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How should I introduce myself when calling a lead?

Friday, October 9, 2020 in Resources


You have about 5 seconds for that lead to determine if they are going to hang up on you.
That being said, you shouldn’t say the name of the website when leads answer your call. Leads even don’t care about it or won’t remember it anyway. And, they are already seeing a number on their phone that they don’t know, so their defense is already up.

Besides that, no one likes long introductions, so keep it super simple:

Hey, this is Olyvia, I saw that you were online looking at some properties in Mississauga. What’s your situation? 

Hey, This is Crystal Minogue. I am a realtor with the home searching site you signed up with.

Leads want to know why you're calling and NOT who you are!

Where a lot of agents get caught up is that they feel like they have tell them the brokerage, the website name, how many awards they have had, that they have been in business for years, etc. Leads don’t care. All they know is: I google searched a home to look at and I came onto your website. I just want to look at homes.

It is our job to ask the deeper questions.

Watch these videos for more information:

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