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AgentLocator USA availability

Please note that while we would love to be available nationally our IDX/VOW platform is currently only available in select States & real estate boards. If your state or board is not listed below please book a demo and specify that your state is not available. We will start adding new boards to our list and the more agents we have who wish to use our services in specific boards we'll add them faster.

AgentLocator was established in 2012 and has grown to 50+ staff members. Our mission has been and always will be to provide the most amazing customer experience and the best tools a real estate agent could ever ask for at reasonable prices. We have a proven track record of being able to generate thousands of leads per month as well as manage branded advertising campaigns for some of the top real estate agents across the country.

AL is currently available in Florida, Georgia & Washington.

Our current MLS Feeds for the USA market are:

My Florida Regional MLS (MFRMLS)

Georgia MLS (GAMLS)

Northwest MLS (NWMLS)

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