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AgentLocator Plan for COVID-19 (How can we help you?)

Monday, March 16, 2020 in Blog


First, please know that all of our staff is working from home so we are not putting anyone at risk by having all of our staff involved with helping you guys out as much as possible.

March 18 2:00PM EST
What should I say to my leads/clients in a time like this?
Description:  Tomorrow, instead of a live dialing session, we’ll discuss ideas on what we should be talking to our clients about.  We shouldn't stop prospecting, keeping yourself busy during these times will help you get through them.  Join Beverly Ruffner, Crystal DeVries and a few hundred other agents in a chat about what we should be doing now to prepare for the future.
Link to join:  (Please note that the event shows live dial, we have changed the focus of this event to this)
Presented by: Beverly Ruffner & Crystal DeVries

No date set yet - Will Release more info soon
Title:  How to work on cleaning up my database and setting up proper filters in CRM.
Description:  This training will take you through how to clean up leads in your database and how to create proper filters to make it eaiser to work with the leads you have.  We will also open up discussions to helping answers other questions you might have.

Other topics ??  Do you have some ideas for topics, we would love to hear what you would rather have us discuss.  Send your suggestions to

Here are some ideas we will start focusing on:

(Please know that these suggestions below are not what we are saying you should be doing now but rather to understand how to do them for the future)

1.  How to do digital farming with Facebook.
2.  How to set up different ads on Facebook for buyers/sellers.
3.  Webinar with an agent that has closed 3 deals with online leads and only by working the leads through SMS initially.


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