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What’s the best time to call leads?

Friday, October 9, 2020 in Resources

Before we dig into stats and numbers, let us quickly remind you that you shouldn't call the leads at the same time every day. Everyone has different routines and you cannot call your leads only when it is convenient for you. A time convenient for you doesn't have to mean that it's convenient for them, too.

To increase answer rate, we always have to change the times that we are calling people, because they have routines. We always have to have that mindset of it's not about it being convenient for us to make the phone calls, it's about them being convenient to answer the phone.

According to some studies, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to call to make contact with a lead. In fact, Thursday is a 49.7% better day to call compared to the worst day, Tuesday.

According to same studies, 4 to 6 PM is the best time to call to make contact with a lead. It is 114% better than calling at 11 to 12 AM, right before lunch.


♦ According to Andy Herrington, who was a member of the three top producing teams (Craig Proctor Team, Dan Plowman Team and Tom & Diane Mitchell Team), 7:00- 8:00 PM is a great time to call, because people are, in general, more relaxed at that time and ready to discuss other thoughts in their lives such as real estate.
♦ Besides that, Andy mentions that 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM are the best morning hours to call, since people are often looking for a way to procrastinate before starting at work.


11:00 AM - Noon - This is a difficult time to get people on phone since they are trying to get some work done before lunch
Noon - 4:00 PM - Everyone is on their lunch break in this period or returning to work or trying to get as much work as done before they return home.


In his book Converting the Crap: How to Make your Real Estate Fortune Converting Internet Leads, Andy Herrington suggests that 9:00-12:00 is the best time to get a hold of people on Saturdays
Sunday - The rule for Sunday depends on your area. If you are in a heavily religious area, calling on Sundays can offend some people. Know your area and don't call when people will be offended. Other than this, Sundays are the same as Saturdays. You may want to start a bit later in the day as many people like to sleep in on Sundays.


If you have international leads coming in, just be aware of their time zone and try to call them at that time!

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