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COVID-19 Landing Page

Send new & sold listing notifications to your clients/leads

Existing clients: E-mail [email protected] to add pages (FREE)

New clients: Want to use this landing page?
Call: 647.499.4446
Email: [email protected]
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How it works

For those clients that are on the "Toronto Real Estate Board" feed our system will automatically notify of both new listings & sold listings along with the sold price.

For all other boards our system will only send out new listings until we get sold data for your board. Please note that we are working on getting sold data for additional boards, for more info please contact [email protected]

Not only will your clients/leads stay up to date, you will too. Every time they view a property you will be able to tell which property they looked at and how many times. You will be able to follow their activity right through your dashboard.

Ideas on how you can use this landing page

Below are a few ways you can use this landing page to get you leads and stay in touch with your clients/leads.

Existing Clients/Leads & Your SOI (Sphere of Influence)

The thought over how is COVID-19 going to affect house prices isn't just on minds of real estate agents, it's on our clients minds as well. For that reason you should be now more than ever providing a service to your clients that allows them to stay up to date with what's happening in their own area.

Calling your past clients/SOI & leads:
While this may not be the time to sell & push anyone into a sale it is a time that you can use to connect with your database and provide value.
Here is one idea for a call:
"Hi Mary this is Paul with So & So brokerage, I hope you and your family are doing well through all of this.... I've talked to a number of my past clients and many of them are very curious to see how COVID-19 affects the house prices, while I wish I had the answer to that question I do have something better that would keep you informed so I've been calling everyone I know to get them set up on this completely free service. My system will send you an email with all the pictures & price when a new property goes up for sale as well as when it sells and what it sold for. All I need to get you set up is just your email, you guys still live on 555 The property address?"

Advertising on Facebook to get new leads

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