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What should my marketing message be right now?

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 in Blog


Real estate agents all around the world are asking themselves the same question: what should I do with my marketing right now? Should I stop lead generation? What should I be saying to my clients/leads right now?

First and foremost, let’s make sure we are aware of the situation. We know that everyone is frustrated right now, our lives just changed in a matter of a few weeks and you can rest assured that people are spending a lot more time on social media these days so we have to make sure that whatever we do we understand how people feel.

Let’s talk about social advertising for a moment. Your message on social and content should include info that are relevant in the current circumstances. What I mean by that is if we are advertising to people on Google or search engines for homes for sale, our ad on Google is still fine as they are searching for that. On Facebook, people are being shown that message if they call into your advertising category.

So, on social, what should you be advertising? Here are a few ideas:

1. Find restaurants that are doing takeout and delivery in these hard times. There are many who are shifting their business model to blogging about those businesses at least for now. Talk about precautions they take to keep people safe. A message like this will not only provide value to your community but also help local businesses who are trying to survive.

2. Explore how parents keep their little ones busy. Give your community some ideas on what they can do, puzzles, games, crafts, painting, etc.

3. Recipes on how to make some tasty meals at home. People have so much more time at home now and they are willing to try new things including experimenting with food.

Lastly, people are curious if their home value will be affected by the situation. To adjust to the new situation, we started working on new ads that you can use to help answer your clients’ questions who may wonder about the effects on the real estate market. Here are some ad and landing page examples we are currently working on. Your clients will be able to see how the market currently behaves.



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