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How to prioritize my leads?

Friday, October 9, 2020 in Resources

It’s important to break down the leads by priority. If you are going to be sitting down making phone calls, you want to increase your chances of a conversion if you have a conversation. So, the leads that registered in the last 14 days or the ones that have been active over the last 30 days is where the gold is within the site.


Use our CRM to set the following filters:

  1. You should filter your leads to see who are the leads that registered in the last 14 days but who you’ve not talked to yet.

These leads are your highest priority, because you are probably not going to hear from them: “I already purchased”.

Watch a quick video to see how to set up a filter for those leads: 

You should be calling those leads every other day for 2 weeks (6-7 calls in 14 days). On day 15, they are going to fall in the other filter (see below) if you don’t get a hold of them. 

  1. After that, you want to see who registered 15 or more days ago and who was actively engaged with emails in the last 30 days or looked at the property on the website, which is going to be majority of your dashboard.

Watch a quick video to see how to set up this filter: 


It doesn’t matter when they registered, but if they have been active within the last 30 days, they are your highest priority. Follow up with them once a week as long as they are active.

Make sure to filter only the leads whose phone number is set to valid or unknown (status is unknown if you never tried to contact them or send a text message since the system needs a trigger in form of a phone call or text message in order to automatically change the status).

  1. Every filter after that you can break into: Hasn’t been active from “31 to 90 days”; “91 to 180”.

The leads that haven’t been active in 3 years on your dashboard shouldn’t be your highest priority. We have a better chance of communicating with the leads that have been active within the last 30 days, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months. 

To your very old leads, you can send a Mass text message:

Hey, a while ago, you were searching online for homes in [name of the city]. Just wondering if you are still in the market.

To learn more about those filters, please check the following videos:



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