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Your Satisfaction Is our Guarantee

We built this company on trust, integrity and hard work. If you are not 100% satisfied with our services we will refund 80% of everything you have paid to AgentLocator (i.e. set up costs and monthly fees, however this excludes any expense to Google PPC).

Scroll below to see all the questions and answers about the money back guarantee.

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Question & Answers about our money back guarantee?
Q: How long is the guarantee for?
A: 60 days.

Q: Why just 80%?
A: In order to prevent abuse of our policy by those who do not have intentions of using our services it would still cost them a little bit.

Q: Are there any limitations on this offer?
A: If you are buying a branded website from us there is absolutely no limitations. You simply not being satisfied with the design of the website is enough, please note that refunding the money we have billed you also requires that we cancel your website which means you can't keep it active and get your money back.

If you are buying lead generation the only requirement we have is that you use our CRM to make your calls, we want to make sure you have called every lead and actually given this a try.

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