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A Million Dollar Question | Facebook or Google?

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 in Blog


Let's start this by qualifying you.

Are you in Real Estate? Are you looking to boost your revenue by generating real estate leads online?

If you answered YES to both of the questions above then let's continue.

So far you’ve probably heard mixed suggestions and answers that one prevails over the other and there's probably some truth in all of that.

It all comes down to what YOU are looking for and what YOUR expectations are but it will be as simple as Quality vs. Quantity.

However, Quality is a mystical word and before I go any further I want to explain it for a second.

By Quality, I don't really refer to Qualified - real estate online leads are not qualified when you receive them, in fact, their contact information is not even verified.

However, we have systems in place that will help you to do both - We verify the contact information or simply block them from the website until they can do that.

Also, we'll send them an automated text message and an automated email campaign to start the qualifying process for you - obviously, your moves after that will be crucial and will make a difference between a closed deal or a missed one.

Let's start with 2 of my favorite reasons why Facebook is actually great.

1. It's the largest social network in the world, by far. As of March 2020, they reported 2.6 BILLION active users in the world. With all that in mind you definitely need to make sure your business is there, you want to take advantage of that huge audience and become visible within Facebook business pages.

2. The cost to generate the leads is cheaper than on Google and they have amazing ways of narrowing down the audience you want to target - out of which my favorite option is to exclude Real Estate Agents and make sure they're not the ones seeing your Ads. In a nutshell, you can be granular down to the bone.

 Now let's bring up 3 reasons why Google is amazing and we'll do a quick comparison.

 1. Primarily, the same as Facebook, Google has an immense audience. They reported over 40, 000 searches every second. People simply developed a habit of using Google for everything, from buying a T-shirt to buying a home - when was the last time you heard someone say :

 "I'm going to search for something"

 90% of us say "I'll Google it" - hey, we use it even for the things we shouldn't like trying to figure out why we have a headache.

 2. The second reason would be that amazing level playing field. One of the biggest mistakes people make when they think about Google Ads is that whoever has a bigger budget somehow won the whole Google Ads system - that couldn't be further from the truth. There are many other items Google will look for - some of them include :

 - Ad relevance to the search you performed
 - Ad structure ( including extensions )
 - Website relevance to the Ad 
 - Website mobile-friendliness and speed

 3. Leads that have an intention to move forward. With the Google PPC campaigns, we set up for our clients, the only way for a potential lead to see the Ads is by going to Google and typing in something like "Toronto homes for sale". The intention is there - we don't know if they're going to buy in a week or in a year but we know 100% that they are searching for a home.

 This is where I draw the line for you to decide what's better for you. This is the quality vs quantity intro I was writing about. 

Facebook Ads are displayed to its users based on targeting interests & demographics ( not intent like in search networks ). So while we can narrow down our audience it can't beat intent.

Google Ads, I'm sure you get the picture by now, and the PPC campaigns that we are managing are only displayed on the Search network - they saw your Ad only after they performed a search.  We played on the intent card rather than curiosity.. 

Do you feel by now that I'm cheering for Google? You shouldn't have.

I've seen many of our clients making substantial revenue from both Facebook and Google Ads. My goal is to elaborate both of them and leave it with you.

Also please keep in mind this is a very shortened version and there are many more things we could talk about, but all I wanted to do is point out the main ones.

I want you to be the one that will think about it and decide which one to go with based on everything you know.

And lastly, here's an idea - why not both of them? Unless the budget is an issue that I understand 100%. 

If you can afford both, my best suggestion is to run PPC campaigns on both networks for approximately 3 months side by side and compare the leads.

Based on that you would be able to make a solid and proper decision which one to cut and which one to keep - and it wouldn't be a "forced" decision for you based on an article you've read but based on your personal experience.

As always, I hope the article provided some solid information that you'll take with you.

You all stay safe and remember that the harder you work for something - the greater you'll feel when you achieve it.



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