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Virtual Staging: 4 Key Benefits Real Estate Agents Need To Know

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 in Blog


Real estate agents are well aware of the tough time it currently is for both themselves and their clients. Since lockdown orders have been issued in many places, people are not allowed to go wherever they want freely. Touring a house and checking out its features would be impossible to do right now. This is why real estate agents need to assure their online presence and resort to digital solutions.


1. Speed To Market


We all know just how valuable time is when it comes to staging. It would be in favour if you had everything up and running in only a few days to have an ideal situation. This is precisely why you should give a serious thought and consideration to virtual staging. Physical staging seems to take up a lot of time, which could pose some problems.


2. Flexibility


Physical staging happens to be far more restrictive, as there are only a few limited ways to show clients static aesthetics. On the other hand, virtual staging provides much more flexibility as you can make the options available to a greater variety of clients by capturing the aesthetics in different ways. Different kinds of buyers have different needs of the type of homes that they may like, and you can project an image that fits various requirements using such means.


3. Cost-Effectiveness


If you get more despite paying less, would you not find that option way more appealing? That is exactly the case when it comes to virtual staging, as it is meant to cost only 1% or less of the sale price as opposed to 1-3% of the listing price that you would get with physical staging.


4. Elegant Online Presence


The National Association Of Realtors wrote a report suggesting that 90% of home buyers have preferred going online to browse for homes, making it more crucial than ever for real estate agents to have a noticeable online presence.


No one truly knows when all this pandemic chaos might end, so the best way to go ahead with it is by remaining flexible and creating a virtual presence to continue to sell houses to prospective buyers.



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