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Make Your Emails Stand Out by Adding Videos

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 in Blog

If you need an interesting way to spruce up your emails, consider inserting videos.

They capture the reader’s attention and make it almost impossible to resist clicking on them.

Here’s a short tutorial that will show you how to add videos to your emails using the AgentLocator CRM.

Here are a few suggestions of what kind of videos to insert:

1. Make a short video presenting yourself and insert it into your welcome drip campaign.

2. Create video footage (virtual tour) of your new listing and send this in an email to all leads you think will be interested.

3. Make a video where you talk about the market and send it to your leads. You can do this once a month.

4. Ask clients to create video testimonials for you and include these testimonials in your welcome drip campaign.

5. Summarize some of your most popular blog posts in a video and send them again.

Why is video important?

Your leads’ content preferences can be pretty versatile.

Some people would rather read a blog post or long-form emails than watch a short video.

To cater to different content preferences, try to include videos in your emails as much as possible.

The AgentLocator CRM makes it easy to do so!


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