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How To Ask For Customer Feedback?

Thursday, August 29, 2019 in Blog

How To Ask For Customer Feedback?


In real estate, the job often depends on the connections you build with your clients, so customer feedback and referrals can be a great way to get more clients on board.  It’s a highly convenient tool to boost and improve your business. While positive reviews will help you build your rep and gain the trust of new potential clients, negative feedback will give you an idea about which areas of your business to improve. Either way, feedback can do wonders for your business.


Homebuyers and home sellers will look for reviews about real estate agents in their area to see the experiences of other people who were in the same situation. Besides recommendations and referrals from friends and family, reviews are their main source of information to see if you are trustworthy.  It’s the same as when you are looking for a hotel or inquire about a service. Your first address will probably be Google reviews or testimonials to make sure that your expectations will be met.


Sometimes real estate agents hesitate to ask for referrals or feedback, but they should know that it has become a regular business practice. Most people will be more than happy to share their opinion about your service. You just got to ask. To give your clients space and the opportunity to express how satisfied they are, you can use several methods. Expand your client- base with easy solutions as follows:   


Enable online rating

Google and Facebook reviews are some of the most popular tools people use to check out a business, service, accommodation, etc. Make sure to enable Google and Facebook reviews and don’t hesitate to remind customers to post them and give you a rating. Many of them will do it anyway, but if they don’t, simply send them a short link that you can copy from your Google My Business App. It’s a very convenient way to increase responsiveness. 


Gather testimonials

Testimonials are a very efficient medium to have your past and current clients tell others about your services and expertise. New clients, hearing about your level of professionalism from someone who has walked in their shoes is the best free PR you can get.


Encourage clients to share their feelings and opinions about your mutual collaboration by simply asking. One of the most popular ways is creating a survey in Google Forms. It’s a great way to gather data on the positive experiences your clients had with you. From multiple choice to targeted questions like: What did you like about the service, What didn’t you like at all about the service, etc., you can ask your clients anything you want. You may ask your clients via email, mass email or a newsletter, just make sure the link to the questionnaire is easily spotted and visible, so that clients don’t have to look for it.  Let the clients know how long the questions will approximately take. Make sure that the question list is not too long as it may discourage clients to finish the survey.


Add a testimonial webpage

You can set up a webpage on your website dedicated to testimonials and case studies only. This trend is on the rise in the real estate industry which only further confirms how effective other people’s feedback and reviews are. You may also set up an online rating form on your website to encourage more clients to leave reviews. Once they do so, you may have an automated message asking them to copy their testimonial on Google and Facebook Reviews.


Try out case studies

Once you have gathered lots of testimonials, you can slowly start making case studies that specifically revolve around the individual experiences of your clients. Since this is a more time-consuming project for the client, you may want to focus on one at a time. It can be simply a story shared via your blog and social media that describes the whole situation or it can be a video shoot where the client gives an interview on the entire experience. Still, case studies require a lot of care and asking the right questions to get a  great review.  


What about negative criticism?

Everyone will receive negative criticism at some point. Not all reviews will be positive because different people have different expectations and goals. Nevertheless, negative feedback doesn’t have to be necessarily a bad thing as it will help you discover the reasons why people were dissatisfied. It is a great way to brush up on your service. Whatever may come, take it as constructive criticism. You will learn a lot about clients’ needs from their own point of view. Their suggestions and complaints will help you come up with great solutions and prevent future problems. Don’t dread criticism, but embrace it. Use it as a tool for improvement.


Final thoughts

Customer feedback and referrals is one of the things that open the doors to more business opportunities. It’s the ideal way for real estate agents to gain necessary exposure. Having someone spread the word of how great you are in what you do is pure gold and will definitely result in more converted leads. 


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