Real Estate SEO Training

Need SEO Training? We can help.

Discover a real estate website that converts visitors to Leads

Real Estate SEO Training

We have two different SEO training classes. Beginner & Advanced Beginner. We also offer expert level training which is usually not beneficial to most agents.


We will cover all the important topics about what SEO is, how an agent can use SEO to their benefit & how to get started with SEO.

Why SEO is important

  • What SEO is
  • How SEO can benefit you as an agent
  • Live examples of high ranking SEO sites & what they deliver

Basic SEO Guide

  • Explanation of why websites rank high
  • How Google, Yahoo & Bing search algorithm's work
  • Tools to use to check SEO rankings & progress

Advanced Beginner

A very in-depth look at SEO. You must have an understanding of what SEO is and how it works to benefit from this training.

Competitor Analysis

  • In depth look at competitor websites
  • Tools used to analyze competitors

Why Links Matter

  • Detailed explanation of why links matter
  • The Do's & Dont's of Links
  • Negative SEO
  • Tools used to find good links

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