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What should I do when my leads are rejecting my calls?

Friday, October 9, 2020 in Resources


This one is actually very easy (and YES we have ALL been thereangry)

Switch phone numbers.
Try calling from your office phone number.
Use your own home phone or your partner’s cell phone.

Always call at different times. In that way, your leads are going to wonder who keeps calling.

Never leave a message, call at all different days and times, and eventually, they are going to answer the phone. 

All we are trying to do by calling leads is to get them at their convenient time. It is the law of numbers, because once you get that win, you’re like: Oh my God, that was so easy. It’s only easy because you caught them at the absolute perfect time. 

And, if you are not calling your leads consistently, you’re never going to get those easy ones. 

You have to remember that every single one of those leads is in at least three other agents’ dashboards that are your competition. So, go into it with this thinking:  I am doing online lead generation. My two biggest competitors are doing leadgen. If they are a little bit better than me, they have a higher chance of winning. Do you want that? NO ! 
Then get up, take your phone and start calling your leads yes

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