Real Estate Lead Nurturing CRM

A CRM created to help you nurture your leads.

Discover a real estate website that converts visitors to Leads

AgentLocator CRM

Highly Customizable

We have built a CRM system like no other. Our CRM system can work for those working as single agents, as wel as those working on a team. We also understand that many agents, before signing up with us, have an existing CRM system. For this reason, we have tied our CRM system to some of the most popular CRM systems currently available.

Easy To Work With

Not only have we built our CRM system for the end user, you, our clients, but we also understand that with every new product, there is a learning curve. This is why we have a dedicated staffer responsible for training our clients on their CRM system and websites. We also have on-demand training videos, as well as an online manual for our clients to access, step by step guides for any questions they may have. Our clients are able to contact support by email and/or phone, Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm EST.

Ready Out of the Box

Your CRM system will come ready to use the moment we create it for you. That's right, we initially take the time to setup your CRM to the default settings we know work best for automation, as well as response. When the CRM is created, you don't need to worry about making sure your CRM is set up before you start getting leads. Our training coordinator will train you on how to customize your CRM system so that it works with and for you.

CRM Cost

AgentLocator CRM comes standard with every website. To get the CRM, you must have a website with us.

Get a Demo

Do you want to take a look at what our CRM has to offer & how it works before you sign on? No problem. Contact us for a demo today.

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