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Don't give up. Ever.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 in Blog


Isolation and social distancing got to all of us, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. It's unfortunate to say but it seems that we are going to have to change our life habits and lifestyles for quite some time down the road.

But for us to be able to do that (without a lot of bad thoughts going through our mind) we have to change our mindset completely.

I've been on this side of the fence for 6 years and my goal is to remain there for another 50. 

Not quite a good intro but I promise, I'll make up for it. For 6 years in a row, I've been working at the greatest company in the world, AgentLocator.

We've been helping our clients (Real Estate Agents), across Canada and the United States, to get as much as possible from their websites - to convert a click into a lead, a lead into a deal and a deal into a strong and stable income being one of their key pillars holding their business.

Why did I bring up all of this above and how do I want to connect it?

It's simple, at AgentLocator all of our employees are always there for each other. If you need help, everyone is there to help you. If you simply need someone to talk to - they are all there and they never fail to pick you up. We have a saying and we stick to it - we care about the WHOLE YOU and not just the employee you.

With that in mind, I felt a need to get something out there to try and see how good I am as a motivator to keep you going.

Working with online leads in Real Estate is hard, in fact, you can compare it to cold calling - you need to get someone over to your side who came there from simply Googling "somewhere homes for sale". They came to your website, they have no idea who you are and you need to prove to them why you are the ONE that will help them buy or sell their home - 1 out of 5 of the most difficult decisions they will make in their lives.

You need to pass all the obstacles along the way and let's be honest, the chance of failing and succeeding is almost the same. It's hard to deal with that, I know.

Most of you placed hundreds of calls unanswered, probably got ignored just as many times too, and were trying to deal with that on a daily basis.

How many of you heard "I'm just curious"? Or "I'm looking for a friend, son, my mom, my dad"? Or even received a lead who is already working with an agent?

The hardcore truth there is that you can't do anything to change that, in fact, neither can any company out there.

But the greatest single positive thing you can do for yourself is to learn how to deal with that and get out of it without a scratch - how?

Well, what I need you to do is change your mindset - simply accepting that there will always be hours and days where these things will happen.

Once you do that and shift your mindset to a positive one you'll start looking at those as a cost of doing business, not as "bad things and leads happening to you".

You'll have a much more clear mind and more energy to focus on the leads that you connected with, switching all of your negative energy to positive and applying it with people and leads you know are worth it.

I've seen many clients over the past few years that went beyond this obstacle - the rest is history.

Some grew that kind of a mindset that brought a lot of patience with it and what happened then? Well, they closed an online lead after nurturing it for 1748 days.

Was it worth it? Yes!

Imagine this, you get into a state of mind where you don't see anything but the leads worth of your attention - what will happen? 

You'll get a rental lead that costs $2. You'll help them rent a place. You'll make some walking around money but then - years later, they need you to help them buy a place. 

Now it's already well over the walking around money cheque. But wait, there's more - you'll help them sell that place in a couple of years.

So $2 lead took you to a $1000 cheque. Then to a $10 000 cheque. In the end, a great finale with another $15000 cheque. Obviously I'm playing with numbers but you know they're not far away from the actual ones.

Plus, you got them as a friend - you can't put a value on that.

That was one of many great examples of why you should keep going and never quit. I simplified again, only because I don't want to keep you in this article forever.

But if I can leave one thing here and ask you to take it with you - that would be to change your mindset and the sooner you do it the sooner you'll see the benefit of it.

It's super easy to only see the negative side of the business and allow it to drag you to a place where the positive side is almost invisible, it's 10 light-years away.

Don't allow that to happen to you, please just don't.

Skip and jump over any obstacle that gets in front of you, even if it's fake or just a curious lead and don't allow it to get to you - move on to the next one in line and you'll see soon enough what was I am writing about here.

I truly believe that we can accomplish more than we are aware of by simply creating a positive mindset and applying it to everything that's surrounding us, the family, the business, and last but not least - ourselves.

Keep it up and never forget that each new challenge keeps the brain kicking and the heart ticking. 

There are no speed limits on the road to success. The No-Excuses & Positive Mindset are the only key.



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