at Google/YouTube to talk to. So, anything, any content that was on my page, we're having to recreate, sadly. So, it's been fun. So, we're getting through them slowly but surely. It will get done, though. 

So, yeah, with the real estate, Cynthia's asking: Couldn't you do the same with the Facebook Marketplace? Absolutely. So, you can definitely go on Facebook and do the Marketplace postings and list properties for sale by all means, right. And, yeah, that's one way, as well, to get it. If you're boosting or posting your ad, as well. If you're creating an actual ad on, like, through your business profile on Facebook, you can choose. So, sometimes when you're browsing, you know when you're browsing the Marketplace, and there are sponsored ads in there? That's actually through your, like, through a campaign that you're running on Facebook. So, it just kind of strategically places your property more frequently throughout those results when people are browsing through the listings in that area. So, that's a great way to do it, as well. It's just, you know, spending a little money, or you can just focus directly on that. I only want my ad running in the Marketplace, and I'm going to spend x amount of dollars a day doing it. So yeah, that's definitely one way you can do it as well, since, yeah. That again, as I said, would be, I don't know if you can do a sponsored ad when you're creating a post in there. I'd have to see. I've never actually tried to create a sponsored post in the Marketplace on Facebook to see if that's even possible. Or if you have to do it through your business page and run a campaign and just have that campaign running into the Marketplace. But I'll definitely check it out because that's actually a good point that you can definitely run those campaigns through there. 

Okay, so Sally is asking: When you advertise your link on Facebook, Kijiji, etc., do you get charged per click? No, no, no, no. If you're doing advertising, so, that's a direct traffic campaign. It's basically, or it's, like, sub-direct; I don't know what the word is called, but it's not coming through Pay-Per-Click. The only time you're paying for somebody to click on your URL is when you're paying for an advertisement. So, if you're paying for Google ads, yes, you're paying whenever somebody clicks on your ad if they're clicking on the ad itself. If they're finding your name in the Google search results, and it is not the ad itself, you are not getting charged for that click. It's only if they click on your ad. Facebook works similarly, the same with clicks, and it's just a little bit different how they do it. But it depends on what type of ad you're running as well. But it charges you either based on the amount of impressions, it could be based on the amount of traffic your ad draws, right? But you're always setting your budget on any one of those platforms beforehand. So, you are not going to get any, like, oh-my-Gosh surprises. You're always setting your budget beforehand when that happens. But if you're advertising, if you're just sharing your link on Kijiji, or you're just sharing your listing on Facebook, and somebody's clicking on it, you're not running an ad; no, you're not getting charged for the click. If you're boosting that post on Facebook and you're paying, you know, $2 a day to boost your post, you're not paying per click because that's more based on impression. It's getting that in front of a larger audience. You're not getting like a double whammy there. You're not getting charged to have it in front of the audience plus any audience that engages; you're not getting charged for that. So, it's a little bit different. But as long as it's not like a Google Pay-Per-Click or a Traffic campaign on Facebook, then you're good. 

Yeah, I understand what you mean with the URL. I thought I would just clarify. I mean the URL for branded and non-branded websites, not a listing. Yeah. So, for example, if I go onto Google right now, Google; actually, I'll just go - real estate listings in Toronto. These are ads, right? So, if I click on any of these, there is a cost, okay? If I click on this, there is no ad there. There is no cost to the person that owns this website. Skip to this, no cost, this, no cost. It's only these ones that there is a cost. If somebody searches your name in here, and your website link shows up, unless it shows up as the ad and they click on that, then yes, there's an ad. If they click on this, no, there is no ad. There's no charge for that. If you are putting it on Facebook, and they click on it, and you're just sharing your website: Hey, check out my website, and they click on it; no, you're not paying for that. Okay, so any URL, doesn't matter; it has to be an ad in order for it to click, okay? So, these ones here for more, you know, how I put it is why it is called Pay-Per-Click, right? Because you're paying for a click on there. So, hopefully, that makes sense. You can advertise your website to friends, to family. You can throw it on your Facebook page. You can throw it on Kijiji. You can throw it wherever. You're not getting charged every time somebody comes into your website. It's only if they enter your website through an ad link. That's it. Hopefully, that's better clarification for you. 

Perfect. We've only got about a few minutes left here. It, kind of, went by really quickly. Any last final questions before we head off here? No? 

Can Support build a landing page for me to advertise on Facebook with the landing page to be linked to my CRM? Yes. Yes, they can. So, we do have the landing page creator. And that landing page creator can definitely feed leads into your CRM. So, when they're setting up a page through that creator, it's basically, you stipulate if you want it to go into just an email and you get a notification through email, or do you want that lead to feed into your CRM? And yes, the answer is yes. It can go right into your CRM system. If it's on your website, then 100% yes, it'll feed that lead into your CRM system. If it's an outside landing page, so another product or supplier out there with the landing pages, it might be able to. That one there you, basically in your user preferences up here, then you enter into your user preferences. Down in your profile, you have this feed lead email. So, if you see this email on incoming lead alerts, on whatever that other provider is, or include it, you want to see the leads from that other provider into the CRM system, you just include this email as the receiving email, basically, or you CC it on incoming alerts. Most providers will know what that means, if you are using a different provider that does that. So, that's, like; it's like a unique, it's your parser email is what we call it, for you to be able to do that. But anything on our system, 100%. You can have those all fit into your CRM system. 

Awesome. Well, thanks, everyone, for staying on and participating somewhat today. It was, I guess, Beverly actually had sent me a message earlier. When did she send it to me? I don't even know. Well, I missed it. So, she did actually send a message earlier. So, here I am waiting for her and she wasn't here. But we will do a makeup session. It's just a matter of us coordinating and figuring out when the best day and time for that would be, but hopefully, all is well with her, and everything's good. I hope so. She had a little bit of a, like, a little bit of a medical emergency. But we will be back, and not next Wednesday, but the next Wednesday after for sure with Beverly, and then there will be a makeup session somewhere in between. So, just stay, and we usually email you when they're coming up. But just notice that if you also get a prompt in your regular live dialing sessions, I believe they come a couple of hours before or a day before, that it could be; there could be an earlier one as well. So, we'll make, we always have a makeup session. But thanks everyone who stayed on, and if you have any questions or need any help with anything, just reach out to our Support team. They are more than happy to help. And then I've got Michelle and Jillian here. I've got you guys on my list. We'll get those webinars up and out to you as soon as I'm able to, alright? Perfect. Enjoy the rest of your day, everyone. We'll see you all again soon.
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