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What Homebuyers Actually Expect From A Real Estate Agent?

Thursday, July 11, 2019 in Blog


Homebuyers are often caught between excitement and stress when they are shopping for a home. They hope for a smooth transaction, but the road to homeownership can be challenging at times, and that's why they want an agent they can turn to for support, advice, and encouragement. To be that agent, you need to follow some ground rules that will help you meet the needs and expectations of homebuyers who picked you to represent them.

Be The Agent Who Listens

One of the biggest problems in the homebuyer-agent relationship is miscommunication. Homebuyers can get the feeling that they are not heard when it comes to their needs and wants. That's why a good agent needs a sharp ear and listen very carefully to their clients. If the client keeps emphasizing a certain location, their budget limit, size of the home they want, etc., your job is to present them with homes that check those boxes. Their must-haves need to be your #1 priority.

Educate The Client

Homebuyers may have unrealistic expectations at first. You need to educate them on how realistic their demands are and what they can get in the market for the budget they have.

Be Quick to Act

Certain properties are sold right away, so being quick to act is one of the best qualities an agent can have. Picking up the phone when a client or a fellow listing agent calls and replying to emails is a big part of the buying process. Homebuyers need to know that they will not miss a showing or a great listing just because you missed a call and didn't bother to follow up. Getting back to people two days later can be already too late in the real estate industry. Make sure you are responsive, showing genuine interest in every opportunity that may arise if there is the slightest chance to land a deal. 

Be Honest    

Real estate agents are required to adhere to a code of ethics that includes disclosing certain information about the property like if the place ever had termites, bed bugs or any other serious damage. Disclosure is also required by law, but some agents pretend not to know these things. 
To develop good long-term relationships and maintain a good reputation, be honest about these things as they will come to the surface anyway. Let your clients know what there is to know. Even if they decide not to buy a property because of an issue, they will appreciate your honesty and probably wait until you find a new property for them.  There will always be another home they will like. 
Always think of clients as long-term clients and never as someone you will never see again after the transaction. Develop friendships and relationships and you will be remembered for years and enjoy referrals and repeat business. 

Know Your Market 

The market differs from area to area, and you need to be a little expert in the area you are operating in. Know the average, lowest and highest prices for each neighborhood, learn about the homes and their history and the materials they were built of, as well as the distance to local parks, schools, the supermarket, etc. Be familiar with which internet providers are available for each neighborhood, how many train/bus lines are available, how frequent they are, etc. You will be the number one go-to person for homebuyers, so make sure to have as much information at hand as possible.  

Use Technology For Faster Processing

Administrative tasks and endless paperwork can be tiresome not just for you but for the client as well. They don't always have the time to drop off or pick up documentation just because their signature is needed on a paper. That's why many professional relators use digital signature software to eliminate this problem. Some even use portable Wi-Fi mini printers when they are on the road to keep the paperwork going while they are away. A portable document processor can also come in handy for scanning contracts. There are lots of similar solutions and apps that can speed up your communication with the clients and enhance your business in general.  

Buying a home is a life-changing decision, and it costs a lot of money, so as an agent, you should always try as hard as you can to make your clients happy. It's a job that carries a lot of responsibility where every client matters.

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