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What to do when my leads are actively looking at the listings on my website but they are never answering the phone nor replying to my emails?

Friday, October 9, 2020 in Resources

Delete them? No, that is not the right answer cheeky We had a lot of agents coming to us with this issue and after testing a couple of different contents, this tactic has been proven as the most successful one.

You should send either an email or a text message with the following content:

Title: Not able to send listings

Hi there [FirstName],

I know you have been enjoying the listings that my system has been sending out, and I'm really glad you find them useful. I wanted to let you know that the system will, unfortunately, cut off the listings. In order for us to keep sending them, I do have to have a quick chat with you.
Let me know when you are free to chat and we'll keep them coming.


This is what one of our clients, who used this method, said:


REMEMBER: Persistence is the key !


At some point, even the poor leads will want to move, and they will need an agent. You want to be the agent standing in front of them when they make that decision. 
Even the non-communicative leads you get are going to move at some point. Be their agent. The only bad lead is a bad email AND a bad phone number. 

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