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Live Dialing Leads with Nick Moretti, April 13, 2022

Nick’s Live Dial Session this week was more about consulting than calling.
Catch the highlights:

from 4:45 - How to use the current shift in the market to your advantage
from 17:09 - Tips for building your social media presence
from 22:14 - Nick’s advice for new agents
from 28:53 - How to target niche neighborhoods
from 34:00 - Nick’s strategy for door-knocking
from 38:48 - Cool marketing ideas that will make you stand out
from 43:12 - Why it’s important to keep in touch with your past clients


Crystal:  0:04  
I'm good. Busy, lots and lots of things on the go. So, it's good.

Nick:  0:14  
Yeah. I'm saying that AgentLocator has so many, like, other features, like, rolling out and stuff. So, that's pretty cool.

Crystal:  0:18  
Yeah. Yeah. So, it's definitely, yeah. We're definitely always adding enhancements. And I wish we had, like, twice the capacity of developers that we have. That would be amazing. But unfortunately, we're working on getting more. Well, we have all different types. We have individuals that work on the CRM updates. Some are working on the website updates, some of them are working on bugs and fixes, things that should be happening. So it's, we have a great team, it's just on the CRM side, or even sometimes on the website side; I would just like to see a little bit more because there are so many great ideas out there and features that would definitely benefit a lot of people. But it's just, you know, it's easier, it's almost easier said than done, right? It's like: Well, let's add this, and then it comes in, they got to go to the drawing board, they got to figure out the functionality. They got to build it. They got to test it. They got to; there's a whole process involved, right? So, when we're saying: Hey, just do this, it's like: Sounds really easy and uncomplicated, but once you put it to work and actually start working on it takes them a fair bit of time to build a lot of those things out. 

Oh, exactly. Exactly. So, there's a lot that goes into it, for sure. And how's business for you been in the last couple of weeks?

Nick:  1:39  
Great. We have four listings coming out in the next two weeks. So, that's pretty good. Most of my business right now has been coming from repeated referrals. My team is still using, obviously, AgentLocator. One of ours, one of my team members just closed a lead from AgentLocator on Monday, so congratulations to her. Yeah, like, it's out there. And, like, with the market shifting, it's a little bit harder. Just because, like, you know, everyone knows that buyers are not really in tune to, like, what's really going on in this market. And, you know, what we're seeing right now is that, like, you know, at least now there's some time for, like, there's a little bit more options for buyers. So, I'm finding that the people that we've had relationships with, those are really, like, those are really starting to move a little bit further now, right? Obviously, it's hard because a lot of people are very standoffish at the beginning. Or sometimes you have a great conversation with them at the beginning, and then they ghost you. And then, you know, a couple of weeks later, they hit that get-in-touch button and, like, then they don't even answer. So, you know, we're just starting to see a lot of, we're just starting to see a lot of, you know, like, movement with our leads because there's more inventory now.

Crystal:  3:04  
Yeah, there is more inventory. And in your market, specifically, like, in the Clarington area, are you still hitting multiples as often as you were? 

Nick:  3:15  
Yeah, like, there are still multiple offers still happening. I'm just seeing right now, and I'm sure all of my colleagues on here are probably seeing the same thing. Now you're starting to see who's a good listing agent and who's not a good listing agent. Like, before, you can post anything at any price, and it would sell. Now, you actually need to know the market or else, you know, you're not selling, and I'm seeing a lot of, a lot more listings getting relisted or terminated, not really coming back on the market. When they are, they're coming at a higher price. I'm finding that for our buyers that we're putting offers in, there are some listing agents that are not even educating their clients correctly. They're bringing the wrong comps and that kind of stuff. Like, one of the properties we were putting an offer on in Whitby, they, it was like an attached house and unit, and she put it as a semi, but it's not technically a semi. 

No, it's actually a townhouse. 

Crystal:  41:13
Oh, a townhouse. 

Nick:  41:14
But it's the one at the very end. That's not a semi, you know what I mean? It's just an end unit of a townhome. Yeah. So, you know, she was telling me some of the comps, and she was like: Yeah, we should be getting 1.3. And I was like: No, you shouldn't. Like, you're not using the right one. So, anyways, they ended up getting three or four offers, and I think maybe they got maybe around 1.1. So, yeah, now you're starting to see, like, you know, some opportunities because there's, you know, some agents that are not using the right comps. 

Crystal:  4:45  
No, absolutely. And yeah, and the market is shifting. So, again, some of those sellers that were late, right, they were watching the market things, and it took them too long to, kind of, get their listing, or their house up onto the market. They took too long of a thought process with it, and now they tried to list and tried to ride that wave, but the wave is now starting to come down, so they're not getting what they could have got had they listed two months ago, and they're anticipating. And so, that's also, like, the educational factors. And that's a struggle with the sellers, is educating them on that, that the market is shifting. What you were seeing your neighbor's house sold for two months ago, we might not be able to get that. 

Nick:  5:25
Those are not the prices anymore.

Crystal:  52:26
Right? So, those aren't the prices anymore. The market's now shifted. And so that's probably why you're seeing, you know, the ones that are being terminated, not realistic, because those people probably never had to really move in the first place, didn't have to move. They were trying to, kind of…

Nick:  5:37
They were trying to get their price, and if they get their price, they'll move, right? 

Crystal:  5:42
Exactly. And, like, even in my neighborhood, I'm watching the listings. Like, some of them, I think one sold. I should see how much it sold for. But the other one's still sitting there. There's another one coming up. So, we'll see how quickly that one goes. But it's, yeah, you can definitely see, but that's where an opportunity with your buyers, as well, that are sitting in your dashboard, is just letting them know: Hey, I got some good news. The market is shifting, right? We're seeing prices going down, right? It could even be a voicemail if you already talked to them: Hey, I got some great news for you, right? So, just to check in on them, to prompt them to, kind of, look back at things because a lot of those buyers out there definitely, kind of, took a step back if they weren't having to move as well. And they're like: Well, we don't have to buy right now or let's wait for the market to start to settle. Well, now it's starting to settle, right? So, now we're starting to see that bit of a shift. How long is the shift going to last, who knows, right? Is it going to completely correct itself? Or is it going to somewhat correct itself and kind of go back up? Who knows? Right? No one ever knows.

Nick:  6:45  
I can tell you my prediction. I think, my prediction that I'm seeing that I think is going to happen is I think yes, the interest rates are rising, right? Near the end of the quarter. But generally, like, this is the spring and summer market. So, generally, like, prices around here, they, kind of, like, either plus or minus slowly. And then I think once we get back to August, September, I think that we're going to go back to limited inventory. Because, like, think about this, when interest rates rise, people are probably not going to do as much. And usually, generally, this is when people are not really, you know, moving because the kids are in school and, like, it's almost the end of the year. So, I think around there, that's when we might see a little bit of an increase in price. But I mean, who knows at the end of the day.

Crystal:  7:26  
Yeah, you never really know. Priyanka has a question in here: When the listing is cancelled, can we approach that if the relisted date isn't mentioned? There isn't, like, I haven't done this in a long time, the actual transaction piece, but isn't there a holdover period? Whatever the holdover is.

Nick:  7:45  
Yeah, but the holdover period essentially just, like, allows, like, selects…

Crystal:  7:50  
Anyone that previously viewed the property? 

Nick:  7:54  
Yeah, exactly. But generally, too, like, when I sign listings on the third page, it says, like, you know, if it's cancelled, you know, we give agents permission to contact us. There's one that says does and does not. Like, all my listings, I always get them to sign does not. So, I mean, I don't think that you can unless they reach out to you, per se.

Crystal:  8:17  
Or you go door-knocking and pretend like you didn't know.

Nick:  8:19
Yeah, exactly. There's a way around it, but, like, you can't just, like, you know, kind of go right there into it.

Crystal:  8:26  
Yeah. Just reaching out directly because then knowing and letting them be well aware that you know their situation.

Nick:  8:34  
Right. I agree with you on. Yeah, I agree with you. Okay, so any other questions? I guess I can just, kind of…

Crystal:  8:50  
Yeah, that's it for questions so far. So, if you guys have any questions, or just, generally, any kind of question, feel free to use the chat or the Q&A, and we will get to those.

Nick:  9:01  
Okay, cool. Just start pulling a few people. So, I actually have one lead that came into my branded website, so I'm going to just call this person right now.

Voicemail:  9:54  
Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system. The number is not available. At the tone, please record your message.

Nick:  10:12  
Hey, Vanessa, I hope you're doing well. It's actually just Nick Moretti giving you a shout. I wanted to thank you so much for coming on to our website, on And I see that you entered some of your criteria, but I just want to basically have a customer service call, just to make sure that you're set up on the right criteria and the right locations with the specific, you know, things that you're looking for. So, if you can call me back or text me at 416-559-5301, I'd be happy to get you set up properly and showcase homes that you do want to see. Other than that, take care, and I look forward to chatting with you soon. Bye. I'm sorry, I'm just sending a quick little.

Crystal:  11:05  
Priyanka's just saying: How does the lead land on a branded website? Do we have to change anything? So, they land on your branded website either through you advertising and, you know, sharing something through that website to get them on there. They could very well be doing Google searches and looking for something, and you're certain your website did show up in the search results, and that's how they landed on it. So, all different ways that they come into your website. Sometimes it's reflective of what you're doing. Sometimes it's also in connection to what the individual is doing and what your website offers. If you want more organic hits on your website, meaning they're going on Google, maybe they're searching for a listing or, you know, something, you know, yeah, real estate related, is adding content to your website. So, if you're blogging on there, adding community descriptions and doing that gradually, so just, kind of, whether it's weekly, or what have you, that's going to naturally start pushing your website to show up more frequently in those search results when people are looking for properties and real estate related info. So, just do that. And then you get more. It takes time. It's not instant, never instant. It does take time. But if you're consistent with it, that's when you start to eventually see the results really come to light. 

Rashida is just asking: Is it a good idea to leave a message on your first call? Everyone is different, so, how everyone approaches. Some people, if they're calling right away, won't necessarily leave a voice message. If you're calling your leads, like, constantly and, like, until they answer, they don't leave voice messages. We do our coaching with Tara on Tuesdays, and she doesn't call her leads right away. She lets them receive listings, get familiar with her name, and then she reaches out, and she does leave a voice message every time. And it's really just thanking them for coming on to the website. And you know, if there's anything, she's here, but she'll touch base down the road and go from there.

Nick:  13:07  
And that's something, so many different ways of doing it. So, I don't need to, you know…

Crystal:  13:11  
Yeah, I know. There are so many different ways. It's a matter of what works best for you and your personality. 

Nick:  13:15  
And what you enjoy to do, right? Like, for me, I'm more of a hustler. I just like call, call, call, call, call, call, call. Like, you know, I think that's where you're probably going to get more opportunities. Because, you know, there's so many you have to understand too, like, there are so many people that are coming to your website, and then going to five others. And then it's really whoever they liked the best in that spread.

Crystal:  13:37  
Yeah, so if you give them a time to talk to all the other people first and then you, kind of, give them time and then you're, you know, you be your amazing self and a little bit different approach, and I think even with, Tara that's what she found, is because there's a lot of sales-oriented realtors that are calling their leads, right? They're not going after that customer service. They're just looking for the sales.

Nick:  14:01
You're never going to get it.

Crystal: 14:02
The leads feel pressure. They don't want to communicate with those kinds of people. So, she benefits because she doesn't go that route. She goes completely the other road. And her leads are expressing when they are spending like, you know, choosing her as why and it was because she wasn't in their face all the time and trying to pursue, you know, pursue them constantly. It was a more softer, laid-back approach to their home search. So, and that works for her. So, it's again, what worked for her might not work for Nick, or work for Priyanka or work for Sabrina, right? So, it's just, everyone is different. It's finding your own niche and what works best for you and your database.

Nick:  14:44  
I just think the most important thing is just connecting with them. Like, you know, for myself, you know, once I start calling and talking to someone, like, you guys have been on my calls for a very long time now. Like, you guys know that, like, you know, when I'm calling, I'm pretty much on the phone for 10 to 20 minutes with a random person that allows me to help them a little bit. And what I've noticed is once you do it that way, and you do it correctly, where they're just like really super chill with you, what's going to happen is they're going to reach out when they're ready. And that's all you do. That's all. The goal of this call is just to connect with them, get them to know you, like you, and trust you. And then after that, they come to you. 

Crystal:  15:25  
You have to check them and see what they are doing every now and then. Watch their lead alerts, see what their activity is. So, if you keep watching your leads, you start to familiarize yourself with you too, and who's also becoming more active, as well. So, you start to notice Nick keeps coming on the website more often now, like who's this Nick guy, right? He's starting to look at listings more often. That can indicate a shift in Nick's plans, right? We're going to, kind of, reach out to Nick and see where he is at, see if he needs my help right now.

Nick:  15:52  
Yeah. How do you make them like you? Honestly, what you need to do is just…

Crystal:  15:57  
Cake and cookies. Wine helps too.

Nick:  15:59  
I know, right? What I do is just let; I think what's super important is just letting them know who you are and why you're calling them. And then after that, once they get that, then you need to just quickly blow over on just, like, criteria, in my personal opinion. And then when you're doing the criteria, you start getting a little bit personal: Oh, like, how come you're looking for, you know, a large backyard? Do you have kids? Do you have a dog? Like, anything that you can connect with them, and basically have a conversation like you would have with a friend. That's how you start building, you know, trust and like, and then once they know that you know the area and you know the stats, and you know, like, the right plan for them, that's when they start trusting you. And that's when, you know, you're their, basically, person. So, that's what I would just recommend. 

Like, I am more of a relationship agent rather than a transactional agent. For me, that's just what's been working. And what's been giving me a lot of, like, this year, especially implementing a team and such, like, I've been getting a lot of people coming out of the woodworks right now, like a lot of people are just, you know, wanting to work with us, which is amazing. So, we, kind of, built that brand where people, like, you know, follow us and they get to know us, they get to see the behind the scenes, and when they're ready, they're just hitting us up, right? Yeah, if you want to have an idea of how I do my social media, just follow us on morettirealestate. Kate, our Social Media Marketing Manager, she kind of deals with all that. So, you know, it's really hard to do everything yourself. Like, as a solo, it's hard to lead gen two, three hours a day. On top of that, when you have a listing or a buyer that you're dealing with, that takes time out of your day. On top of that, once your day is almost over, you're like: Shit, I forgot to fricking post on social media. And it's like: Shit, what do I post? It's just like, if you're not always building on your content and building on these other things, you know, it's tough. And that's where a lot of real estate agents are falling through the cracks.

Crystal:  18:02  
Yeah, it's all your pillars, right? So it's, remember, you've got several different pillars. And you guys can, if you're doing social media, and like, firstly, your Facebook and everything is connected to your Instagram, which is great in a lot of cases, is go on Facebook and be there for, like, once a week, or once every two weeks and just schedule two weeks worth of posts. Then they're done. You have the time in that moment to do it. It's hard because you have to discipline yourself to do it. That's the thing, right? So a lot of this, and it's like running any kind of business, you have to have that discipline to keep it regular, right, and consistent with what you're doing and what your efforts are. 

Nick:  18:45  
What I was going to say too is, like, it's also really hard because, you know, you need to, like, you can't do like, okay. So, I think that if you're going to get on social media - great. Start doing photos and those kinds of things. But really, like, you need to do reels, you need to make videos, you need to like, you know, do like the next level because everyone, all your competition is already doing the next level, you know?

Crystal:  19:11  
If you have a niche as well. So, like, find that niche. A friend of mine is, she's brand into real estate. She's only been licensed, I think in March, I want to say. No, hold on, November maybe. I can't remember. It was, like, she's new, let's put it that way. And she's already got, like, listings lying down. She's very, like, it's just her personality type, though. She's always very, she's a very empathetic person, right? So, she attracts, and she helps, and that's what draws people to really like her, and then they know that she's, you know, acting in their best interest at all times. But she posts, and she loves hiking. And she actually had somebody reach out to her yesterday because of an Instagram post. And it was just her, like, posting that she was going on a hike or whatever, and this guy was also, you know, an outdoor enthusiast, and that's what drew him to her, you know, indicating I'm going to be wanting to move the area, and I want to build a house with a lake view, right? So, he's looking for a lot, right? So, it's just that. So, it's taking even something that you're really great at outside of real estate, and guarantee, you can create a following just off of that. You're going to have people that relate to you, or like that, you know about you that will reach out, or when you are talking to them, it just makes your conversation so much easier, right? Because you have something in common to talk about, ultimately, right?

Nick:  20:33  
100%. And also, too, it's those posts that get more engagement when you're showcasing, like, a little bit of your lifestyle where you like to do certain things. Like, for me, if I like to play soccer, like, you know, that's what I'll post, you know what I'm saying? So, because it's just finding qualities that other people know and like. And, once they are like, that's the thing. It's like, so many people when they go downtown Bowmanville, it's cool, but it's also, kind of, not weird, I wouldn't say, like, it's just interesting to see that people follow you. And people already know you before you meet them. Like I had, I've walked into stores, and people are like: Oh, you're Nick. We love what you're doing. And it's like: I don't even know you.

Crystal:  21:15  
Yeah. Like, the only time I have had that was when I was younger, going to parties, and then the next you run into some: Hey, like, No, I don't know who you are, what did I do? That was, like, 19-year-old Crystal. But, like, that's uncomfortable. Like, it's a little bit, you know, and especially in the beginning, when somebody knows who you are without you even really knowing who the heck they are. It can be a little awkward and, like, uncomfortable, right? You're just like: How do you know me, right? And I've had, you know, I've actually had a cop pull me over and being like: I know you, and I was like: No, you don't. He was: No, no, no, like, work-related. I was like: Okay, like, I'm here. I'm like: How the heck would I even know this person, right? 

Nick: 22:00
Thank God, right?

Crystal:  22:01
Yeah. So, he didn't give me a ticket, though. 

Nick:  22:04

Crystal:  22:05
He probably thought he knew me. 

Nick:  22:11  
So like, just try and go back on the calls. It's just like, I think as a newer agent, if anyone on here is, I think just like what Chris was saying, is having your pillars. So, for example, when I first came into real estate, I focused on three pillars. Get three pillars that you know. So, for me, it was like AgentLocator. It was social media, and then it was door-knocking, right? You know, what I would recommend is pick three, but start mastering one, but still do the other two, right? And then, once you master one, then you can go to the next pillar and focus on that as well too. That's the best way to win in real estate.

Crystal:  22:49  
Start small, not big. Yeah, you're not going to be the big agent right out of the gate, right?

Nick:  22:55
Unless you have a huge sphere of influence and people.

Crystal:  22:57
And lots of money, lots of money. So, a lot of these realtors are out there, you see their marketing or what have you, they've been at it for years, and they started small. And they started, and it just kept growing, and growing, and growing to the point where now some of them out there definitely dominate different areas because of that. But you have; they all started small. They didn't start this big, they started this big, and then they, kind of, grew.

Nick:  23:21  
Like, I started with $300 first, with AgentLocator, and that brought me to, now, over $1,000, right? So, you know, that's just, kind of, how it works. You just have to find something that you do. At the end of the day, your lead gen, you might not like at the beginning, right? Because we're building a habit. But I've learned after doing, you know, the 28 days or 30 days is you kind of look forward to it and then, you know, you kind of get better at it too because you're practicing.

Crystal:  23:48  
Yeah, absolutely.

Nick:  23:51  
A little bit, just before. T-E-C-H-I. Touchy? Techie?

Crystal:  24:03  
Techie. Techy. I don't know. Hey, it's Nick. No name and context. Voicemail will tell us maybe.

Nick:  24:23  

Voicemail:  24:27
Your call has been forwarded to a voicemail that has not been initialized but thank you for calling. The number is not available at this time. 

Nick:  24:35
Whatever. Bye. You guys can hear it fine, right?

Crystal:  24:58  
Yeah, yeah. 

Voicemail:  25:14
Hi, you've reached Christine. I'm not able to take your call right now. Please, leave a message.

Nick:  25:21  
Hey, Christine, I hope you're doing well. It's actually Nick Moretti giving you a shout. I actually just want to thank you so much for coming onto our website And I just want to make sure that you were able to find what you were looking for. I know for most people who are coming on, they're just in the information stage and just trying to learn what's kind of going on in that city that they're interested in, maybe moving to in the future. I just want to make sure your criteria were set up properly. If you can give me a shout back, or call me, or text me, sorry, at 416-559-5301, I'd be happy to change your criteria and alter what you're looking for. So, I can give you better search criteria and ultimately finding homes that you do want to see. Other than that, I hope you're enjoying your morning, and I look forward to chatting with you soon. Bye.

Crystal:  26:10  
Have you noticed; one of our questions in here was just: In the last month, have you noticed a decline in the number of leads you're getting?

Nick:  26:17  
I'm going to be honest, like, I've been slacking on my calls. I've just been really busy with my referrals and my repeat business that's been coming out of the woodworks right now. I am seeing that more people are reaching out. Am I seeing leads drop? I don't think so. Kayla hasn't really said anything to me. And, like, I'm still seeing leads come in. I think it's just depending on the city that you're in. Maybe they're not searching a lot. Here in Durham Region, it's, like, the cheapest in value compared to all the other cities. So, I feel like there's a little bit more of a flock that comes over here. But I'm not really seeing a drop-off per se. If you are seeing that, maybe call the support line and just see if everything is set up okay. 

Crystal:  27:09  
Yeah. They'll make tweaks to your account just to see if they notice, like: Okay, well, we can add, just change some things with the bid strategy, which can increase the, you know, the performance a little bit.

Nick:  27:21  
If I were you, Elena, I would, Elena or Elena, whichever way… 

Crystal:  27:29  
It was Sunny. Here in King-Vaughan, which is, you know, probably one of the higher-priced areas of the GTA as well, right? It's, you're not getting a lot of fish in this market. That could be what is deterring people from looking for properties in that area because they know that they're now way, they, you know, for some people, they're just out of reach. Now they're way out of reach, right? So, why bother?

Nick:  27:55  
What I would advise for you, and it's all obviously up to you. I see that you have two areas. I would just move it all to Vaughan, your budget. Because King, the thing is with King, you're getting a lot of more like $3, $4, or $5 million homes. And sometimes, in that kind of range, most of those sellers have, like, good relationships with agents. I'm not saying this happens all the time, right? But when you start getting to $3, $4, $5, $6, $7 million homes, they're, kind of, a little bit set up, I think, in my personal opinion. So, it's a little bit harder to build relationships right off the online gate. Not saying it can't happen. I'm just saying that I think it's a little bit harder. And if I were you, I would put all your budget probably in Vaughan because Vaughan has a lot more semis, attached houses where people are willing to move up because they now, you know, maybe bought their attached house for  $600-700k. Now it's worth $1.2 - $1.3.

Crystal:  28:53  
And if you are targeting, since I have agents that will want to target those niche neighborhoods, but they don't just do their Google ads in that area. They're trying to make themselves known to those individuals. So, they're; yeah, they're door-knocking, and they're leaving stuff. They're going, and they're bringing buyers, and they're talking to these owners, and they're really getting their foot in that door. So, even if, you know, some of these people do have agents and you keep showing up every couple of months just saying: Hey, how are you doing? You're increasing the chance that they, kind of, go: Oh, my other agent hasn't been bothered even saying hi to me lately. Here's Elena coming at my door and, you know, saying hi every couple of weeks, right? So, if you're trying to get into those markets, it's a bit more than just running ads and bringing buyers into those markets. It's working for the community and the people that actually live in those areas as well.

Nick:  29:47  
I totally agree with you, and I think all also, too, if your budget allows it, is try to get the retargeting marketing just because that means, like, if they come to your website, then if they go to other places, they'll see your ad pop up. I think that's really good to perfect. I think that's really good because, you know, people are leaving your website. And if you don't have it, maybe one of your competitors is. Just because, like I said, like, if they're coming onto your website, they're coming on to five other ones generally, right? I know, basically, real estate agents are, like, master stalkers.

Crystal:  30:20  
So, what you can even do, on a side note here, is if you guys are doing any kind of drops or anything like door knocking, or leaving, you know, cards, you know, materials with homeowners, whether you're talking to them or not, is you can buy a specific domain, right? An ultimate domain that you use for print. And you could say, like, you know, sold prices in King, for example, this is like a hypothetical, and then have that actually forward to the website, to the sold listing, so that they can sign up to receive those sold listings on your website. And then, plus, you have the tag marketing. So, if they do do that, then they're going to see your ads on top of you sending them emails. So, that one marketing piece, should they do it if you're talking to them, explaining it to them, then you, or you can even set them up for yourself, if you're talking to them, right, and just grabbing their information, but then that's the way to keep getting your name in front of them. And who doesn't want to see, you know, especially in those areas where like: Oh, man, neighbours' listings are really going up there in price. You're selling for, you know, good, you know, good buck right now. So, they might, you know, that could, you know, encourage somebody to kind of consider a move as well, right? So, but it's giving them something that would be valuable, right, and giving them those sold listings because you're on TRREB is definitely something that a lot of people are looking for. They want to see, or they go, you know, we all love to see what their neighbor's house listed for. Why not give them, keep giving them updates when it sells? And then they start to recognize your name with real estate. So, when the neighbor's house goes up for sale, they know that you're going to be in touch soon with: a) either the listing information or b) the sold information, right? So, and then they're thinking about you whenever they're seeing real estate in their neighborhood. So, that's another way that you can, kind of, loop all that in.

Nick:  32:09  
Yeah, like, that's the thing. When I'm doing these calls, like, I'm also trying to get them on the NosyNeighbour. I'm trying to get them on these kinds of things so that they, you're always top of mind. And, you know, what I've been getting is just like when they are ready, they're like: Nick, I'm ready for you to come in. And, you know, generally, there's no competition at that point where it's just like: I just want you. So yeah, and I think also, too, like I said, I started door knocking when I first started. And I think, you know, our team is going to go back to that this summer; well, not summer, but like, you know, just, yeah, there's a lot of opportunities. And still, like, even with this market shifting, I still think it's great to have listings. Just because, you know, a) it's advertisement, b) as long as you, you know, set your clients up for, like, the sellers' expectations correctly. Like, it shouldn't be that painful, you know what I'm saying?

Crystal:  32:59  
Yeah, and door knocking really is nice, like, you have to go in the expectation that you're not going to get the listing. 

Nick:  33:05
They're not going to know what…

Crystal:  33:08
It's like that - calling a lead, except for you're knocking on their door, you're building this, you're initiating the relationship, right? So, where better than to get a first impression from somebody than to talk to them in person. So, that's when you can really leave your cards on the table and be like: Hey, like, you know, this is who I am. And you either click with somebody, or you don't. And when you click with somebody that is just, you know, it's a great feeling. Because you know, now I just gotta keep, you know, proving myself, exactly, and then we know that this is definitely going to be something that comes to fruition at some point, right? It may not be right away, but it'll be at some point. And a lot of, you know, individuals don't get that. First impressions make a world of difference, especially if you hit it off, and then it's just a matter of what you're doing after that to keep that going.

Nick:  33:59  
For sure. So, like, for door-knocking because I see some questions here. Like, it really just depends, like this year, we're going to start farming a small area of maybe 150 homes, 200 homes, and then start later on working bigger and bigger, right? But, start small. So, basically, when you're door knocking, depending on if it's a listing that you have, or you know, someone else that has a listing on that street that just got sold for a really great price. Generally what you want to do, what I do is I take like, if I'm going to that street or a couple of streets, I'm kind of pulling sales that just happened in and around that area. I don't give them the paper. I hold on to it myself. My goal is to gain their information, meaning like getting a phone number, email, and a full name, you know what I'm saying? Just because then, at that point, they're giving you the information to contact them. And then now when you get all these people, it's kind of like the same scripts as AgentLocator but tailored to door knocking. So, meaning like, you know, what I generally do is when you knock on the door, I stand back. And I kind of turn myself halfway, just so they're not like thinking I'm fricking just, you know, just looking at the door waiting for them. I'm kind of gazing around. When they open, I just kind of, like, I don't walk towards them, I just kind of say: Hey, how are you? My name is Nick Moretti. I'm a local real estate agent. And I just want to come by just to let you know that your neighbor over here sold very, very well, which set a really great price for the area. And I understand that you might not, you know, want to sell or be ready to; I just wanted to actually come by, introduce myself, let you know what's kind of happening in your neighborhood. Because we do know that once one listing sells, there are usually two or three other listings that do come on the market. And I was just wondering, would you be the next listing that is going to come on the market? See what they say. They say: No? Okay, no problem. Well: Hey, did you know that the selling area on your street is, you know, XML, here's some of the recent comps on your street that just sold. And that kind of opens them up a little bit more. Obviously, they're not giving you any fricking time, right?

Crystal:  35:59  
You can bring, if you're circle prospecting around a sold listing, for example, bring a whole bunch of those data sheets showing that you can actually give it to them, right? Then say: Here are, like, take a look, right? Leave it with them. 

Nick:  36:14  
No, see, this is where I wouldn't do that. What I would do is I would hold the files properly. And I'm like: You know what, I know I have a bunch of properties. And I'm just kind of showcasing it here. What's your email? I'll forward them to you. Because, like I said, when you're door-knocking, the goal is to get information, right? Because if you just give it to them, they're not going to fricking call you. In my personal opinion, you know what I'm saying?

Crystal:  36:35  
Well, you can give them that. But you can also do that by offering them sold listings, but you want to receive regular updates like this.

Nick:  36:42
But that's when you go with NosyNeighbour?

Crystal:  36:45  
Then you're getting them on NosyNeighbour, right? So, then they're getting those, or however you usually do it, set them up, but it's like: Hey, I can do this, you're getting these regular updates instantly. Or if you prefer, I can come to check in with you every three months and, you know, bring you your package so you can see and, you know, everyone's different, right? Some people will never open an email. Some people will. Yeah. So, it's doing or working with that person how they want to be communicated with.

Nick:  37:13  
For sure. So, that's kind of what I'm doing. And I'm kind of letting them know that, and then what I do is I'll get their name. I'm like: Okay, well, you know, if you do want to get this stuff, all I just need is your email and your name. So, you know, what's your name if you don't mind me asking, whatever. I ask for their email, and I go: Oh, by the way, just in case of, if there's, like, really great news to tell you, what's your number? You know what I'm saying? And then you get all three, which is really good. I used to door knock like 2, 3, 4 times a week just because I was new. I needed to build my database. I actually almost had three houses in a row, which is kind of cool. And that's the cool thing about door knocking is, especially if you sell one house, I would encourage you if it's in your market to door knock that area and get the listing on that street.

Crystal:  38:00  
I'd say every three to four months, you should be hitting the same street.

Nick:  38:03  
100%. You know, I think if you're starting to door knock, I think what is powerful is maybe doing it where you live. Maybe, you know, I'm kind of weird too. Like, I don't want to really door knock on my street. But go on the street next to it. And I think a really good thing, too, is like: Hey, listen, like, you know, a lot of real estate agents are just going to try to sell your house. At the end of the day, I have skin in the game. I live, like, just down the street. I want your house to sell high, you know? So, I'm going to do everything I can to get it done. Me saying that has gotten me a lot more help. And also, too, now that I'm, you know, established, having my own team. Like, I'm finding that a lot of people on my street are starting to follow me and stuff like that. I think also, too, if you don't want to door knock, why don't you do it this way? If you want a prospect on your street, maybe buy one of those big; so, I bought an inflatable, like, projector that you can, like, inflate, that's like a 100 inches screen, right? What you can do is this year, we're going to try to do like a street movie night. So, basically, you just print out, leave things on the door and then get people to come and talk to you about real estate. Once you're, you know?

Crystal:  39:16  
You hold a community event, right? Whether it's a street for your actual subdivision event or the actual community, if there's a park and you're, if you obviously get your permits to do that. And a lot of the agents that really focused on those farm areas they're doing that. They're not just door-knocking. They're not just poster dropping. They're holding events for the community to benefit from, right? So, they're getting all these people coming out, no strings attached. They know, well aware, who's putting it on, you're at the event, you know? You've got this for the kids or whatever, you know, whatever it may be, and that's where people start to recognize you and your efforts, right? So, you're offering them all these things, and you're not expecting anything in the immediate return. You're just like: Here, I want to do this. See, I'm, you know, I love this community. It's a great community. It's a great way to get everyone together.

Nick:  40:06  
Yeah, what you're doing is you're just spending money to get everyone together. And then, like, selling. So, there's a really good book. If everyone's interested, it's called Ninja selling. It's actually really good. So, the whole point of ninja selling is kind of, like, not talking about selling real estate. It's kind of about, like, you know, kind of clicking with people, and then getting them to ask you these questions, which is a lot more powerful, right? You know, honestly, like, I would start, if you're looking to kind of build that, kind of, like, I think farming your area is good, where you live. I know it's kind of, like, hard when you're trying to figure out ways to connect with your neighbors and stuff. But you have to remember, like, generally, your neighbors see you all the time. For me, like, you know, our brokerage, when we win awards and stuff, they actually come to my house and put a sign saying: An award-winning agent's there. So, it's kind of, like, another touch, right? On my street that I bought on, I've already done three deals on it. So, like, people already see my sign, and they already know.

Crystal:  41:06  
And they like the fact that you live there because you're going to try, you're not going to try to lowball on a list price or whatever, you know? Whatever their house sells for is affecting the value of your home. So, why wouldn't you try to get the highest price?

Nick:  41:18  
Exactly. I think the most important line is saying: I have skin in the game. Like, all these other agents are going to negotiate their rate. Maybe they'll give you, you know, a 1% rate, but you have to understand, in order to get top dollar, especially in the shifting market, is you need an agent who knows the market and be who is actually going to spend the money back into your listing. I'm not going to fricking be taking photos with fingers in my photos, you know what I'm saying? Like, all these kinds of things. And also, too, like, I live here. I want you to sell high because I have skin in the game. I want my house to still sell high, you know? 

Crystal:  41:48

Nick:  41:50
So, I think that's, kind of, the best way to do it. And, you know, another way of doing it is, for example, this, for Easter, we're giving away succulents to my past clients and stuff. But what I'm trying to say is that if you're doing, you know, client appreciation stuff, is if you know, and you have good relationships on the street, like, today, I'm probably going to be dropping seven of those succulents off from neighbors on my street that I already built a relationship with. And, kind of, just let them know it's another touch, right? You want to be touching your leads a lot, right? Like, a lot of people just don't do that, especially with AgentLocator. They'll call, and they'll just kind of say: Hey, you know, get back to me when you can, but like, it doesn't work like that. You have to, like, always be touching people and, like, if you, what I've learned is if you give people things unexpectedly, they really take it to heart. And that's a really good way to touch someone because their guard's not up. It's just like: Wow, I can't believe this person thought of me. Well, yeah, like, if you know your address, like, I'm talking about your neighbors. Like, you know neighbors that say hi to you and, you know, what house they're going into, you know what I mean? That's what I'm thinking, like, obviously, if you don't say hi to someone, you don't just, like, I don't know.

Crystal:  43:12  
And you do your pop-bys with your regular clients, or, past clients as well. Don't send them stuff in the mail saying: Hi. Go and knock on their door and say: Hey, I was in the neighborhood, right? So, one of the top producing teams, I can't remember if he's in DC or Canada. He lives here in Kelowna, anyway. And so, he stopped by every week, 20 clients' houses. It's just his past clients. So, that, you know, in addition to him generating new leads and stuff, his primary, his team generally works on the new leads. He is all past clients because he's always going in front of them and just saying: Hi. I was in the neighbourhood, just wanted to say hi. How are you guys doing, right? So, it's a lot more personal. It's just a phone call.

Nick:  44:00  
You know what I've learned, like, honestly, when you do past deals with clients, a lot of agents, I'm going to say 90% of them, once they do a deal, they never hear from their agent again. So, if you would deal with your client and they've had a good experience, and you still stay in touch, like you see them quarterly or whatever. Generally, you don't need to bring them anything. They're just super excited that you actually came by and thought about them. And you're doing this out of the goodness of your heart, and you're not making money from it. You know what I mean? I think that way is really good, honestly. 

Crystal:  44:30  
Shows a lot about your character, right? Just really, hands down. You weren't in it just for the money. You're in for, you know, the long term, the long game, right?

Nick:  44:39  
Yeah. Like, I'm actually doing a lot of pop by's more frequently because now I have a database of, like, 150+ people that I have done deals with, right? So, now it's like, you know, now it's trying to work on those referrals and like, you know?

Crystal:  44:53  
Just coming through and just saying: Hi. Like, it's not, you know, it's nothing big. It's nothing major, but that's where you're going to get your repeat business and referrals and things like that. And a lot of people forget that, right? They forget to follow up with their past clients, and then they're like: Oh, you moved again, you never called me. You never called me. So, you know, you have to work for it. Like, it's not just: I'm going to give it to you because I have to, right?

Nick:  45:17  
And a good tip that I would give a lot of agents right now is, I don't know what you guys do for the closing day or whatever, whatever. There's a lot of agents that don't give gifts, or don't do anything like, you know, obviously, you don't need to, you know, give a gift to someone. But what I've learned is that you need to get them a thank you card. A lot of, not a lot, but there's a good amount of deals where they've used me, just because they're like: Honestly, I don't like my real estate agent. He didn't even give me a thank you card after I gave him so much money for his effort, right? And they felt like they weren't appreciated. And like, you know, I think the best way to build your business is going more on the relationship route because if you're transactional, that means that you always have to work. You always have to lead gen in order to meet your numbers. Whereas if you're relationship-based, anytime something new happens, like: Oh, I gotta move, oh, I'll call Nick. Like, that's kind of what it is. And then once you start farming your area and stuff like that, for myself, everyone kind of knows me in my area now because: a) I have a license plate that says selling 905, and I'm in a convertible. So, like, they're going to see me, you know what I'm saying? And plus, once you have your signs up in the area and stuff like that, they're going to be like: Oh, okay, this is Nick again. Okay, this is Nick again. Like, you know, I went to a listing appointment last night that I already sold the house five years ago, and the new buyer, I was a listing agent, and the new buyers reached out to me because they want me to sell their house. So, it's just like, you know?

Crystal:  46:46  
And closing gifts, if you guys are thinking of closing gifts, like, you know, bottles of wine, those are always nice. But if you give them something that they can use in their house, right, where it's something inside, where it's like a nice little sign or thing, or like a plant, something that is there. Then, every time if someone's like: Oh, that's like: I love that, where'd you get that? Or if they're looking at it, they're always thinking of the person who gave that to them, right? Whereas if you give them a bottle of wine, they're just going to drink it, and it's gone, right? So, it's, there's no memory there. Unless you give them a lot of wine, and then they have a really bad memory of all the wine you gave them, right? It's just giving them something that they're looking at, they remember who they got it from. And it's a subtle way of keeping yourself.

Nick:  47:36  
For sure. And I think too, Elena, basically, you know, what you're saying about door knocking. I wouldn't, you know, you're saying like: I'm in the area, would it be okay to come by and see you? Don't ask for permission. Just knock on their door. And then when they open, you're kicking back, and you're going to say: Hey, you know what, I just actually was in the area, I had a listing appointment down the street, or whatever you want to say. I just want, I know that you're on the street. And I just kind of wanted to come by and say: Hi, how are you doing?

Crystal:  48:04  
You're not popping in. You're popping by, you know, over for dinner. You're just knocking and saying: Hey, how are you?

Nick:  48:11  
Because, the thing is, though, some people are super, like, you know, they don't want people to come by. They're just like, that's just the type of person they are. But you want to also have that face-to-face and kind of saying, like: Hey, like, you know, just wanted to stop by, just say: Hey. If they invite you in, you're more than welcome to go in, right? But it's more so of just connecting them quickly for 5-10 minutes on, you know, in front of the door, and then maybe setting up another call to just catch up with them.

Crystal:  48:34  
Yeah, yeah. So, golf balls as well, for Muhammed, that's such a good one if you know they're golfers and you get them a really nice, you know, set of golf balls. I don't know anything about golf, but, you know, something like that that they're actually going to treasure, or even like a golf glove, right? Like, something that they're going to actually use. And every time they're using it, they're going to know where it came from, right? So, and that also, kind of, shows that you were listening. You're actually, like, not just here for the deal. You were actually listening and care about them and their life and their interests and things like that. You're thoughtful enough to get them something that they would actually enjoy.

Nick:  49:11  
Yeah, for sure. And then I understand what Brian Buffini is saying, but I, honestly, if my clients are inviting me in, I'm going to go in. They're going to invite me for wine. They're going to invite me for whatever, I'm fricking drinking it. And I'll tell you why. Because at the end of the day, it shows that it's you and them, you know what I'm saying? And then when you leave, they're going to be like: Oh, my God, I can't believe he just stayed, took his day out. Like, obviously don't stay for a whole afternoon, but like, do just 30 minutes.

Crystal:  49:38  
It's a relationship. It's a friendship too. It's not all just a business transaction. It's a friendship, right? 

Nick:  49:44  
Exactly. And when they call, when they get calls from someone: Oh, what did you do? Oh, my realtor just actually popped by, and we were just having a bottle of wine. We're just chilling. Like, oh, well, you know what, I'm actually thinking of moving. And like, you know, and that's how you build the referrals. I find you got to just chill with them like a friend. Like, don't expect anything back. Just chill with them, and if they come back, they come back. If not, you keep seeing them. 

Crystal:  50:06  
Yep. Absolutely.

Nick:  50:07  
So, I know that we didn't do a lot of calls, but we did a lot of, more of like, coaching, I would say. You know, I hope you guys kind of found this a little bit more interesting. I mean, I love doing the calls. But I think that it's also really important to, kind of, know, you know?

Crystal:  50:23 
The strategy behind the success.

Nick: 50:25

Crystal:  50:26
It's not just going and talking to me. There's more to it. 

Nick:  50:30
Exactly. Yeah. But, yeah, what, are you nervous? You know what, honestly, if you're nervous, this is what I would do. When I was nervous and door-knocking, guess what I did? I just did more door-knocking. The only way to get over that is just to do it. Now I just do, I can just pull up like; honestly, I could, like, just do it.

Crystal:  50:56  
It's one of those things like calling people, right? It's things in life that we know we're going to benefit from that make us uncomfortable, that only help us grow and become better at what we're doing, right? So, you've got to start. No one else there picks up a phone, and it is a cold call where it's just like: Yeah, I got this and had no discomfort whatsoever. There's, like, never, I can imagine anyone has ever done that. There's always some level of discomfort. And yeah, I was in that shoe as a new agent myself and going door-knocking. I was like: I don't know what to say to these people, right? And then so, it's very nerve-racking, but it's just: Be yourself. Just be yourself who's just saying: Hi. You will know. You'll learn through talking to people what your dialogue should be, what your little script should be, and you'll pick up where it's just kind of like: Okay, well, that kind of went weird. Try this way instead, right? It's, you know, nothing; no one's going to slam a door in your face. Okay, so don't worry about that. It's, you know, if it does happen, well, good, you don't want to deal with, like, mark that house: Do not contact these people. A-holes, right? So, it's kind of a blessing in disguise. 

But most people will never slam a door. They will give you the time of day. They will talk to you. Some of them are more accepting of the conversation. Some of them aren't, right? But it's just, you kind of just keep going. And then you go back, and you're hitting that house three, four months from now: Hey, just stopping by, how are you guys doing? Compliment them on something. So, whenever they come, if you see something around the yard, that's a great way to start a conversation. I love what you've done with the garden here. What kind of plants are those? Or whatever it is, give them a compliment. They opened the door, and you say: Oh my god, that's an amazing picture back there, right? If you compliment them first, that kind of drops that guard down, right?

Nick:  52:38  
Exactly. And sometimes I've been standing in front of the door for half an hour, just chatting. Like, it's just funny. The only thing that I would not recommend is when they say: Oh, yeah, you know what, I'm actually interested. Why don't you come in and give me an assessment? Personally, I wouldn't do that. I'd be like: Listen, I only actually have enough time just to, you know, meet people and give education right now. But I'd be so happy to give you an assessment. Are you available later on today or tomorrow?

Crystal:  53:06  
Yeah, well, you gotta go and, you know, I gotta get; like, when you have the comps, it's kind of tricky. But yeah, you're never walking into the house, that's risky for yourself, too, right?

Nick:  53:16  
But it's not just that. It's just like; it doesn't, at the end of the day, like, when I go to my listing appointments, you want it to be, you know, you want it to be memorable. If you just walk in, you're just, yes, you'll know your stuff on top. But for me, I leave a book, right? Because people are going to refer back to it. And if I don't have those listing tools that I use to close, they're not going to even remember me, and they're only looking at the transaction. They're only looking at, like: How much money can you get me, whereas if you come with the whole process and everything, they're going to take that meeting a little bit more seriously. So, that's what I would recommend, right? And like yeah, if you're a lady, too, you can't just walk into a guy's house. But it can happen for guys, too, now, right? 

Crystal:  54:05
Yeah, absolutely. 

Nick:  54:06
I'm a big guy, so I don't know if anyone has the balls to do that to me, but I mean, there are people, you know?

Crystal:  54:12  
Yeah, absolutely. Never know what you'll get.

Nick:  54:17  
Exactly. But I think if you're nervous, just start scripting more.

Crystal:  54:21  
Yes. You'll learn, though. You'll learn just by talking. Just say: Hey, I just wanted to say hi. And just introduce yourself and just pretend you're at a cocktail party and each of these people are all people you don't know. It's just you knocking on doors to talk to them. They're not just standing there.

Nick:  54:34  
And, honestly, like, I don't advise this, but if you need to, like, loosen your stuff, take a quick little shot of something before you go. I mean, obviously, don't get lit, right? Like, if you wanted to just…

Crystal:  54:46  
Get that confidence level going.

Nick:  54:49  
And then make sure you have gum, so they don't smell alcohol on you. Alright. It's okay. Take a few shots, and you're good. Well, if you guys have any questions, please let me know. If you guys want to chat with me or connect, follow me on morettirealestate and reach out to me, and I'll take care of you guys there. But thank you guys so much, and next time we'll definitely do a little bit more calling, but I think it's really good to know the motivation before the calling, personally.

Crystal:  55:21  
Absolutely, absolutely. Perfect. Thanks, everyone. We'll see you again in a couple of weeks. Bye.
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