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Landing Page StreetMatch

Have you been practicing in real estate for a while now? Do you have a list of past clients or friends who are homeowners or investors? Using StreetMatch will help you stay top of mind with your network while providing them with information of value. Think about it. What does everyone who owns their own property want to know? They want to know when a home in their area gets put on the market and at what price! With this landing page, your contacts can set themselves up and specify the listings they want to see or you can set them up on their behalf. Either way, they will automatically receive listings from their area, so they will always have an idea about what the market is doing.

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Landing Page HomeWorth

Most home evaluation forms are too big and ask too many questions. Put yourself in the position of your client seeing really big long forms - would you want to fill them out? We, at AgentLocator, took this into consideration when creating our HomeWorth landing page. This landing page allows your clients to go through the form easier than ever before.

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