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Home worth/Condo worth

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Why would my leads want to know their home value?

This is for leads who are looking for market evaluation or who are interested in selling sometime in the future


How to generate leads using this landing page?

Send mass email to check if anyone has an interest in selling and ask them to fill out the form (send a link to the Homeworth landing page)

Ask your contacts to share the link if they know somebody interested in selling. Ask for referrals. If you don't ask, you don't get :)

Advertise Home Worth landing page! You don't want to be telling the visitor: "Please go to my website and then click on the right side home worth page." You want them going directly to that page!
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Once a lead fills out the form, call that lead (best practice is to call within 5 minutes) and say something similar to:
You received an evaluation of [price], but I believe that we might be able to get a little bit more or less depending on what your property really looks inside. As you know, it's hard to determine the exact value of your property unless we actually do a visit.

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