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Sending SMS (Text Messages) from your CRM

Here are some of the ways real estate agents make use of the SMS feature built into the AgentLocator CRM.

Automatically responding to incoming leads.

Be quick to respond.

Imagine this, you get a lead from Realtor or a portal about one of your listings, your CRM automatically responds to this new lead by SMS saying something like: "Thanks so much for your enquiry, I will get back to you soon with the answers to your question. Would you like me to book a time for you to see it?"

You can set up our system to automatically respond to different leads from different sources. So let's say you have leads from Facebook coming in that are sellers, you can engage them differently them those that are buyer leads and so on. It's all customizable.

Send out Mass SMS Messages

Follow up with multiple people at once

Being able to mass SMS your leads is a game changer as it gives you the chance to create touch-points with many people at once. Below a re a few ways that agents have made use of this functionality.

1. Open Houses
Imagine being able to collect all your open house leads through a landing page made for that open house and when these leads came into your CRM they were automatically tagged that they came from that open house. You will now be able to pull up all your leads that came in from that open house and send them all an SMS message maybe telling them the property has an offer on it to push more offers, or maybe it sold so you want to notify everyone that it's sold.

2. Pre-Construction Project
You may have a new project that is just coming out and you wish to notify all of your investors of the new opportunity. You can now do it within a few clicks of a button.

3. Special Holiday
Send out a mass Happy New Year SMS to all of your past clients, you can also tag people based on religion inside of our CRM so that you can pull them all up on their religion and send out a mass SMS.

4. Work online leads
Because our CRM tracks leads you've made contact with and leads you haven't, you can easily pull up all the leads that have come in the last 12 months as an example where you have not yet made contact with them and send them all a mass SMS to get them re-engaged. A message that works really well is: "[FirstName], are you still looking for a home?"

Responding to SMS messages & Taking Calls

Respond using cell phone or CRM.

First responding to your SMS messages, so imagine you send an SMS to a lead and they respond back, how do you know that they responded back to you and how do you respond back to them? When a lead sends you an SMS message we automatically forward that message to your cell phone, you have the ability to respond to that lead right from your cell phone or you can do it inside the CRM. We also show you all the leads which have sent you SMS messages but you haven't responded to them right inside your CRM.

Now if a lead calls the phone number that you texted them from, our system will automatically forward that call to your cell phone and on top of that it will automatically record the call so that you can review it at a later time.

SMS for your whole team

Team based system

If you are not alone and have a team add the agents to the CRM & designate a number just to them. Turnover with agents is always hard and you never want to expose your leads/clients to the agents cell phone directly. By using this system your leads/clients never have to know your agents phone number & if this agent ever leaves your team or is let go it's easy to forward the calls and SMS messages to someone else on your team.

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