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How Can I Get Real Estate Leads?

Online lead generation is simple when you have the right tools and resources. We have been creating and perfecting our lead generation program since 2010.

When it comes to online lead generation your questions should be:

What is the cost per lead?
Who do I pay for lead generation?
Is there a minimum to spend per month?
Are there any contracts to sign?

Our Answers are:

Cost per lead varies from city to city depending on competition. Average is $13 per lead but we have seen them go from $8 to $25 per lead.
You would pay Google on a monthly basis for traffic, if you ever have to pay the company directly for each lead you are probably paying too much.
You have to spend at least $200/mo to make lead generation effective.
No, there are no contracts to sign, and you can cancel any time.
How much does it cost to get going?

To get going with a lead generation program you need 2 things. First, our website and lead nurturing software, and secondly, you need a PPC campaign.

Total costs to get going & ongoing fees

One-time setup cost: $349
Website & CRM monthly fee: $59.95/mo
Monthly PPC budget: $200 & up. You decide what you want to spend

How many leads can I get?

Use Our Lead Calculator and see exactly how many leads you can get for your budget.

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Average Campaign (Per Year Stats)

312 Leads Generated
6 Transactions Closed
$48,000 Commission Earned
$6,000 Spent in Advertising for 1 Year
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