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How to handle the passive “I’m just looking” or “I’m not serious about buying yet” lead?

Friday, October 9, 2020 in Resources


I’m just looking is one of the most annoying answers real estate agents receive, but let us ask you something:
What is the first thing you say when you go to a retail store and the sales clerk says: “Is there anything I can help you with?”. Is it by any chance: "No, I am just looking."? smiley

The most important thing is to keep the conversation going and based on our research and what top real estate agents shared with us, some of the best ways to handle these leads would be to say:

How long have you been looking for? 

♦ Sounds good, so if we found you your perfect home at a great price next week, would you be interested in seeing it?

♦ So, what are your thoughts on what the market is like? Do you like what you see or not?

Oh, you're just looking? No problem. Just browsing and doing some research is always smart before making a big decision.  If you were to buy, what would be your ideal neighborhood?

♦ Great! Do you have to sell something as well, it gives us time to prepare?

That’s great.
1.Keep the conversation going:  If you were to move where would you go?  
2. Find out why that place appeals to them and say: If I found you the perfect place for the perfect price, would you be able to jump on the opportunity?
3. If the answer is yes, then say: In a perfect world, when would you be turning the key to that door?

Watch a great video on this subject below:

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