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How to follow up with leads that leave a wrong phone number?

Friday, October 9, 2020 in Resources

A lead with a fake phone number is not a bad lead. Do you know why? 
Because if they give you a bad phone number, they have also given your competition a bad phone number. And who is going to be the lucky winner and convert this lead? Simple: The one who works them a little bit more efficiently.

See below what our stats have shown as the most efficient ways to work these leads:

If a lead gives a wrong number, send an email and ask for the number. They may have made a typo when entering their phone number. Even if only perhaps 10% of those leads will respond to the email, it is still worth a try to stay ahead of competitors!

  See below what one of real estate agents shared on our Facebook group:

♦  You can also send something like: I was hoping to have a phone conversation with you regarding the property in [MostViewedCity], price range of [LookedAtPriceRange]. 
I tried the number but to no avail. That number is not in service. 
Please feel free to call me or email me at any time with questions. Also, we should really get in touch via phone, so we can discuss further details of your search. Knowing your wants and needs would really help me serve you better and find you the most suitable property in [MostViewedCity] or any other area you'd like to explore.
Looking forward to working with you.


In his book, Converting the Crap, Andy Herrington suggests:

- Open or and paste the email address in the search bar. Search for Linkedin, Kijiji or Craigslist links, because these may have phone numbers attached to the email address. 
Paste the email address in the Facebook search bar, and if it comes back with a result, go to About me and check if there is a phone number. 
- Run any addresses and phone numbers through ( using regular and reverse lookup and conduct an internet search on names, addresses and phone numbers.

If  the phone number is invalid:
1. Mark it as invalid in the CRM.
2. Check what they had been looking at, and if necessary, adjust the types of properties you have been sending them and force send.
3. When/if they open it and proceed to click on it, they will have to validate their phone number to view the properties.

See below what some of our clients that use this feature have to say:

To learn more about this CRM feature, check this video:

Once again: Lead with a fake phone number is not a bad lead. Lead with fake phone number AND email address is a bad one.

Check this video to see how phone number validation tool can help you gain more business:

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