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Project Manager (fluent in Spanish and English) for the Canadian and USA Market

About the job

As a Project Manager, you will be the main link between our clients and the production team. This position implies frequent communication with existing and new clients. You will have the opportunity to communicate with clients of various cultural backgrounds. One of the major requirements for this position is timely and reliable transfer of information to all the people involved in the project. Solid multitasking skills are also required since the Project Manager position implies "smaller" tasks as well as complex activities that are crucial for meeting client expectations. Since our clients are real-estate agents who want to create web sites and/or use our CRM system, it is desirable to have solid computer skills.

Key qualities:

1. Spanish and English Language - Fluent oral and written communication in Spanish and English is a must because our clients are native English or native Spanish speakers. In addition, our clients will often not be able to exactly express what they are looking for. In such situations you should be able to help them out, so you need to be able to read between the lines.

2. Be an Excellent Communicator - Being a communicator means recognizing that it is a two- way street. All communication on your project should be clear and complete. As a Project Manager, you will have to deal with both, written and oral communication, in the form of documents, meetings, reviews and reports. A good mental guideline is "who needs this information, who gathers and delivers it, when or how often do they need it, and in what form will I give it to them".

3. Be a Good Organizer and Consistent Planner – Let us just think of the aspects you will need to organize: project filing including all documentation, emails, memos, meetings, requirements and specifications, reports... It is almost impossible to stay organized without having time management skills.

Benefits of joining our team

  • As a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to:
  • work on real-time projects and become a respectable team member
  • work with young teammates and experienced colleagues
  • communicate with different types of clients and manage a broad scope of client requests
  • be a connection point between foreign clients, our customer support team and the
  • nagement team
  • further develop your core and soft skills
  • have a competitive salary
  • have a long-term perspective in our company and IT sector

If you feel you are a very good and accurate communicator, have good self-organization and organization skills, would like to work with different profiles of people, feel the need to motivate your team-members and possess the drive to achieve high results, this is the right working environment and a great career opportunity for you.


Sarajevo and Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Working Hours:

3PM - 11PM, Monday - Friday

Main tasks and responsibilities
  • Scheduling and making phone calls to Real Estate clients on a daily basis
  • Collecting information about client needs and expectations
  • Timely and reliable transfer of client requirements to production team members
  • Assigning tasks and project activities to production team members
  • Referring clients to the persons in charge of providing additional services
  • Timely communication with the clients and team members until the service is fully completed
  • Gradually establishing long-term relationships with clients by meeting high standards of service
  • Transparent, reliable and accurate communication with clients, the production team and supervisors
Desirable profile:
  • Proactive and highly communicative person
  • Positive can-do attitude to find product solutions in line with client expectations
  • olite and professional approach, as well as patience and emotional stability during
  • mmunication with clients
  • Ability to work with different client profiles and clients with different cultural backgrounds
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills
  • Basic knowledge of how websites work
  • Solid multitasking skills

Sound like the job for you?

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