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How soon should I give a call to my leads once they register on my website?

Friday, October 9, 2020 in Resources

Make sure you get to the lead within 5 minutes after they register on your website. The story goes that you have an 80% higher chance of making contact with them if you reach out immediately. An interesting fact is that the number goes down to 25% if you wait for 40 minutes or more to reach out to them. Always remember that your website is not the only one they are hoping to be able to register on and that if you are not there to reach out first - someone else will.

The great thing about this is that if you have a Leadgen website with us, the system is going to automatically send a text message to your leads 5 minutes after they register on your website. 

In case they do not respond to the automatic text message (sent 5 minutes after registration) or a listing email (sent out automatically 20 minutes after registration), a follow up text message will be sent 24h after their registration on your website. This basically means that the system is going to establish the initial contact with your leads in case you are busy at that moment.

Here is one of the real examples of a lead replying to an automated text message. 



Here is a great video if you would like to learn more about this feature : 

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