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Google Ads vs SEO | Which one is better for you being in Real Estate Business?

Friday, May 1, 2020 in Blog

To answer this question, let's start with a short explanation - what are these two?

Both Google Ads & SEO are the key components of the SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) and they're the top 2 tools when it comes to digital marketing.

They do have their differences and similarities but the best tip you can take from this article on which one to use is to understand what are your ultimate goals?

Is it building the website's SEO for months and years? Or getting leads the same day you launch the website and the Google Ads campaign?

Let's start with Google Ads.

There's a 95% chance that by this time you already did it on your own or even with a Digital Marketing company. There's also a 99% chance you've heard terms like PPC, AdWords, Google Ads, Paid Ads, and many more.

They all stand for the same thing - paying for clicks on the keywords of your interest, that you know will get you that lead.

The whole system works like one big auction where anyone who is running a campaign is bidding for the available places to show your Ads.

Back in the day, the amount you were willing to pay for the click was the key to getting "higher" than anyone else on the Ad rankings. Well, that's not the thing anymore.

About a couple of years ago, a few more important items were taken into consideration :

- Your website's relevance to the Ad

- Your website's mobile-friendliness

- Your website's speed

- Wording on the Ad

- Structure of your Ad

And the list goes on.

Basically, like anything else where you're planning to invest to get your ROI - it should be taken care of by a company that lives and breathes digital marketing ( in this case specifically Real Estate Digital Marketing ).

Let's move on to SEO - what is it?

Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO is all about getting better and higher rankings on search networks like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more.

If we were to explain this in 1 sentence it would be something like this - it's going to work well, but it'll be heavily time-consuming without seeing your results in at least 5 months.

We will completely ignore the technical stuff involved in it and brutally simplify it - add valuable and unique content to your website. It really doesn't matter if it's a page with providing valuable tips and information to Buyers, Sellers, or general market updates or if it's a weekly blog post with similar topics, you should do it.

Now, without making this article even longer - let's look at the main differences between these two ( Google Ads and SEO ).

1. Google Ads will provide you with instant and steady lead flow while SEO will take more than 5 months to start generating results similar to what a Google Ads $250/mo campaign did in the first month (We are being generous )

2. Google Ads are paid clicks directly to Google while SEO is free ( if we're not counting you hired and you're still paying a company do to your SEO )

3. With Google Ads, it is a lot easier to get your ROI numbers and see how did it do for you while with SEO there are many more things that are involved to analyze that vs only your total budget spent and # of leads generated.

4. With Google Ads, you can focus on many different search terms and bid on them ( keywords ) while with SEO you should really focus on only a few and go all-in on them to maximize your results.

We don't want you to even think that these 2 are enemies or that they go against each other - they're the most powerful combination of tools you can use nowadays.

By building your SEO through at least adding a couple of blog posts or pages weekly with valuable content you should have a paid Google Ads campaign running alongside of it to generate leads almost instantly and work on building your revenue directly from the website.

The website itself won't get you much unless you invest in it - both your time and money. Oh, and patience.

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