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Lead gen idx/vow website, branded idx/vow website, HomeLocator mobile app and a powerful CRM system with SMS & Dialer. (No Contracts)

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Lead Capturing Tools!

Using a simple, easy to use & quick page to capture a visitor's information is one of the easiest ways to increase conversion rates.

Nosy Neighbour

Sending active & recently sold listings in client's neighbourhood.

why would my leads want to be set up on this system? how to generate leads using this landing page?

Automated Listings & SMS Messages

Sending listings to your leads on a daily basis.

How to prequalify my leads with this feature

Home Worth

Providing home/condo evaluation in an instant.

how to generate leads using this landing page?
This CRM can do a lot!
▶ CRM Features check out the features which are included with the CRM.
The lead gen website is designed to capture leads.
It captures leads from every source!

Results Driven

Results are what matter most. Our #1 priority is to ensure our software is designed to help our clients capture more leads.

Proven Techniques

We have tested & continue to test our techniques with thousands of clients across Canada & United States.

Top Performance

When you choose AgentLocator, you can rest assured that you will always continue to have a top performing website & CRM system.

Learn all about real estate leads & lead generation.

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    “They are the best!!!!! They are great at what they do and are always very professional, helpful and quick to respond. I would definitely recommend their services to all of my friends, family and colleagues! Keep up the great work :)”
    Arie Buzilo
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    “Very grateful for the help on a constant basis from Sunny at AL. He goes above & beyond to make sure I'm always happy with my website. He never hesitates to help me & always goes above & beyond. Rhea has also been a great help. Thank you very much for helping me to continue to grow my business!”
    Mario Armani
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    “I can't say enough about Agent Locator. Not only is it the best product out there, but the customer service is absolutely amazing. The web site has been the best tool I've used in real estate since I began over 10 years ago. I have been thrilled with my experience from Day 1!”
    Jenelle Cameron
    Sales Representative
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