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AgentLocator CRM Features

Take a look at all the different features the AgentLocator CRM has and how real estate agents put them to use to help them in their real estate business.


SMS (Text Messaging)

Send & Receive SMS messages.

Being able to communicate with your leads/clients effectively by SMS was important in 2009 let alone in 2020. Find out how AgentLocator clients put the SMS tool to use to help with their real estate business.


Built In Dialer

Make calls from the CRM

Dial your leads right from your CRM through the build in Dialer. Converting online leads is a breeze when you have a system in place that helps to make calls and know who you have or haven't talked to.


See your leads/clients activity in the CRM

Be in the know

See exactly which properties your leads/clients are looking at on your website or when they are receiving daily listings.


Send Listings From CRM

Completely Automated

Your CRM will be able to deliver for sale & sold listings (where available) directly to your clients so you don't have to use your board, this will help you see who's active and who isn't.


Feed Facebook Leads Ads to CRM

No need for third party tools

Got some Facebook lead ads going? Feed your Facebook leads directly into the CRM, set them up your auto responders and if that wasn't enough send listings to them automatically.


Automated SMS/Email Drip Campaigns

Automate & set up long term drip campaigns.

You may get a lead from an open house and you want to automatically set up a response to that lead by SMS or Email, or maybe you are doing a Facebook campaign and you want to set those leads up on an automated drop campaign.

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