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How should my follow up call sound like?

Friday, October 9, 2020 in Resources

The beginning of the conversation:

Hey [Client Name], this is [Your Name]. 

A quick check-in. It looks like you’ve been online, you were looking at some homes in the London area. I am just wondering if you are thinking about making a move or what needs to happen for you to make a move? I want to know more of your story and what you’re looking for so that I can save you some time.

Closing the conversation:

Let me look into the information that you’ve given me now. Let me see what I can find and you can tell me what you don’t like about what I have found, so that I can understand why we haven’t found anything yet.

REMEMBER: If you are honestly coming from a place of how can I help you through the process, and if they’re having conversations with you that they are not going to have with any other agent because you actually care, that is what is going to make the difference.

We can’t make them make a move. All we can do is find out when we need to be there for when they want to move.

This is what one of our clients shared with us:


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