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Street Match / Nosy Neighbour

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Why would my leads want to be set up on this system?

Everybody who owns a home wants to be placed on a system like this. Your leads care about what property comes out on the street and they want to know what it is selling for, how it looks like inside and they want to compare it to their own property to see whether their property is gone up in value or not.

Frequency of these emails can be set on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and your leads don't have to wait for monthly newsletter or e-mail for the market update. As soon as the listings come out, they are going to know about it!


How to generate leads using this landing page?

    If you have leads' email address, contact info, home address, you can go to your system and manually add these leads in the CRM and assign them to Street Match.

    How to assign leads manually to Street Match:

  • Do a follow up call with each of your contacts and inform them they have been assigned to Street Match and that they will automatically be getting any new listings that are available in their area so they will always have an idea of how their neighbourhood market is doing
  • You will be notified by our CRM system if there are leads that are checking their Street Match email every once in a while. If they start opening every Street Match email sent, this will definitely notify you that there is a change in their motivation or that maybe they are now interested in selling. Give them a call!
  • Put in email signature link to one of the landing pages and you will see an increase in people registering.
    Signature example
    Curious? Click Here to Get Notified When Your Neighbours Are Selling
  • What if I do not have home address of my leads?
    Send a mass email to all of your leads and let them know you have this new, free of charge service for them that they can sign up for. Send them in the same email link for Street Match landing page or ask them to send you their home address so that you can assign them manually to Street Match.

This landing page is a great way for you to stay in touch with your leads throughout the months and the years and provide your leads with something of value. Every time they get a listing notifying them of a new property coming out, they are thinking of you because you are the one sending it to them

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