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Additional cold calling tips and tricks

Friday, October 9, 2020 in Resources


♦ Try avoiding yes/no questions. 

Instead of asking: So, you were looking at $700,000 five-bedroom homes in Pickering?
Say something like: So, you were looking in the Pickering area? What is it about this area that interests you the most and what exactly are you looking for?

Let them have the conversation back to keep the conversation going.

  • ♦ If your leads ask for something, make sure to give them the information right away. Don't wait for a couple days!

  • Do not approach your leads in a transaction mode. Try your best to show you’re there to help them, whether they’re looking to buy a new home or sell their current one. It’s one of their biggest decisions in life and it needs to be seamless and painless – which is why you’re there.

Qualify yourself before qualifying them. Make sure you’re the resource of valuable information, guidance and the go-to person for all the questions and help they need throughout the process.

  • Don’t waste too much time on evaluating your leads before the phone call. The longer you take researching, the less people you are going to have answer their phone. Start with the ones that have been active within the last month

  • Here is one amazing tip from our client:

  • Don’t spend too much time on the phone with the lead and don’t give too much value over the phone. First of all, there are other leads waiting on your call. The second thing, you want to meet this lead in person instead of talking over the phone. Why don’t you say something like: Why don’t we just get together so that I can get to know more of your wants and likes.

  • According to Andy Herrington, who was a member of the three top producing teams (Craig Proctor Team, Dan Plowman Team and Tom & Diane Mitchell Team), a huge mistake a lot of sales representatives make is asking the lead if they have an agent too soon in the conversation. This question has no benefit to the client and even though you are required to ask this question before offering your services, do not do that before you find out some information about the lead.

  • Your leads don’t need you unless you create value for them and a way to do that is to ask them the questions that are going to give you enough information to know when they are going to need your services:

What is your situation? 
What has to happen to make a move?
Why are you making that move? 
If we can make it happen sooner, would you be interested in making it happen sooner?

Whenever you put the ball in their court and say: I'll volunteer all the information, you can call us, we all know that they are not going to call you. So, we have to take the horse by the reins and say: How can I best communicate with you? How would you like me to follow up with you? What would be the best time for me to reach back out to you?

 In that way, just set that expectation instead of expecting it. 

We need to be great question askers because then we are controlling the conversation and building the rapport. People like to talk if you ask them the right questions and open them up.  The more you know, the more you can help.


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